Friday August 17th 2018

as of 1:11am PDT this morning chiron the Wounded Healer crossed from 29’59 pisces to 0’00 aries- shifting from the last degree of the last sign of the entire zodiac into the first degree of the first sign of the entire zodiac. chiron shifted from the omega point to the alpha point- from the end of the end to the beginning of the beginning. all year long chiron will be crossing back and forth over these sensitive degrees of 29 pisces and 0 aries due to chiron’s retrograde station in early july (see table of dates below this blog for more info).

this is a pivotal shift and having chiron navigate from 29 pisces to 0 aries multiple times in the next year is huge. this is akin to transiting through liminal space- being neither here nor there but in between. it’s like going through the turn stile but we are not quite through it yet. turnstiles are interesting because once you fully get through them they block you from reentering the place you just came through. this is something to keep in mind in the coming year- as we are being asked to massively end an old cycle/an old paradigm/an old era/an old karmic trajectory and move into something radically new. yet this year is about the ending, the dissolution, the point of surrender of all that sustained us in the past. 0 aries is a new beginning but this year is about major endings that need to happen for the new beginning to occur.

chiron is a centaur in greek mythology. he is half horse (on the bottom) have human (on top). he is also half god and half mortal (his dad was a god, his mom was a mortal). he literally is a symbol of bridging animal self and human self, mortal self and Divine Self. in his myth he accidentally gets wounded by an arrow dipped in hydra’s blood. no one is trying to kill him- it’s a total accident- but he ends up getting mortally wounded. because he is human he gets mortally wounded and because he is a god he cannot die. so he walks around in eternal pain and suffering, searching for a cure and in the process of searching he gains a lot of wisdom and compassion and becomes an amazing healer, teacher and astrologer for many of the heroes in greek mythology.

we all have chiron somewhere and he is where our biggest wounds and pain are. the sign chiron is in speaks to what/where we have our biggest wounding and deepest pain. the thing with chiron’s wounds is we each react to them differently. someone with chiron in aries has wounding around assertion, aggression and will. he/she could either have difficulty expressing anger, taking a stand, saying no and setting boundaries OR he/she could act out in their wound and become aggressive, violent, combative and selfish as a means to cover the wound and pretend it is not there. because chiron is in aries right now we all are in a cycle of healing our relationship to the masculine, yang, fire energy in ourselves personally and on the planet collectively- yet for each of us this will play out differently.

as you may have noticed we live in a time where the yang/masculine energy has overtaken the planet in severely imbalanced ways. lest you think i am taking about men- i am not. i am talking about the masculine, yang principle in all of us. where yin is relational, yang is independent. where yin is receptive, yang is assertive. when working together in a Sacred Marriage they balance each other out in beautiful ways. yet when one is over expressed there is an issue- and in this case the yang/mascuilne energy has been dominating the scene for 5000 or so years. out of balance yang/masculine energy is controlling, dominating, violent, aggressive, selfish, immature, and very young in it’s expression. this is the sign of the baby just being born- saying here i am world! but it has not been around the block (or the zodiac wheel) to attain experience of life and understand more than itself and its own needs and desires.

shadow aries expresses when we only think about ourselves and what we want or need at the expense of others. we can see this playing out on the planet in huge ways when we wield wars that kill innocent people so we can be in power and we can have all the resources. we see this playing out in massive industrial companies that are stripping Mother Earth and destroying her air, water, animals and plants so that they can be a super power and own resources that others will have to pay them for so they can make lots of money.

chiron in aries is a call to deep healing around the masculine within and without. but remember that first in order to heal we have to face and FEEL our deep wounds and pains that have created and sustained wounding to begin with. chiron helps us with that as he brings up all that is unresolved in order for us to deal with it. he brings awareness of what is fragmented and wounded so that we can then do the work to heal and come back into wholeness.

