The Astrology Highlights of 2014

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Yearly Astrological Forecast

the following includes the highlights of 2014- including social (jupiter and saturn) and transpersonal (uranus, neptune, pluto and chiron) planetary transits, eclipses and planetary stations (retrograde and direct). a listing of all of the planetary retrograde/direct stations can be found at the end of this forecast. for more in-depth information please check the weekly forecasts, monthly forecasts, lunar insights, weekly horoscopes and astrology blogs around the time of the planetary activity you are interested in.


1/16- neptune in pisces trines the north node in scorpio, harmoniously aligning the planet of mysticism, romance and idealism with the evolutionary north node of destiny and growth! opportunities for major spiritual shift (collective and personal) are present today. pay attention to your dreams, intuitions, psychic impressions and emotions to see what your Higher Self is trying to communicate to you. tune in, don’t tune out!
1/31- retrograde jupiter in cancer opposes pluto in capricorn, creating an oppositional energy between the planet of abundance and excess and the planet of power and corruption. this can manifest benevolently in terms opportunities for greater empowerment, growth and evolution- but it can also manifest in a more shadow expression with power/control dynamics and under worldly machinations. keep in mind that jupiter is currently in T-square formation with uranus and pluto, so between today and the end of february jupiter will have triggered the breakdown/breakthrough duo for a second time (the third and final pass is in april). look to see where you need to shift, change, transform or release the old in your life and then embrace jupiter’s positive influence in helping you to do just that!

venus stations direct at 13’34 capricorn, making venus stationary today and highlighting Love and money situations in powerful and perhaps intense ways. venus has been retrograde since 12/21/13 and during her 6 weeks journey into the underworld we have been supported in rethinking, reviewing and revising our relationships, commitments and contractual arrangements. with venus in traditional capricorn it has also been a time to rethink/review/revise traditions, expectations and obligations in our lives as well. in the coming days venus will pick up speed as she moves forward and all the insights and ideas we have generated in the last 6 weeks will be ready to be acted upon. since venus is stationary today- pay attention to relationship and financial situations and see what is asking to be addressed!


2/5- retrograde jupiter in cancer trines chiron in pisces, harmoniously aligning the planet of expansion, abundance and luck with the wounded healer planetoid. this is a great aspect for spiritual growth, emotional healing and opportunities to move past wounds that have held us back for years, maybe lifetimes! with both bodies in water signs we are supported in going down deep into our own Souls and clear out emotional debris from the past. make use of this powerful astrology today!

2/6- mercury stations retrograde at 3’19 pisces, commencing the mind and intellect’s journey inward and downward in the last sign mystical of the zodiac. mercury is the linear, logical mind but when he is placed in pisces he is more intuitive, non-linear and illogical in his thinking. add to that a retrograde station and we have the perfect recipe to dive down deep into our own Unconscious and seek the gold that lies there. this is a great mercury retrograde for rethinking, reviewing and revising our spirituality, our intuition, dreams, fears, karma’s, addictions and codependencies. mercury stations retrograde close to neptune- which amplifies mercury in pisces’ intuitive and psychic energies. the coming weeks are a great time to delve deep into the Soul. oracular arts like astrology, tarot and the i-ching can be very useful right now, as can therapy and dream work.

2/18- the true north node moves out of scorpio and into the last degree of libra, shifting the focus of our evolution, destiny and growth from the depths and shadows of scorpio- into the lightness, balance and relationship-focus of libra. the coming 19 or so months of the north node in libra/south node in aries are a time to focus on partnership, relationships and compromise. with the south node in aries our karmic tendencies to focus on ourselves, be selfish, impulsive and restless needs to be balanced out with a libran focus on others, cooperation and kindness.

2/25- retrograde jupiter in cancer squares uranus in aries, completing jupiter’s trigger of the uranus/pluto square that began on 1/31. with the planet of expansion and excess squaring the rebel and revolutionary- the best thing to expect is the unexpected! sudden shifts, insights and role reversals are possible right now. this can be revolutionary and liberating- or it can be chaotic, destabilizing and destructive. it all depends on how you work with the energies present right now. learning how to master them is key- as we have more of this kind of astrology heading our way in april!

