A New Paradigm of Partnership- part 2!

by | Feb 24, 2014 | Writings

many of you have read my article on the new paradigm of partnership and emailed me to tell me how much it resonated with the deepest aspects of your being. the response was overwhelming and very gratifying because i only write what i feel deeply within and to hear from so many people about how my words resonated let me know that many of us out there are feeling this call. it truly is a paradigm shift of massive proportions!

i wanted to speak to the astrology of the next few days and how it is all pointing to/supporting this shift in the paradigm of partnership, as there are some significant things going on (which you can no doubt feel!) that indicate that this new paradigm is indeed underway! today (saturday february 13th) uranus, the planet of liberation, change and forward movement is semisextile juno, the goddess of partnership, commitment and marriage. these two have been dancing together since 2009 when juno was in pisces and conjoined with uranus. juno is one of the symbols to pay attention to during this shift in partnership as she governs Unions that go beyond just romance and fun- she governs relationships that go the distance. with uranus aspecting juno major change is underfoot in how we commit, what we want and need and how we go about getting/receiving that. juno’s shift from pisces to aries was pivotal as she shifted from the omega point (the last sign of the zodiac) to the alpha point (the first sign of the zodiac), which completed a circle and moved things into a new, higher gear. in pisces juno was mystical, magical, romantic and yearning for her Soulmate or twin flame. now that she is in aries juno’s courage, passion, honesty and directness are coming into being. the Goddess knows what she wants and needs, and furthermore she knows what she deserves. for each of us- our inner Divine Feminine is fully ready, willing and able to be met halfway (meaning both are meeting in the middle, with equal distances journeyed by both) by the Divine Masculine- both within and without. the Divine Feminine has been ready for some time but now her dreamy, yearning quality has turned into action. she has integrated her inner Warrior and is ready to meet the Divine Masculine who has integrated his inner Beloved. this is a calling in of a meeting of equals, and it is powerful indeed!

to add to this aspect we have several more occurring that are all phenomenal and supportive to this inner and outer shift. we have a new moon tonight (saturday february 13th at 6:51pm PST) that is conjunct neptune and chiron, and parallel venus. neptune is the planet of spirituality, mysticism and Divine Love, chiron is the wounded healer and venus is the Divine Feminine and Goddess of Love and beauty. these three aligned with the new moon are making this new moon one for the books (read my new blog posted earlier this week for more detailed info). new moons are times for new beginnings, initiations and forward movement and with venus/neptune/chiron the new beginnings involve Love and relationship, spirituality and deep Soul healing. on monday and tuesday of next week (the 15th and 16th) both neptune and chiron take turns sextiling juno, bringing the spiritually healing energy into committed partnerships (within and without), and then saturn parallels juno anchoring the new energy in tangible ways. in addition venus is aligned with jupiter (exact on tuesday february 16th) in the mystical sign of pisces, spiritually expanding Love, relationships and connection to the Divine Feminine. and on the same day that venus/jupiter align, the neptune/chiron conjunction we’ve been feeling build up throughout 2009 and into 2010 is exact.

clearly the next few days are spiritually potent, incredibly healing, and imbued with the Love and grace of the Divine Feminine. opportunities to open up to a whole new level of experiencing Love abound. all of this activity falls within days of valentine’s day- a holiday that celebrates Love. this valentine’s day the celebration seems to be about a new kind of Love that is being birthed. this Love is built on the aquarian and piscean energies of friendship, interdependence (rather than the extremes of independence or dependence), Divine Love (agape), and spiritual Union. first and foremost this Love needs to be realized within. if you are running away from doing this work- searching without and thinking someone else can complete you then you are not ready. you have to go within. there is no other way! but if you have been doing your work and have been taking responsibility for yourself and your completion then a new kind of partnership is ready for you to step into. don’t be surprised if someone shows up (or already has showed up) in your life who can actually meet you in your power, your Divinity and your wholeness. this is not happenstance- it is Divinely timed and destined.

it is important to realize that this kind of relationship is not without it’s shadow and opportunities for growth. in fact, there may seem to be more at the outset as this kind of deep Union and recognition of another in yourself/yourself in another can bring up ALL YOUR SHIT! anything you have not confronted or resolved will come up to be dealt with. if you have been doing intense, personal work for a while now and have come to a plateau where you feel centered, full of Love, and complete in your life- that does not mean you have worked through everything. it means you have done the foundational work. but there is still a house to build! the whole business of the Union of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine that so many spiritual people/channels/teachers are talking about is definitely upon us. it is an inner experience and a cosmic one- but it also is a physical experience that will reveal itself in Divine Unions being formed between individuals who have done their inner Union work and are ready to take things to the next level. yet the shadow and opportunities for growth will not be a result of past life karma that you have to work out with this Sacred Other. the karma or patterns that come up to be cleared will be yours and yours alone. there is a different energy to this Union than others of the past that you may have engaged in. you will feel it. it will feel timeless, cosmic, and dharmic, rather than karmic. dharma refers to one’s righteous duty or any virtuous path. there will be a feeling of rightness and virtue in this connection despite the fact that all your stuff is coming up to be dealt with (and there may be nothing or very little that comes up and if so that means you’ve done A LOT of clearing- so yay for you!). this rightness and virtue will be stronger than any fears and there will be an inner readiness that is felt about stepping up and into a whole new level of being- with another and more importantly with yourSelf.