each of us has a different healing journey with chiron in aries. some of us need to face and heal our unhealthy expressions of anger, rage, violence, aggression, selfishness, immaturity, need to be first and our young soul energy. we need to learn to see others, care for others and step out of our overblown egos. others of us need to healthfully express anger, set boundaries, say no, take a stand, initiate and take agency in our lives, and focus on ourselves and what we need to do to thrive and be healthy in life. we need to develop a healthier ego self. for each of us its different and an honest self check in is needed to see which edge is truly your growth edge right now.

in the chiron ingress chart we look to mars to get information about not only the next 8 years of chiron in aries but also the next 50/51 years of chiron’s journey through the entire zodiac. there’s a lot to be gleaned by looking at mars in this chart! we see mars in capricorn right smack in the midst of the capricorn confluence (i have been talking about this a lot in my blogs and horoscopes). mars is just past his conjunction with saturn (who is stationary retrograde the same day as chiron into aries!) and he is heading into align with mean black moon lilith and pluto. the exact mars/lilith conjunction is 4/19 and the exact pluto/lilith conjunction is 5/17. this is some POWERHOUSE astrology. the fierce Dark Feminine aligns with the lower will and Higher Will in transformative but also intense and perhaps combustible ways.

major change is incoming into the capricorn part of our charts and the capricorn areas of collective life- government, business, those in authority and how we wield power. if our version of wielding power includes control and force- this astrology will bring that to consciousness in massive ways (personally and collectively). all the intense astrology in capricorn unfolding this year (saturn in capricorn, pluto in capricorn on his own south node, mars retrograding in saturn ruled aquarius and capricorn, pluto aligning with lilith in capricorn, the karmic south node moving into capricorn) is really stripping us down the bone. we need to GET REAL and see to the essence and foundation of things. getting to the root of what is toxic, stagnant and stuck is key. the thing with capricorn is that we tend to hold on to things out of fear, safety, security or just simply because it’s familiar. the astrology now is about letting go of that which is no longer useful- which could be necessarily shattering if we have built our entire lives around things that are now falling apart.

i know this sounds intense- and yes it kind of is. but if you pay attention historically it’s when things come to a crisis point or crescendo that real change happens. we don’t typically change when things are happy go lucky and peaceful. comfort lulls us all to sleep (so does social media, addictions and being stuck on the hamster wheel of life). so astrology comes in to shake us up, wake us up! this may not be comfortable but it is necessary if we want to change and grow.

i leave you with ellias lansdale’s star sparks meditations for the 1st degree of aries and the last degree of pisces- the two most sensitive degrees in the zodiac that chiron will be transiting back and forth over all 2018 and into the start of 2019. they both are powerful and insightful. i am also including the meditation for the degree of pluto. ‘this is a decisive point, personally and collectively. it can go either way.’ ‘ we are being asked to supersede the old patterns and syndromes with something which is already well on its way and just needs our blessing to fulfill its cycle of deep change here.’ (read below for more)

as we move from the omega to the alpha we will have to journey through our deepest grief and pain around loss, what was, what could have been, what should have been, what never will be again. the key is to not get stuck in denial, avoidance of reality or turning to addictions to things/people/substances to numb out and avoid facing our pain. if we can navigate this portal with depth, focus and surrender- we can make it through the birth portal into a new world and a new life. on the continuum of life, death and rebirth the key is to remember the essence that is unchanging through all the cycles. when we can consciously die (i.e. stay awake and stay present to what IS during transitions in our lives) rather than check out, blame, go into victim consciousness- then we can end one cycle with consciousness and start a new one with the same frequency. the game changes when we realize who is really playing the game ;)


~divine harmony

3/30/18- chiron into 29th degree
4/17- chiron into aries ARIES POINT
7/4- chiron stations retrograde 2’25 aries
9/2- chiron retro moves into 1’00 aries
9/25- retrograde chiron backtracks into pisces- CROSS ARIES POINT
***in 29th degree until 10/18 when backtrack into 28th degree**
(11/1- jupiter in scorpio trines retrograde chiron in pisces)
12/8- chiron stations direct 27’53 pisces
12/23- chiron in pisces trines the north node in cancer/sextiles the SN

1/28/19- chiron direct hits 29th degree of pisces
2/18/19- chiron into aries for good (until 2026)