2/28- mercury stations direct at 18’10 aquarius, commencing the mind and intellects inward/downward journey that began on 2/6. mercury began his retrograde in emotional, mystical, sensitive pisces but soon after he backtracked into airy, detached, intellectual aquarius. with mercury stationing direct in aquarius, the coming days and weeks are a time to take the ideas and Bigger Picture perspective that we gleaned in the last several weeks and then do something about it/act on them. just remember that the day of/days surrounding mercury’s station all manner of mercury-retrograde snafus are likely- so be careful when dealing with travel, commerce, communication and technology, as issues cropping up are likely!


3/1- mars stations retrograde at 27’32 libra, commencing the will, warrior and drive’s inward/downward journey. mars rules aries, the sign opposite of libra. with mars in his opposite sign he is in his detriment and it is harder for him to express his natural assertive, action-oriented energies. when mars stations retrograde this is amplified tenfold! the coming 2 1/2 months of mars retrograde can be a great time to dive down deep and reflect on our personal relationship with the masculine, with anger, will, drive and action orientation in our lives. but it is also a time when stuffing anger can create passive-aggression and accidents that are simply the expression of a thwarted mars energy. the best use of mars in libra is to be a peace activist or a promoter of beauty, balance and harmony- so work towards the positive expression right now in all your dealings, especially in relationships!

3/2- saturn stations retrograde at 23’19 scorpio, bringing focus to the lord of karma and father of time. all things pertaining to order, structure, limitations and reality are a focus. the days/weeks surrounding the station can feel heavy, slow-moving and/or stuck in some way. if so- bear down and keep plugging away- as this, too, shall pass. with saturn in scorpio all the taboo topics of society are a focus: sexuality, death, money, debt, power and control. look to see where something is out of balance in your life in one of these areas and get to addressing it!

3/6- jupiter stations direct 10’26 cancer, making the planet of abundance, optimism and expansion the most powerful planet in the sky! with jupiter stationary watch out for the tendency to excess, self-aggrandizement or being holier than thou. with jupiter in emotional cancer, watching our emotional energies is also key as they can get out of hand. it’s best right now to turn within to see what needs to shift/grow/move in your life and get ready to take it on. right now with jupiter stationary it is better to wait until he picks up speed. don’t be impulsive or excessive- you will pay for it later!


4/14- pluto stations retrograde 13’34 capricorn, making the lord of the underworld the most powerful planet in the sky! with pluto going inward/downward he is at his most shamanistic. it may seem as though he is slumbering, but really his power is being focused within. the days/weeks surrounding the station can be especially intense- so be aware of your use of power and stay clear of power/control dynamics and manipulation. the Highest use of this energy is to bring the Truth to Light. pay attention to what reveals itself- personally and collectively- this powerful month of april!

4/15- the total full moon/lunar eclipse at 25’15 libra is exact at 12:42am PDT. this is one powerful lunation and it harkens back to the lunar eclipse that was exact last year on 10/18 in the opposite degree of 25’45 aries. full moons tend to bring things to Light, climax or crisis. with this one being total- meaning the whole entire face of the moon will be eclipsed- it packs way more of a punch. with the sun in aries opposite the full moon in libra we have themes of independence and interrelationship coming up. the sun is conjunct the asteroid Goddess juno- typically an asteroid governing committed relationship but when placed in aries on the sun she is showing more of a commitment to one’s self and one’s own path. opposite the sun/juno conjunction is the full moon in libra conjunct the asteroid Goddesses ceres (the Great Mother) and vesta (the priestess). this full moon is also conjunct the evolutionary north node. what can arise at this time is issues or disparity between our own path and the commitments in our lives. our work commitments, family commitments, relationship commitments and spiritual commitments can feel like they are not in alignment. somethings gotta give and whatever that is can come up big time this month! we are in a month of remarkable astrology that is very intense and is akin to the point of transition when a mother is giving birth. transition is that last part of labor where it is most intense and most women are ready to throw in the towel. and yet it is a sign that the baby is coming! this month- attend to the baby you are giving birth to. let go of what does not serve but be sure you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! for more information on this lunation check the lunar insight posted a week or so before the eclipse is exact.

