Thursday October 22nd 2020

I was just interviewed for the Fearless Feminine Podcast  with my dear sister  Melanie Scott.

Our Interview is listed under Episode 7 where we talk about astrology, shadow work, the age of Aquarius, the masculine and feminine paradigm and more! 

Here are a few Show Notes (below) and to take a listen click here-

Show Notes:

1:00 – Divine Harmony discusses what the astrology shows about the global pandemic going on right now.

6:42 – Divine Harmony gives us insight about the birthing of the “Age of Aquarius” and what that means for all of us.

12:15 – Divine Harmony covers how we to meet astrology with our whole body as opposed to just from the neck up.

16:00 – Divine Harmony talks about the paradigm shift towards valuing the feminine more and bringing the masculine and feminine into balance.

19:11 – Divine Harmony discusses what our “shadow” is and how astrology helps us work with it.

33:00 – Divine Harmony & Melanie talk about working with children’s charts and couple’s charts and how learning about one another through astrology helps us understand each other better.

36:30 – Harmony tells us about the Venus Retrograde and what to look for during this transit.

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