lisa renee is a wonderful channel for the Divine (www.energeticsynthesis.com) that i have recently been introduced to and she has also spoken of a new energy coming into the matrix that she calls ‘Spiritual Marriage in No Time’. this type of Union is exactly what i was talking about in my article on the new paradigm of partnership but she uses different language to explain it. i must say- i got very excited when i heard and read her words! i am not the only one feeling this- which is a confirmation that this is truly something from beyond. from her writings and teleconference calls i have heard (which i only began to go through in the last two weeks) she says she doesn’t have a lot of into about this new ‘relationships architecture’ that is coming in but it is something that does not have negative form or reverse projection polarity. she speaks very technically but to me this is the same as it being dharmic rather than karmic. she says that in the past when we have been having karmic relationship we would magnetize the reverse of us as a mirror to literally show that holographic reflection of things we were trying to heal. this reverse phenomenon would create tension and conflict and was not conducive to Divine Union. it was reflective of the archetypal battle of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine rather than Sacred Union. the new architecture (her wording) that is coming in moves beyond this/past this. the new Unions that are being formed/will be formed are based on Unity and Harmony simply because both individuals will have done their deep work in preparation for this connection and will have attained a sense of wholeness within. from this place of wholeness within the magnetism that we put out changes. if you are all positive/light then you will put that frequency out and attract negative/dark, or vice versa. but if you have integrated your light and dark, your positive and negative, your masculine and feminine- then you will have attained wholeness, or as lisa renee says ‘neutrality’. from a place of neutrality the frequency you put out changes and you no longer attract your opposite- you will now attract an equal. it is this premise upon which the new paradigm of partnership, or Spiritual Marriage in No Time, is built upon.

this kind of partnership and Union is unprecedented. we have not had enough awareness in society to support this kind of Union, so those that felt the desire for this often fell short in application because it was like swimming upstream with no sustenance from the outside world. there are some that have been able to do it- but they are definitely in the minority. this is changing. and as more people step up and into this kind of Union, which is more than just romantic but is spiritually supportive and expansive as well, we all will be the ones to build the foundation upon which the new paradigm will be solidly anchored.

there is another aspect or level to this partnership that some will resonate with when they read these words. this aspect or level is not for everyone- and that is not a hierarchical statement. in fact, this level involves a high amount of integrity and responsibility- and if you are not ready for it taking it on could blow you out of the water. this level of the new paradigm of partnership involves complete devotion to planetary service. this is also something lisa renee speaks to and i have felt this deeply for some time but i also realized that the new paradigm of partnership was something that everyone was moving into. this additional aspect/level involves and requires a lot more and those who will feel called will likely be fewer. this level of Union is not about personal pleasure, although deep attraction, romance and sacred Union are a bi-product of it. first and foremost these Unions are spiritual work relationships. they occur between two individuals who have done their inner Union work and are fully aligned with and devoted to their Service and Mission on planet earth. they form between two people who have gone through the alchemical fire and the dark nights of the Soul that have tempered them and readied them for their purpose, of which they are currently fully aligned with. this deep inner work has led them to a place of profound completion within- to the point where though they may feel a yearning in their hearts for a partner, they are so committed to their path of Service that they get the feeling that they would consider themselves fulfilled and blessed even if the only Love they ever experience is Universal and not Romantic. this is a key ingredient- this sense of inner fulfillment and not needing the other to complete the self. this is key because on this level of the path the Mission is the most important thing and to get lost in someone else and potentially lose your footing or your way could be detrimental and dangerous. karmic relationships often do this, but dharmic ones do not. the amazing gift and secret of this additional level of the new paradigm of partnership is that the moment you feel complete and realize you don’t need someone, then you are ready. and as this Union unfolds in your life it will become very clear that your Mission and Purpose are in fact supported and enhanced by the experience of this Soul connection. it is part of the Divine Plan- it is brought into your life to further your work.

so consider this part two in my writings on ‘the new paradigm of partnership’. and stay tuned for an online interview on this very topic- coming soon to a computer near you ;)

enjoy the new moon, valentine’s day, and the incredible astrology of spiritual healing, awakening and heart expansion available to all right now. this is not an overnight aha moment, it has been coming on for some time now. but major things are shifting and solidifying as i write. you can hear things clicking into gear. an intimation of a shift is now becoming THE shift. again, as always, start within. and then stay open to what reveals itself without. that is the key- staying open and in the heart. from the place of an open heart you cannot go wrong.


~divine harmony