4/20- jupiter in cancer squares uranus in aries and opposes stationary retrograde pluto in capricorn today- making it a powerful and potentially volatile day! jupiter is the planet of abundance and opportunity- but he is also known to through more fuel on already hot and heavy fires. with jupiter trigger the uranus/pluto square AT THE SAME TIME- we have a very intense combination of energies. this astrology commences a very potent and intense window of astrology that lasts for 4 days. breakdowns and breakthroughs are possible- but so are worldwide events that are massive and that impact many. the best use of this energy is to be pro-active about the areas of your life that need to change or transform. don’t wait for the Universe to do it for you- if they have to drag you there kicking and screaming it won’t be as empowering of an experience ;)

4/21- the first uranus/pluto square of 2014 and the 5th in a series of 7 aspects that span from 2012 to 2015 is exact today. uranus in aries squares recently turned retrograde pluto in capricorn, right on the heels of transiting jupiter triggering both of them (exact yesterday). this is a very intense configuration that is about to get more intense when mars joins in the fun in the next 2 days. breakdowns precede breakthroughs- so looking to see where things are stuck, stagnant, toxic or no longer working and then doing something to address them is key (personally and collectively). similar to last year, the uranus/pluto square this spring is bookended by powerful eclipses. the difference this year is that the lunar eclipse preceding the uranus/pluto square is a TOTAL eclipse, which is rarer and significantly more potent. we are in a powerful period of shift in the world right now! the scales are tipping- and it’s up to us which way they go.

4/22-23- retrograde mars in libra squares jupiter in cancer and opposes uranus in aries on the 22nd and mars squares retrograde pluto on the 23rd- forming a GRAND CROSS between retrograde mars in libra, jupiter in cancer, uranus in aries and retrograde pluto in capricorn. this is a very intense configuration where each body is aligned with a frequency that is at odds with each of the other bodies. mars in libra is in his detriment, while jupiter in cancer is in his exaltation. this may seem as though jupiter trumps everything- but we have to remember that jupiter is not just benevolent and all giving. he also rules excess, impulsivity, self-aggrandizement and overgrowth (like cancer). when april approaches i will write more on this power Grand Cross configuration- but for now suffice it say that this astrology brings us to a crossroads (personally, collectively, globally) and it is up to each of us to choose which way we will go!

4/28- the new moon/annular solar eclipse at 8’51 taurus is exact at 11:14pm PDT, commencing a new lunar cycle while at the same time completing the eclipse portal that began on 4/15 with the total lunar eclipse. new moons are typically times of new beginnings, seeds planted or intentions set- yet at eclipse time we usually in the midst of beginnings and endings that bleed into each other so it is not so easy to just demarcate lunar eclipse as endings and solar eclipses as beginnings. this sun/moon conjunction is in taurus- an earthy, stable, stubborn sign that is focused on the material world. this is a great time to focus on our physical experience and to attend to the physical world. for more information on this eclipse check the lunar insight posted a week or so beforehand- and also be sure to read your weekly horoscopes!

5/14- jupiter in cancer trines chiron in pisces, harmoniously aligning the planet of expansion, abundance and luck with the wounded healer planetoid. this is a great aspect for spiritual growth, emotional healing and opportunities to move past wounds that have held us back for years, maybe lifetimes! with both bodies in water signs we are supported in going down deep into our own Souls and clear out emotional debris from the past. make use of this powerful astrology today!

5/19- mars stations direct at 9’02 libra, shifting the will, warrior and drive from inner/limited motion to outer/expanded motion. the last 10 or so weeks of mars retrograde have been a time to rethink, review and revise our relationship to the masculine, to anger, assertiveness and aggression. with mars in libra it’s also been a time to revisit relationships, commitments and arrangements in our lives to see what needs to alter or find a new balance. with mars stationary today his energy is expanded- so watch out for testiness, aggression, anger, irritation and accidents. in the coming days and weeks as mars picks up speed- we can start to fully take action and implement all we have realized (over the last several months) needs to be addressed.

