anchoring Love- a global eclipse meditation series

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Astrology Blog

Come join me and 14 other Light Beings who are coming together to share meditations each day during the Eclipse Portal that runs from the Lunar Eclipse on August 7th through the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st.

One of the best ways to work with Cosmic Energy is with Intentional Ceremony, Ritual and Meditation. Meditation is an opportunity for you to step out of your everyday life and commune with your Soul and connect to Source. Each day throughout this Eclipse Portal a meditation will be offered to help you connect to your Heart and Anchor Love within yourself and on the Planet!

My meditation will be on August 16th and I will be taking you on a Guided Journey to Regulus, the Royal Fixed Star of Leadership. What does it mean to lead from the Heart? What is sovereignty? Why is it so important that heart-centered leaders step up to be of greater service to the World right now? We will explore this and more in my talk and meditation.

Some other amazing beings offering meditations are my husband Saul David Raye, my priestess sister Achintya, Hank Wesselman (the author of the amazing Hawaiian mysticism book Bowl of Light), a Hawaiian Kumu Aunty Mahealani- just to name a few!

This is event is FREE and you can sign up for it for free by clicking this link here-

When we all join together in Love, Light and Community- the World will know Peace. Come join us as we do our part to open our personal hearts and activate our Higher Hearts and in doing so we contribute to the opening of all the Heart Chakras on the Planet (called in with Grace and Ease). Blessed Be!

Love, Divine Harmony

p.s. this event is FREE and if you purchase the meditations to keep forever all the money goes to charity to support children learning how to meditate!

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