Sunday December 8th 2019

5 star day for relationships!

tomorrow is a big day for several reasons! first off all neptune stations direct after his 5 month retrograde journey. this station is significant because he stations direct at the tail end of aquarius and will complete his journey through this sign in the next several months. on february 3rd 2012 neptune will enter pisces and will not return to aquarius for 164 years! neptune stays in each sign for approximatey 14 years so wherever aquarius is in your chart you have been undergoing a neptune transit since 1998. i explain neptune’s station in the weekly forecast, the monthly forecast as well as the weekly horoscopes for this week- so check those out for more info.

the other big astrological focus tomorrow involves relationships. saturn in libra parallels juno in scorpio- the asteroid goddess of partnership and marriage- and pluto sextiles juno. these are positive aspects helping to ground and stabilize commitments (saturn) as well as deepen and transform them (pluto). in addition venus parallels the north node bringing evolutionary leaps and profound spiritual growth via relationships. venus will cojoin the north node by degree on sunday so the entire week is colored with this energy. chance meetings, significant shifts in relationships and a focus on Love and romance are highlighted this week- especially tomorrow.

knowledge is power so now that you know what is occuring tomorrow you can consciously work with the energy :) our destiny and growth is intimately tied in with relationships and commitment right now (romantic, business and otherwise). so when the urge comes to run- ignore it (unless danger or violence is a part of the equation). stay put and grow :)

~divine harmony

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