5/24- jupiter in cancer trines retrograde saturn in scorpio, harmoniously aligning the two teacher planets. with the planet of expansion, abundance and opportunity aligned with the planet of grounding, mastery and limitation we have support in finding balance between our dreams and our ability to manifest them, between our courage and our wisdom. with both bodies in water signs the emotional, Soulful and intuitive realms are activated- so pay attention to them.


6/7- mercury stations retrograde at 3’10 cancer, commencing the conscious mind and intellect’s inward/downward journey that will last approximately 3 weeks. mercury retrograde journeys can be very shamanistic and spiritual- where we are supported in turning within and reviewing, revising or reworking some aspect of the past. yet the linear, logical mind does not like moving backwards- so all manner of mercury retrograde snafus can be present during this retrograde journey, particularly if we are trying to control things or move them forward when we should not be doing so. anything related to commerce, communication, technology and travel can feel like it is in slow-mo, or it can even seem to be not working out as you would want it to. it is key at this time to try to lead less, and rather be led. any delays you encounter now are likely to be for the better in the long run! with mercury retrograde in watery cancer we are being asked to address our emotions, feelings, home/family situations and/or attachments to the past. for more info on this mercury retrograde check the astrology blog and weekly forecast.

6/9- neptune stations retrograde at 7’35 pisces, making the planet of mysticism, delusion and confusion the most powerful planet in the sky right now. all things neptunian are bolstered and exacerbated right now: spirituality, intuition, psychic ability, dreams, ideals, compassion and selfless service towards others. also- deception, denial, victimization, psychosis, dissolution, ungroundedness and addiction. this is a great time to see beyond the veil of illusion, but be aware that you can also create what you want to see but it may not be based on any kind of reality.
6/12- retrograde saturn in scorpio trines chiron in pisces, aligning the planet of grounding and mastery with the planetoid of healing and consciousness. saturn provides the solid ground upon which our chiron healing journey can take hold. implementing shifts of consciousness and manifesting healing on the deepest of levels is possible right now! with scorpio’s ability to see through the facade and pisces’ ability to see to the Soul we have a greater ability to get to the heart of things right now.

6/14- mars in libra squares pluto in capricorn, commencing mars last trigger of the uranus/pluto square that lasts until 6/25. mars began his threefold trigger of uranus/pluto (and also jupiter as jupiter was in T-square aspect with uranus/pluto since august of 2013) around christmas time of 2013- and now 6 months later he is completing this journey. mars/pluto is a powerhouse of a combo- as the lower will and Higher Will go head to head against one another! the positive use of this energy is to align with our Higher Wills and take action executing what that Higher part of ourselves is asking us to do. the shadow side of this dynamic though can play out as power/control dynamics and shadowy, underworld behavior erupting. with mars in libra a main arena this can play out in is relationships- but there can also be things playing out on the world stage so pay attention!

6/20- chiron stations retrograde at 17’45 pisces, making the wounded healer the most powerful planet(oid) in the sky. our biggest wounds and pain around rejection, acceptance, self-worth, boundaries and idealism can be up right now. but there is an equal possibility for seeing through new eyes, gaining new insight and awareness regarding the past, and healing wounds that have been with us for a very long time. with so much pisces energy focused this month- tuning into dreams, intuition and psychic perception is highly recommended. tap into emotions, the Unconscious and the watery realms of the Soul! there is gold hidden there waiting to be found.

6/25- mars in libra opposes uranus in aries, pitting the warrior, will and drive opposite the rebel and revolutionary! this completes mars trigger of the uranus/pluto square that began on 6/14. mars/uranus can be electric, exciting and sudden. it can also be impulsive, excessive, aggressive and violent. change is occurring right now and the best use of this energy is to move with it- rather than against it! when everything falls apart- all you can do is find your center and put things back together in a new form. keep this in mind this month!

