Facebook Live Sunday 3/22 at 1pm PDT with Robert Masters- Shadow Work!

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Astrology Blog

***please note- all you need to do is show up at my astrology page 1pm sunday 3/22 to join in- FB has made changes to how lives work so the scheduled live i posted and many signed up for notifications from many not notify you on FB. so just show up at my page sunday 3/22 at 1pm PDT to join the live. afterwards i will post on my YouTube channel and will post on my website as well. my astrology page is linked below***

Come join me and my teacher Robert Masters this Sunday 3/22 at 1pm PDT.

I will be interviewing Robert and we will talk about Shadow Work for Deep Times.

We will explore working with Fear, Anxiety, Paranoia, Depression and more. There will be practices offered to keep you centered and embodied during times of uncertainty.

This work is life changing and these tools are simple, effective and necessary right now.

Please join us this Sunday. Bookmark the live via the link below and you will get a reminder from Facebook just before the interview begins.

You can also just hop on my FB page Sunday at 1pm and join in that way.

See you Sunday!



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