Wednesday January 26th 2022

big november astrology!

i just wrote and posted the november monthly astrology, which is part of my subscriber service and accessible to members only. if you have not checked out a free week trial please do so- you will be able to access all the cosmic insight including weekly horoscopes, monthly forecast and lunar insights- including the eclipses that are coming up!

this month’s astrology is quite active. the main highlights include neptune and chiron going direct after being retrograde for 5 months, mars moving into virgo where he will stay for 8 months (till july 2012) due to his retrograde journey he commences in january, mercury goes retrograde again, and we have a solar eclipse on thanksgiving! this is a lot of big astrology happening in one little month- so don’t expect it to be quiet or boring ;)

i will write in the weekly horoscopes how these various shifts and occurrence will affect each of you by sign (read for your sun and rising)- so stay tuned for more personal and pertinent cosmic insight :)

i hope you had a happy halloween and samhain!

~divine harmony

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