6/27- jupiter in cancer squares the nodal axis (north node in libra/south node in aries) bringing us to a pivotal point of choice on our paths where we can choose growth and evolution (the uncharted path) or we can choose to play out the same old karmic patterns and stay stuck in the past. with jupiter involved the opportunities to grow and leap beyond what we have been able to do before are powerful! with the north node in libra the growth-oriented focus is on relationships. with the south node in aries we need to look at our karmic/egoic tendencies to be selfish, go it alone and/or not want to think of/accommodate others. growth involves our connection with others right now- intimate, familial and otherwise! it also involves connecting with our own feminine energies- so think more receptive, creative, soft and less aggressive, selfish and hard! ;)


7/1- mercury stations direct at 24’23 gemini, making the planet of mind, communication, travel and technology the most powerful planet in the sky. mercury stationed retrograde in watery, emotional cancer- but he stations direct in his home sign of airy, intellectual, cerebral gemini. traversing between our hearts and minds, emotions and intellects has been a focus these last several weeks. with mercury stationary in his own sign we are supported in addressing the mental, cerebral, linear side of life. yet at the same time all mercury-related things are more likely to go haywire today (and the days surrounding mercury’s station). double check what you say, think or hear- and give yourself extra time to make planes/tranes/buses and be sure to back up your computer data!

7/16- jupiter moves out of cancer and into leo, shifting the planet of expansion, abundance, optimism and excess from watery, emotional, homebody cancer to fiery, passionate, self-expressive leo! the coming year of jupiter’s transit through leo supports us all in being authentic, creative and original! whichever sign jupiter transits is the sign that is getting extra blessings. leos, of course, are going to do well under this transit- but all of us wherever leo falls in our charts will be getting some golden energy. jupiter in leo shines his Light, believes in himself and shares his creative, original gifts with the world. healing and expansion around self-worth and self-Love is possible in the coming year. we just need to watch out for the shadow side of jupiter in leo- as jupiter tends to excess and self-aggrandizement and leo is the sign of the ego. so watch out for being overly self-focused or narcissistic ;)

7/20- saturn stations direct at 16’38 scorpio, making the planet of mastery, structure and order the most powerful planet in the sky. focusing on the structures, traditions, obligations and commitments in our lives is a key right now- but also getting clear on where dogma, restriction and constriction may be tethering us to the past is equally as important. with saturn in deep and intense scorpio, some of our deepest, darkest fears can come up to be faced at this time. pay close attention to what is arising from the depths for you right now and then face it head on. something is being solidified right now.

7/21- uranus stations retrograde at 16’30 aries, making the great awakener, rebel and revolutionary the most powerful planet in the sky! with uranus stationary we can only expect the unexpected. uranus’ sole purpose is to upset the old order and instigate change. with uranus in aries we need to be aware that anger, aggression and the impulsive need to take action NOW are high. learning to work with this energy in creative, rather than destructive ways, is key. aha moments, bolt out of the blue insights and sudden, electric and exciting change is in the air!


8/5- saturn in scorpio trines retrograde chiron in pisces, aligning the planet of grounding and stability with the planetoid of healing and consciousness. the possibilities for deep and profound change and healing are present right now, but it requires that we do deep work. going into the shadow, looking at what we don’t want to look at and confronting our deepest wounds is key. with water signs highlighted tapping into our emotions and connection to the Soul is supportive right now.

8/14- jupiter in leo quincunxes retrograde neptune in pisces, bringing tension and friction between the two planets of spirituality and idealism. the positive side of this alignment is the genuine desire to help, heal and serve others that comes with jupiter/neptune contacts. the shadow side though can manifest as over idealism, ungrounded fantasies, lack of boundaries and lack of ability to see reality clearly. jupiter is in leo which represents the ego- while neptune is in the sign of pisces which represents the sign of dissolution of the ego. navigating that tenuous boundary between ego container and Spirit is key right now. learning to discern when it’s healthy and healing and when it’s narcissistic or codependent is key.


9/5- jupiter in leo quincunxes retrograde pluto in capricorn, bringing tension and friction between the planet of expansion, abundance and growth and the lord of the underworld! this is a great aspect for empowerment and generating spiritual or material wealth. yet these two are in tense aspect- so we need to be aware of power/control dynamics and overblown ego games. steer clear of these and play all games above board- or better yet don’t play games at all!

