Tuesday October 26th 2021

pisces/virgo axis

with the intense dark moon feel to neptune right now, and his fast approach to pisces (exact on friday), there seems to be a heightened need/desire for sleep, dreaming, reverie and fantasy.  but at the same time we have mars in virgo, who is demanding that we deal with the details, focus on reality and get organized.  yes mars is retrograde, so his energy is limited a bit- yet his inner focus is sharp as a knife.  this is a great time to get clear on our boundaries, how efficient our life runs, and start making the necessary self-adjustments.

today venus in pisces opposed mars in virgo (mid-afternoon PST)- creating more tension between the pisces/virgo dynamic.  this one can play out in relationships and finances in particular.  positively this can be experienced as creative, romantic and passionate- but on the shadow side it can unearth unresolved conflict and tension between the masculine and the feminine, within and without.

this tension between neptune/pisces and virgo, venus and mars can be felt like yo-yo energy.  we are on one side of the equation and then quickly the other side- bouncing back and forth trying to find center, but perhaps not doing so well in the midst of the chaos ;)  what a perfect opportunity to find the sacred Union between opposites!

just know that this, too, shall pass.  and if you feel the need to take a midday nap- take it.  use the virgo energy to focus on the details and analyzing your dreams- important insights and messages can come through if you pay attention enough :)

hope you are having a growth-producing week!

~divine harmony


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