Tuesday June 15th 2021

daily astrology 3/26/18

happy monday! you can find the full weekly forecast for this week’s astro under the weekly astrology forecast (under the cosmic insight tab in the toolbar).

this week’s astro and next week’s astro is INTENSE. a full moon in libra on saturday square mars conjunct saturn and mercury retrograde makes for intensity in communications, relationships, business situations and more.

how to navigate the astrology? well first of all- forewarned is forearmed! being aware of the astrology helps us to navigate it with consciousness. that is one of the best uses of astrology- using it to see ahead and use awareness as we move through our life’s journey.

a good thing to keep in mind this week and next is that the path of self-mastery requires healthy self restraint as opposed to repression, passive-aggression or power/control dynamics. with so much aries/mars the desire to ACT RIGHT NOW is strong yet the capricorn/saturn energy reminds us that what we set into motion cannot be undone and karma can be both reaped and sown right now.

i just posted the weekly horoscopes. please note they are always posted by around 12noon PDT on mondays. i am off social media right now. i am in the last days of my progressed dark moon and i am really feeling the pull within. i am not a fan of social media, self promotion and posting pictures of myself! so i am taking a sacred pause :)

for all astro updates you will find them here on my website. also coming soon are some changes to my website and some new content forthcoming. so stay tuned!

thank so much to those who have signed up for membership on my website! i am grateful for your support of my life’s work. i love what i do and am grateful to live a life of service.



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