9/19- saturn in scorpio quincunxes the south node in aries, bringing tension and friction between the Lord of Karma and the south node of karma and the past. this is definitely a heavy, loaded aspect that is about mastery over our own egoic/Unconscious tendencies. saturn in scorpio demands we own our shit and if we don’t we get plumbed down into it in a big way. the south node in aries is fiery, feisty, hasty, impulsive and restless. if we act (or have acted) without thinking- there can be consequences right now. the good news is that saturn is in sweet aspect to the north node- which points to our path of evolution and growth. so if you can align with our Higher Selves and address situations in our lives from this Greater Place- we can make the most of the saturn/south node quincunx.

9/22- pluto stations direct at 10’59 capricorn, making the lord of the underworld the most powerful planet in the sky! all things plutonian are a focus right now: the depths, intensity, the subconscious, the shadow, power, control, sexuality, debt and money. opportunities to truly see what lies beneath the surface of structures, order, obligations and dogma in our lives is possible right now! be aware that very deep rooted power/control dynamics can arise right now. stay aware of your own need for power and control and stay out of manipulation- yours or anyone else’s.

9/23- jupiter in leo quincunxes retrograde chiron in pisces, bringing tension and friction between the planet of expansion and excess and the wounded healer. jupiter/chiron can be useful when it comes to diving down into our stuff and excavating things around the past that we are ready, willing and able to process and release. opportunities to grow beyond our wounds, release pain and suffering we are holding onto, or heal self-esteem/self-worth issues is high right now. yet this is a tense aspect, so often these opportunities come by way of deep activation of stuff we do not want to look at or go into. facing what comes up- be it emotional, physical or otherwise- rather than running away, being in denial or avoiding it is key!

9/25- jupiter in leo trines retrograde uranus in aries, sweetly aligning the planet of expansion and optimism with the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener! this is a wonderful aspect for sudden shifts, illumination, travel, exploration and opening up of the mind! with both bodies in fire signs we will access this revolutionary energy best when we align with our spirits, creativity, passions and inner child. this is definitely a time to break free, be spontaneous and have some fun!



10/4- mercury stations retrograde at 2’18 scorpio, taking the linear, logical mind down and in to an under worldly journey. all the mercury retrograde stations this year have stationed retrograde in the water signs- taking us down and in to some deep repressed emotions and Unconscious material so we can clear it. mercury is the winged messenger and when he goes retrograde he is the psychopomp who is able to travel down to the underworld. he helps us to go in and down so that we can reflect on and introspect around matters pertaining to the sign and house that mercury is transiting. mercury retrograde is a time to rethink, review and revise things and with mercury in scorpio we are confronting the shadow, our fears, our obsessions and our power. this can be a very transformative time if and only IF we allow ourselves to really plump the depths. avoidance, denial and staying on the surface of things will cause you to miss out on the powerful energy at hand right now. for more info on this mercury retrograde check the website for an astrology blog posted a few weeks before mercury’s station.

10/8- the total lunar eclipse at 15’05 aries (exact at 3:51am) commences the eclipse portal we are heading into this powerful monty of october! eclipses very radically and dramatically take us from point A to point B- and lunar eclipses in particular tend to be about endings, releasing of the past and opening up to the new. this is the second of four total lunar eclipses that form a tetrad of blood moons that last until the end of 2015. all of these total lunar eclipses are visible from the americas and the pacific (traditionally where they are visible is where they most in effect). with the libra/aries axis highlighted in all 4 of these eclipses- we are in the midst of some dramatic change to the relationship structures on planet earth. how the masculine and feminine relate to one another is up for change. the feminine needs to own her power and the masculine needs to own his softness. we can do this consciously or we can be forced to grow by the Universe. either way, relationship issues are up! and this does not just play out in outer relationships- it’s also about the inner relationship we have to the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within. for more info on this lunation check the lunar insight posted a week or so before the eclipse is exact.

