full moon in gemini- going beyond the surface

by | Dec 8, 2016 | Astrology Blog

the full moon at 22’25 gemini is exact on tuesday december 13th 2016 at 4:04pm PST, marking the midpoint of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in sagittarius on december 29th. that new moon was conjunct juno, the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage, and square neptune on the karmic south node- bringing a focus to commitments in our lives, contractual arrangements, financial situations and most importantly our ability to commit to and live with Truth and integrity in all that we say and do. with neptune on the south node there has been some nebulous confusing energy- making it hard to discern Truth from lies, fact from fiction, and fantasy from reality. being willing to question what we think is True and even question ourselves and our motivations has been important this month!

this full moon is in gemini- the opposition sign of the new moon. gemini symbolizes information and the lower mind, while sagittarius represents wisdom (what we DO with information) and the Higher Mind. with this full moon in gemini we can have big spotlights shining on our lower minds, perceptions, ideas and little truths we live that may not be aligned with Higher Truth (and perhaps with all the neptune fog energy we confused or deluded ourselves or others into thinking otherwise!). this full moon is opposite the sun/saturn conjunction- an aspect that was exact on saturday december 10th but is still within orb at the time of the full moon. the saturn energy can be heavy. saturn is the Great Taskmaster and Lord of Karma. he forces us to be accountable in our lives and to do our work. there is not cutting corners with saturn- but there are rewards given when we stay the course and stay aligned with our integrity. with saturn conjunct the sun and opposite the moon we are asked to be deeply committed to the Truth- to seeing it, living it, calling others out on it (lovingly) and most importantly calling ourselves out on it!

to add to the intense dynamic around this full moon we have chiron- the Wounded Healer- square the sun, moon and saturn- creating a T square with chiron in pisces at the apex of the T. both saturn and chiron are heavy hitter energies- they point to where we don’t feel good enough and where we have some big wounds to work out. saturn square chiron is exact for the first time on december 28th- and it’s a transit that will be with us throughout 2017. we had saturn square neptune from fall of 2015 to fall of 2016- and that transit brought us all face to face with where we are checked out, in denial, escaping reality, avoiding responsibility and where we perhaps have beliefs or perceptions of reality that are actually illusions. saturn square chiron deepens that transits and asks us to the get to the root and core of the deep wounding that our desire to check out, not see or not be accountable sources from. this is an exceptional transit for doing deep work on the self: shadow work, therapy, shamanic journeys, dream work and more. this astrology can help us get to the root and foundation of karmic patterns we have been playing out- perhaps for lifetimes! yet this astrology is not easy- it’s not a walk in the park. it confronts us with all our shit and shadow and makes us stand there and face it rather than look away, spiritually bypass or cover it up with facade. no easy feat! and i definitely recommend having good therapeutic support during this transit, particularly if you have planets getting hit by it (anything from 20-25 sadge and pisces, also gemini or virgo).

luckily there is a lovely Grand Air Trine in the full moon chart formed between the moon in gemini, jupiter in libra and mars in aquarius. this is an exceptional alignment for communication as well as mind expansion. the moon in gemini with saturn opposite supports serious, honest, impeccable communication. jupiter in libra supports growth through relationships and learning to find a better balance in our connections with others as well as within ourselves. and mars in aquarius helps us to take innovative, outside of the box actions so that we can experience radical growth, evolution and transformation in our lives!

the ruler of this lunation is mercury who is in grounded, masterful capricorn and is about to go retrograde on december 19th. we have been in the front end shadow of mercury retrograde since december 1st- a time where mercury first goes over all the degrees and makes all the aspects he will make a total of 3 times due to his underworld journey. mercury is close to pluto, the Lord of the Underworld- pointing to our need to dive deep, penetrate beyond the facade and get to the Truth within ourselves and in situations in our lives. interestingly mercury stations retrograde just shy of his conjunction with pluto so the exact mercury/pluto conjunction is not until january 29th. so the entire mercury retrograde has a focus on digging deep, shadow work, excavating the past to get to the root and Source of situations/relationships/karmic or ancestral patterns that keep playing out in our lives ad nausea. one of the defining aspects of the mercury retrograde journey is mercury’s trine to the evolutionary north node in virgo- he does this 3 times in december and january bringing profound growth oriented energy into our communications, ideas, thinking and understanding. it’s definitely a time to keep your mind open to seeing things differently, understanding others and their perspectives and for being accountable for our part in situations that we are dealing with in our lives. as long as we are looking at something thinking ‘it’s all you’ there is no possibility of resolution and healing. actually until both or all parties start thinking ‘i am 100% accountable for this situation and i am willing and able to own what i have contributed to this situation so that i can make changes in my life and contribute to the healing or resolution of what is going on in my life.’

there are some potent fixed stars configured in the full moon chart. the moon is conjunct cappella and phact- two fixed stars that love movement and adventure and don’t like being tethered or held back. the sun is conjunct ras alhague- a fixed star that is associated with the desire to heal a wound. because chiron, the Wounded Healer, is square both of them there is definitely some big time wounding energy up but also the potential for big time healing as well. there’s a possibility of seeing where our beliefs or ideas about ourselves, our needs or reality at large are actually sourced from deep wounds and pain and Unconscious conditioning from the past. most of us think we make our decisions consciously but unless we are doing deep shadow work on ourselves to excavate the deeply rooted and ingrained patterns that underlie and inform our decisions we actually are not making decisions consciously. this is an excellent time to dive deep and see those karmic patterns for what they are. once we can see them and take responsibility for playing them out- we are then empowered to change them, transform them or completely let them go if that is what serves our Highest!