STAR SPARKS by ellias lonsdale

Aries 1 A man repairing and extending a stone wall in the spring

He sticks to the task. He stays in the here and now. He does not want to know anything about the past, anything about all the complex connections you can make between one thing and another. He is intent on freeing himself from the mind and becoming a will being, an effective agent of change.
But he will seek the most straightforward and outwardly unremarkable of contexts and ways to do it. He is allergic to complications. He wants to get to work, he wants to see results, he wants to stay naïve to the overall factors that others insist upon.
For he has this notion. He is right on it. His notion is that somebody around here should do what is needed, get down to cases, and shut up. He has heard enough to last forever. All he can believe in now is what works, what advances things, what moves the energy somewhere interesting.
His skills, his focus, his aim are incredible. When you’re this intent upon one thing only, you get it straight. And he loves that sensation of getting it right, of being on.
Yes, he does like others to notice. Yes, he does feel a fervor. He’s got an attitude. There are lots of things he doesn’t like. This is someone who has a very particular point of view and a very particular direction in life.
When you are rough and straight and not very sensitized to the nuances, you can indeed get yourself in lots of trouble. But when you are willing to work hard and are good at second wind and taking it to the next level, you can easily outlive your own folly. Bangs on the head are nothing here.

Pisces 30 A large halo in ring formation around the moon

Signs in the heavens, Earth rumbling below. A new Earth coming alive, an old Earth casting off like a corpse. Portents, prophecies, a new world to find. So much to let go of, so many memories that bind.
There is a pageantry, a greater symbolism, an intonation of divinity in the aura and ethers of the Earth. This interior resonance is so vast that it dwarfs a human life. How can we rise to meet the dimensions the cosmos invokes here?
We get there by small measure. We sink down below into the most inescapable depth spaces we can ever navigate. We lose ourselves in the depths. We plod onward along the surface. And then something gives.
For we are called here to become at one with the Earth’s free becoming. We are meant to merge ourselves within the central pulse of what is moving here. Our little self is as lost as can be in these depths. Our greater self is quickened to at last find her stride, all around the life current.
If we lose our way along this trajectory, we fall hard and fast. And soon we discover that we are dreaming, we are living on inner planes, we never have been here before in this world, going through these kind of changes. We develop compassion for the one in us who feels so alien, so interiorly other. It just may turn out that her story is true.
Many ways to get lost. Many wanderings to return upon the spiral. Poignant depths of loss, collective and personal. Magnificent heights of recovery to bring a new energy to bear.
We need inspiration. We must be at the center. All is within there. Inevitability is just obvious. The only thing we can do is to merge with this destiny that stretches beyond us.

Capricorn 22 A bare altar covered with black velvet- PLUTO

Sometimes a surrender is asked. Previous gains, developed stature, taken-for-granted knowledge, a certain kind of authoritative stance become a lie. They pose a very great encumbrance and will be the source of much illusion if held to any further. So there is this empirical demand that the one who inherits ancestral and personal karmic powers and domains become willing to do without these and to discover what happens here when we listen to the inner call and tune out the false worldly voices.
The considerable risk is that even this sacrifice and renunciation may be too late, too partial, and therefore the erosion process will have done its work in a destructive fashion. We have to live with this possibility sometimes. Is that gesture just a formal one? Is this concession here substantive and heartfelt?
A greater power is at work behind the scenes here. That power is immense, world-shattering. It requires us to be dissected of that aspect of ourselves which stands between us and what we are called here to sense. And with relentless fury, it will not let us be.
For we are meant to be forged and fashioned into something beyond the grasp of our historical self. We are being asked to supersede the old patterns and syndromes with something which is already well on its way and just needs our blessing to fulfill its cycle of deep change here.
This is a decisive point, personally and collectively. It can go either way. There are good reasons to hold back, to hold out, to ask for better terms. Yet timing is so very crucial. Can we afford to be so sure, when we know it’s well past such considerations?
At the last moment, when everything depends upon it, the idols topple; the power-heavy way of life is suddenly gone. In its place, there is the obedient servant of the Most High.

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