10/22- jupiter in leo trines the south node in aries, bringing significant opportunities to grow, travel, learn and explore into our lives. jupiter is the planet of positivity and opportunity and with the south node, what we tap into right now can relate to past life gifts and positive karma’s we have accrued that are ready to be paid out. the best use of this energy is to get out there, connect with others, travel, learn, teach and share your version of the Truth. with both bodies in fire signs we are best guided by our Spirit, creativity and passions.

10/23- the partial solar eclipse at 0’24 scorpio (exact at 2:57pm), commences a new lunar cycle. new moons are times to plant seeds and set intentions, while full moons typically are times of culmination, fruition, completion or crisis. keep that in mind as you set intentions at the new moon/solar eclipse as the full moon that follows in 2 weeks will be the time of testing what we have set into motion. the new moon at the first degree of scorpio supports new cycles related to our own shadows, connection to Soul and journey towards empowerment- personally and collectively. focusing on growth in financial, emotional or intimate partnerships is key. it’s also a great time to get a debt-paying off program put into place. and on a deeper level this is a great lunation to align your own personal journey of integration, wholeness and healing with. where are you ready to grow, transform, heal and release the past? now is the time to set those things in motion! for more information on this lunation check the lunar insight posted a week or so before the solar eclipse is exact.

10/25- mercury stations direct at 16’47 libra, shifting the conscious mind and intellect from inward/downward focus to outward/external focus. mercury stationed retrograde in watery, emotional, intense scorpio- but he stations direct in airy, detached, relational libra. inquiry into the nature of our relationships and the balances or imbalances in them has been a focus. getting clear on toxicity or enmeshments that no longer serve may have been up for you in the last several weeks- and now that mercury is stationing direct you can begin to take action based on what you intuited or realized in the past month. for more info on this mercury retrograde cycle check the website for the astrology blog posted a few weeks before mercury’s first retrograde station.


11/10-12- mars in capricorn cojoins pluto and squares uranus in aries, activating the breakdown/breakthrough duo in powerful ways. shifts and changes are in the air, but so are possible power/control dynamics and unearthing of toxicity in structure, commitments or foundational aspects of our lives. mars in capricorn is incredibly willful and focused on the task at hand. mars is the lower will and pluto is the Higher Will- and when they are aligned they both can literally move mountains! but if we allow the lower will to run things then ego conflicts, accidents and war-like behavior is possible. channel this energy well and be conscious on how you engage with others and the world around you these 3 days.

11/15- neptune stations direct at 4’47 pisces, making the planet of mysticism, idealism, delusion and confusion the most powerful planet in the sky! the veil between the worlds is thin right now. this is a great time to pay attention to your dreams, intuition and psychic impressions- as information from other worlds/dimensions can come in. yet we also have to be aware that creativity, imagination and idealism is high right now- so seeing what we want to see is a lot easier than seeing what is real. stay rooted and grounded so you don’t disconnect from planet earth ;)

11/23- chiron stations direct at 13’05 pisces, making the wounded healer the most powerful planet in the sky. chironic themes of wounding, healing, consciousness, awareness, rejection, worthiness and lovability are up right now. so, too, are piscean themes of boundaries, dissolution, compassion, surrender, victimization and disconnect from reality. with both neptune and chiron stationary a week a part the pisces realms of existence are very active. pay attention to your dreams and intuition!


12/8- jupiter stations retrograde at 22’37 leo, taking the planet of expansion, abundance and optimism from an external/outward focus to a more internal/inward one. jupiter in leo wants to create, have fun, play and be free! with jupiter retrograde in leo we are best advised to focus this fiery, spirited energy inward so that we can find the freedom we seek within our own Souls. watch out for overdoing things or over focusing on external things at the expense of your Soul and Spirit. the coming months of jupiter’s retrograde journey are a great time for spiritual journeys and spiritual growth- but you have to take time out of your busy schedule to access it.