in terms of asteroids we have the sun conjunct diana and the moon opposite diana- an asteroid that speaks to the ancient lunar Goddess who was super independent, wild and free and did not like being chased. martha lang-wescott says diana represents ‘belief in hunter-prey dynamics, feeling ‘chased’, elusive, hard-to-find or difficult-to-pin-down behaviors and reactions.’ this is very much in alignment with the gemini/sadge axis- as both signs are known for their commitment issues and need for lots of space and freedom! being independent is wonderful yet with chiron square the sun and moon with diana there can actually be some big time wounding around intimacy and connection that is actually running the need for space and freedom and non-commitment. being able to discern if we are honestly needing freedom or if we are believing we need it because of wounds and pain from the past is important. there can also be a theme up right now around the hunter/prey dynamic. are we running away from something or someone? are we chasing after something or someone? either response is coming from some wounded place within- where we either feel we are going to be taken from (so we run) or that we need something from this person or situation to feel whole within (so we chase). looking at these dynamics and getting to the root and source of them- which stems from childhood and even past life situations is key.

another notable asteroid is the one conjunct the full moon ruler. mercury in capricorn is conjunct icarus- the man who flew to close to the sun. in his myth he had hubris and although warned of the consequences of going to far/too high/too fast he went anyway and got burn to crisp and fell back to the ground. mercury with icarus reminds us that our desire to escape accountability or reality can cost us big time. marthe lang westcott says icarus brings ‘a desire to ‘get outta’ here’ as well as impulsivity and rebellious reactions to limitations and restrictions of any kind. this can speak to teenage wounds we are reenacting where a controlling parent was too restrictive and so we meet all situations in life from this teenage child place. ‘no you can’t make me!’ or ‘you tell me to do this i am going to do that’. the shadow of this wound operating is that even of what os being suggested or asked for is healthy, morally sound or right- the teenager within will feel controlled and told what to do and will refuse or do the opposite. again with chiron involved in this lunation looking at where we play these wounds out is key as until we can see them and face them they have the power to subconsciously control us!

as you can see this is one power packed full moon! opportunities to question our thoughts, beliefs, ourselves and our perception of reality are present! if we can access saturn’s mastery, integrity and ability to reign it in with chiron’s awareness, consciousness and compassion- we can use this lunation to open our minds, open our hearts and heal deeply rooted patterns that have hindered our Soul from evolution and growth perhaps for lifetimes! use the lunar energies wisely :)

full moon blessings sent your way…

~divine harmony


the degree of the full moon:

Gemini 23 A tunnel created by trees

Seeing something which others miss. Knowing there is a way through. Being guided to remain aligned within that path through and beyond. Not being at all concerned with the mind’s litany of problems and obstacles. Seeing keenly what can be and what shall be.
The one entrusted with the task of alerting others to good news. The catalyst for shifts in shared perspective. Sparkling with certainty and capacity. Not affected by delays, hindrances, setbacks, or apparent proof that the vision might not come true.
So affirmative and big picture oriented that pragmatic situations will play this back as basically unaware of what’s really going on and of what we are all up against. Yet even this, barely registers as something to deal with. Whatever people see and say and reflect, this vision remains supreme within.
A destiny which depends upon the reordering to keep coming at fresh angles into a space of cosmic truth. When we can once again uncover the interior pattern amidst the world rubble, it shouts out at us that a bright future awaits us all and that it is time for that vista to be celebrated and brought to the forefront and made the basis for all of our choices.
Definitely not an embodied and earthly point of view. Instead, consciousness through and through. The expanding awareness of the species within the galaxy.
The aspect of life which is hardest for the masses to keep in mind. But it is right here through all of spirit presence. Being at one with these greater streams and smiling as the world turns over.
Can a one-pointedly forward-looking sensibility be true and relevant? Is this Crown vista of wakeful cognition something we all need to track with?

the degree of mercury- the ruler of the full moon:

Capricorn 13 A very old wrinkled brown paper sack

When personal karma matches collective patterns, we combine forces against ourselves from within and from without. We spring a trap upon ourselves. It is one we cannot get out of. Yet inside of this steel trap, something is cooking. We can be fed by what it cooks up if we can stay with ourselves in the very midst of abandoning ourselves.
The situation is dense and serious. We are plunged into a condition of being very far removed from what is going on with us and almost passively submitting to it’s worst. There is this conviction of inevitability underneath, and a feeling that this was all set up a long time ago, and that we can only submit and try to make the best of it somehow.
What is happening to us is indeed inescapable. But the way we hold it inside, the way we really see it is decisive. It may take many crises and the wearing away of old disguises before we are willing and able to realize that we can shift our stance considerably. All we have to do is recognize that somebody in us is moving through this dilemma, not stuck in it.
The most subtle shift in perspective has long range reverberations down the line which are massive. We can indeed discover here that this is an old syndrome, something we’ve been through before, just the same way. It is wearing out. If we come to know this, we can cast it off before it wears us out.
What we salvage the most is an awareness of our own essential state of being as just wanting and needing to be of help, and to serve in any way possible. It is true that we have become lost in duty and hard work, in painful outlooks and tragic consciousness. Yet it is also true that we seek a way through for everybody and we can find it if we leave behind those suspicions, and tune in afresh.

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