Karmic Quickening…

by | Feb 24, 2014 | Writings

i have noticed something in the air of late- and of course it is tied into the cardinal grand cross of the summer ;) between all the nutty astrology that began in late 2008 (saturn opposite uranus), built up throughout last year (jupiter/neptune/chiron conjunction, saturn square pluto) and is getting going this year (jupiter opposite saturn, jupiter/uranus conjunct at the aries point, jupiter square pluto and the last saturn/uranus opposition and saturn/pluto square) our personal and collective spheres have been under fire! fire is a means for transformation- but too much of it can feel overwhelming and destructive. both our relationship to fire and our ability to handle intensity in our lives has informed/will inform how we deal with what has been and will be coming around the corner soon.

in my personal life, in close friends and family as well as in astrology client’s lives i am seeing a theme- there is a karmic quickening that is going on. people who are ‘on the path’- i.e. lightworkers, conscious individuals, people committed to evolution and growth personally and collectively- all seem to be getting hit with the same thing: our shadow is getting activated. anything from the past that has not be resolved, dealt with, released, mastered, or healed is coming up for us. where we are not taking responsibility, trying to avoid doing the real work, not living in integrity, etc… we are being confronted with ALL OF IT and required to deal with all of it before we are able to move through the gateway and into the future. a friend had a dream last year of a gatekeeper (who was a woman) who would transform into his greatest fear. he had to face his greatest fear in order to move through the gate/portal into the next level of his evolution. that is what seems to be going on for people on the path right now- all their fears, unacknowledged shadow, and karmic past stuff that has been hidden away or ignored is coming into the light of consciousness to be dealt with NOW! it can be overwhelming particularly when you have left a lot of things undone in the hopes that they would just dissolve or disappear on their own. where ever you have not been living in Truth- with your Soul, with the Universe, with other Souls who you are connected to- you are being asked to step up. can you feel it?

this karmic quickening may feel like hell- but really hell is a concept, right? hell is when we are not in alignment with our Soul’s path. where ever we have taken short cuts, avoided doing what we know we needed to do, or just plain sat on our butts lazily- the Universe is creating havoc in our lives to force us to make amends and clear it out now. all around me relationships that were way past their due date are falling apart, situations that were not in integrity are unravelling, and life as many know it is in a complete state of upheaval. those who are able to detach from ego and acknowledge that this is actually a karmic reckoning in which they are being served the consequences of their actions are able to move through this time with wisdom and a Light at the end of the tunnel. those who are clinging to ego and making it about everyone else but them are going through hell.

a good exercise during these trying times would be to look around at everything happening in your life- that nasty boss who is holding you down, that angry ex who is going psycho on you, that victimized friend who is making you feel like the big bad wolf, any person/situation in which something dramatic and intense is going on- and see your part in it. see how your previous actions- or lack of action- has led you to where you are now. see how your behavior incited the nastiness in your boss, the craziness of your ex, or the victimization of your friend. of course the point is to not take it all on and feel oppressed by it. the point is to take responsibility- detach from the ego who needs to feel perfect and in charge- and look through the eyes of the Soul. the reason it’s all coming up now is because you are fully capable of dealing with it and clearing it out once and for all.

there is a reason for this- astrologically of course, but also energetically (the two are intimately related). we are fast approaching 2012 and major shifts in consciousness are underfoot. the coming couple of years until 2012 are jammed packed with all kinds of experiences that would make for a great blockbuster movie! upheaval, rebellion, political intrigue, secrets revealed, natural disasters, war, the wounding of the whole dark versus light split. those who are ‘lightworkers’ or whatever you want to call them (i am not attached to names- and the word lightworker at times bothers me as it implies a split from darkness, and there can be no wholeness or consciousness without realizing they are two sides of the same coin) are going through this karmic quickening so that they can be ready to step fully into their role as wayshowers in the coming years. when the proverbial crap hits the fan- there needs to be grounded, sane people who have done their Soul work and shadow work and are able to be a Light for others. if you are still wrapped in your own stuff- getting pulled this way and that by your own karma- you will be no good when the time comes for us to stand up and shine. that is why we all need to do this work now!

so yes the energies are intense right now. and yes many people feel they are going through hell- confronting all their stuff, or confronting it in others. where ever your imbalance is- you are being asked to rectify it. with jupiter/uranus in aries some people need to wake up their warrior energy and learn to express anger, be willful, and stand up for themselves. there is such a thing as righteous anger! being spiritual does not mean you no longer feel anger or express it. anger is a sign that boundaries have been crossed- and if you have issues with boundaries in your life then you may need to connect to your anger and enforce them. with saturn in libra major lessons are coming via relationships. the whole balance of give and take in relationship- and people operating from a place of equals rather than parent/child or perpetrator/victim is part of saturn’s lesson. and with pluto in capricorn we are being asked to look at our foundations and structures in our lives- relationally, professionally, politically, financially and globally- and with pluto’s power we can transform, regenerate and/or allow them to die and be reborn. pluto’s transits always come with lessons about power- our relationship to it and how we can be self-empowered rather than engage in power/over, power/under dynamics. the astrology is intense! and it seems that no one is getting away unscathed. but the scathing is of the ego- which is actually a balm to the Soul.

we each have the opportunity to confront our demons right now- and to take right action in our lives. at this point you should be very clear about what you are being asked to deal with- and hopefully you are able to see where in your life you have let things go on too long and you can take responsibility for it. admitting where you did things from an unconscious place does not show weakness- it shows strength. to be able to see your own shadow and change yourself is a hard-won ability. the astrology happening now can support you in doing just that.

enjoy the ride :)

~divine harmony