Sunday September 19th 2021

2012 goes out with a bang!

it’s the last week of an intense and powerful year- and as a reminder from the Universe that we are in a powerful time of collective and personal shift the astrology this week takes us out of the year with a bang! this week both the sun AND full moon activate the uranus/pluto square- bringing major focus to the breakdowns, breakthroughs, endings and new beginnings playing out in our lives right now.

the uranus/pluto energy has dominated this year- the first two exact squares were on june 24th (my birthday!) and september 18th. this aspect dominates the skies until 2015 as these two heavy hitter planets dance together and form 7 exact squares in a 3 year time period. this energy is akin to the snake shedding his skin, or perhaps like a mama in full blown labor getting ready to birth a new being. we are in the collective birth canal and the labor contractions have only just begun. the new birth occurs in 2015 and until then we are in a constriction phase- trying to get us out of our comfort zone, address the toxicity/lack of integrity in our lives, let go of the past and come into the new!

with both the conscious self and ego (sun) and unconscious (moon) activating this powerful dynamic this week we can have major aha moments about where the breakdowns and breakthroughs are in our lives and what we need to do to address them. if we are not aware at all then this week can be rough. if we are already aware but we are not dealing with life on it’s terms then this week can be a bumpy one. but if we are already on top of the massive changes and evolutions playing out in our personal and collectives lives and are embracing them then this week can be a week of liberation and creative change! either way the revolutionary forces of uranus and the transformational forces of pluto are at work- there is not getting around it!

in the background a saturn/pluto aspect is also playing out- exact this week wednesday and activated by the sun on saturday. saturn in scorpio is sextile pluto in capricorn (and in mutual reception- they are in each other’s signs) throughout 2013- but this week is the first exact aspect. we each have the power to dive deep, acknowledge the shadow in our lives and do what needs to be done to either purge/release what is toxic and/or transform and rebirth into a new paradigm. this is a process that unfolds until 2015 but the energy this week is the seeding of it. pay close attention to what is going on this week for you. something is moving out of your life, while something else is being solidified and grounded in new, masterful ways.

in this last week of 2012 take stock of what you learned and did and get clear on what is coming with you into 2013 and what is not. start the new year off with a clean slate! opportunities to grow and learn and Love and live can only take hold if you have space for them to come in ;)

happy holy-days!

~divine harmony

p.s. lunar insight on the powerful full moon in cancer that is exact on friday will be up by wednesday! check the weekly horoscopes to see how this potent energy can manifest for you.

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