12/14- stationary retrograde uranus in aries square pluto in capricorn for the second time this year and the sixth time in a series of seven exact squares that unfolds between 2012 and 2015. this uranus/pluto square has an intensity and potency that can be experienced as liberating and freeing, chaotic and fear-inducing, or both! we have another intense period of focus on the changes and transformation coming through and we can either get on board with them or we can be forced by the Universe. i highly recommend the former ;) breakdowns precede breakthroughs- so look to see where things are falling apart in your life and then focus on what you can do to birth something new. with uranus slowing down to station direct in a week’s time- the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener is powerful right now! it’s the perfect energy to use to break free of old chains- just watch out that you don’t do things impulsively or aggressively or there will be consequences to pay.

12/21- uranus stations direct 12’34 aries bringing the rebel and revolutionary out from his slumber. the past several months of uranus retrograde has been a time to focus the energies of change and revolution within, but now that he is waking from his slumber we can expect some outer movement in our personal and collective lives. this week/month the electric, sudden and impulsive energy can be high! our need to change and be free needs to be balanced with some grounding and stability or we will feel like we have been plugged into an electric outlet that is giving more energy that we can process. watch out for anger and aggression (in yourself, in others)- both are likely to be high right now.

12/23- saturn moves into sagittarius, shifting the planet of mastery, karma and lessons from watery, emotional, deep and dark scorpio to fiery, spirited, light-hearted and carefree sadge. saturn will only stay in sadge for about 6 months- as he will backtrack back into scorpio in june of 2015 and stay there until middle of september. once he moves back into sadge he will stay there until december 2017. saturn in scorpio brought us some very deep lessons around our fears, Unconscious material, obsessions and compulsions. it was a powerful time for deep, cathartic Soul work- but i must admit it was not easy! saturn in sadge is not necessarily easy, but it is likely to be easier- thank God/Goddess! saturn makes us look at our issues, limitations, restrictions or fears- and while in sadge this entails looking at our belief structures, confidence (or lack thereof) and ability to expand and grow. saturn in sadge is committed to learning and growing, but he can also be a strict, moral-code type voice in our heads that is constantly telling us where we have gone too far or done too much- or alternatively where we should not go because we are not ready. facing fears of too much or too little, excess or lack is key in the coming years. we are challenged to look at our rigidity, dogmatism, and spiritual beliefs. looking to see where we are coming at things from the head, rather than the heart- is key.



(all times are pacific/california time)

1/1 new moon in capricorn 3:14am
1/15 full moon in cancer 8:52pm

1/30 new moon in aquarius 1:38pm (CHINESE NEW YEAR- WOOD HORSE)
2/14 full moon in leo 3:53pm

3/1 new moon in pisces 12:00am
3/16 full moon in virgo 10:08am

3/30 new moon in aries 11:45am
4/15 full moon in libra 12:42am (TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE)

4/28 new moon in taurus 11:14pm (ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE)
5/14 full moon in scorpio 12:16pm (LUNAR BELTANE)

5/28 new moon in gemini 11:40am
6/12 full moon in sagittarius 9:11pm

6/27 new moon in cancer 1:08am
7/12 full moon in capricorn 4:25am

7/26 new moon in leo 3:42am
8/10 full moon in aquarius 11:09am

8/25 new moon in virgo 7:13am
9/8 full moon in pisces 6:38pm

9/23 new moon in libra 11:14pm
10/8 full moon in aries 3:51am (TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE)

10/23 new moon in scorpio 4:57am (PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE/SOLAR BELTANE)
11/6 full moon in taurus 2:23pm

11/22 new moon in sagittarius 4:32am
12/6 full moon in gemini 4:27am

12/21 new moon in capricorn 5:36pm (WINTER SOLSTICE)
1/4/15 full moon in cancer 8:53pm
(dates for planetary stations- for detailed info see the yearly forecast above)
2/6 mercury RX
2/28 mercury direct

6/7 mercury RX
7/1 mercury direct

10/4 mercury RX
10/25 mercury direct

1/31 venus direct
3/1 mars RX
5/19 mars direct
3/6 jupiter direct
12/8 jupiter RX
3/2 saturn RX
7/20 saturn direct
7/21 uranus RX
12/21 uranus direct
6/9 neptune RX
11/15 neptune direct
4/14 pluto RX
9/20 pluto direct
6/20 chiron RX
11/23 chiron direct

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