The Astrology Highlights of 2018

by | Jan 16, 2018 | Yearly Astrological Forecast


below you will find the data on the astrology of the year ahead. to hear my talk on the astrology forecast click here-


saturn in cap- began dec 19th 2016

first eclipse portal- jan/feb

jupiter in scorpio- mostly lovely aspects (jan-early nov)
trine neptune- 5/25, 8/19
sextile pluto- 1/15, 4/14, 9/12
quincunx eris- 10/8
trine chiron- 11/1
quincunx uranus- 11/7 (both at 29 scorpio/aries)

chiron into aries- april

uranus into taurus- may

pluto conjunct BML cap- may
uranus square BML- august
BML changes sign into aqua- august
NN aqua conjunct BML- sept

mars retrograde in aquarius/capricorn- june/july/august

triple eclipse portal – july/august

venus RX in scorpio/libra- oct

pluto on it’s own SN 10/24/18

jupiter into sadge (sign of rulership)- november

NODES change signs cancer/cap- november

1/2- uranus stations direct 24’34 aries
1/10- eris stations direct 22’45 aries
1/15- jupiter in scorpio sextile pluto in capricorn
1/31- TOTAL lunar eclipse 11’37 leo 5:27am PST

2/15- partial solar eclipse 27’07 aquarius 1:05pm
2/23- jupiter in scorpio quincunxes eris in aries
2/28- neptune in pisces quincunxes the north node in leo

3/8- the north node in leo quincunxes mean BML in capricorn
jupiter stations retrograde 23’13 scorpio
3/16- retrograde jupiter in scorpio quincunxes eris in aries

4/14- retrograde jupiter in scorpio sextile pluto in capricorn
4/17- chiron into aries
saturn stations retrograde 9’08 capricorn
4/22- pluto stations retrograde 21’17 capricorn

5/15- uranus into taurus
5/17- retrograde pluto conjunct mean BML 21’07 capricorn
5/25- retrograde jupiter in scorpio trines neptune in pisces

6/12- mean BML in capricorn squares eris in aries
6/18- neptune stations retrograde 16’29 pisces
6/26- mars stations retrograde 9’13 aqua

7/4- chiron stations retrograde 2’25 aries
7/10- jupiter stations direct 13’20 scorpio
7/12- partial solar eclipse 20’41 cancer 7:48am PDT
7/16- uranus in taurus semisextiles retrograde chiron in aries ONLY ONCE?
7/20- eris stations retrograde 24’05 aries
7/27- TOTAL lunar eclipse 4’44 aquarius 1:20pm

8/5- mean BML moves into aquarius
8/7- uranus stations retrograde 2’33 taurus
8/11- partial solar eclipse 18’41 leo 2:58am
8/19- jupiter in scorpio trines retrograde neptune in pisces
8/27- retrograde uranus in taurus squares mean BML in aquarius
mars direct 28’36 capricorn

9/6- saturn stations direct 2’32 capricorn
9/7- mean north node conjunct mean BML 3’38 aquarius
9/12- jupiter in scorpio sextile retrograde pluto in capricorn
9/23- saturn in capricorn quincunxes the north node in leo
9/25- retrograde chiron backtracks into pisces
9/30- pluto stations direct 18’45 capricorn

10/5- venus retrograde 10’50 scorpio
10/8- jupiter in scorpio quincunxes retrograde eris in aries
10/24 (pluto on it’s own south node)

11/1- jupiter in scorpio trines retrograde chiron in pisces
11/6- retrograde uranus backtracks into aries
11/7- jupiter at 29’56 scorpio quincunxes retrograde uranus at 29’56 aries
11/8- jupiter into sagittarius
11/9- jupiter in sagittarius trines the mean north node in leo/sextiles south node- ABOUT TO CHANGE SIGNS
11/15- the mean nodes move into cancer (north node) and capricorn (south node)
11/16- venus direct 25’14 libra
11/24- neptune stations direct 13’41 pisces

12/2- retrograde uranus 29’06 aries squares the nodes in cancer/capricorn
12/8- chiron stations direct 27’53 pisces
12/23- chiron in pisces trines the north node in cancer/sextiles the SN

LUNAR CYCLE (new moon, full moon, dark moon, eclipses)
all times are pacific time

1/1 full moon 11’37 cancer 6:24pm
1/12 dark moon 7’40 sagittarius 2:29pm

1/16 new moon 26’54 capricorn 6:17pm
1/31 total lunar eclipse/full moon 11’37 leo 5:27am- ECLIPSE PORTAL
2/11 dark moon 7’58 capricorn 10:35am

2/15 partial solar eclipse/new moon 27’07 aquarius 1:05pm- ECLIPSE PORAL
3/1 full moon 11’23 virgo 4:51pm
3/13 dark moon 7’58 aquarius 7:45am

3/17 new moon 26’53 pisces 6:11am
3/31 full moon 10’44 libra 5:37am
4/12 dark moon 7’24 pisces 2:00am

4/15 new moon 26’02 aries 6:57pm
4/29 full moon 9’38 scorpio 5:58pm
5/11 dark moon 6’14 aries 5:08pm

5/15 new moon 24’36 taurus 4:48am
5/29 full moon 8’10 sagittarius 7:19am
6/10 dark moon 4’33 taurus 5:01am

6/13 new moon 22’44 gemini 12:43pm
6/27 full moon 6’28 capricorn 9:53pm
7/9 dark moon 2’36 gemini 2:20pm

7/12 partial solar eclipse/new moon 20’41 cancer 7:48pm
7/27 total lunar eclipse/full moon 4’44 aquarius 1:20pm
8/7 dark moon 0’37 cancer 10:02pm

8/11 partial solar eclipse/new moon 18’41 leo 2:58am
8/26 full moon 3’12 pisces 4:56am
9/6 dark moon 28’50 cancer 5:01am

9/9 new moon 17’00 virgo 11:01am
9/24 1’59 aries 7:52pm
10/5 dark moon 27’29 leo 12:09pm

10/8 new moon 15’48 libra 8:47pm
10/24 full moon 1’13 taurus 9:45am
11/3 dark moon 26’38 virgo 8:16pm

11/7 new moon 15’11 scorpio 8:02am
11/22 full moon 0’52 gemini 9:39pm
12/3 dark moon 26’18 libra 5:18am

12/6 new moon 15’07 sagittarius 11:20pm
12/22 full moon 0’49 cancer 9:48am SOLSTICE FULL MOON

summer triple eclipse portal!!!

both lunars are TOTAL
solars are all partial

SABBATS- 8 holy-days

the solstices and equinoxes are based on solar/earth alignment. solstices occur when the sun is the highest (summer solstice) or lowest (winter solstice) in the sky- whereas equinoxes occur when there is equal day and night (spring and fall).

the cross quarter days are the midpoints of the solstices and equinoxes and there are 3 ways to calculate them. there are the calendar dates- which are unchanging each year. there are the solar dates which occur when the sun is at 15 degrees of the fixed signs respectively (which is the precise midpoint between any solstice and equinox). and there are lunar dates which correspond to the new and full moons in scorpio and aquarius. the solar and lunar dates have cosmic alignments associated with them- whereas the calendar dates do not.  (once upon they did- they aligned with the pleiades culminating, setting, rising or conjunct the sun- but that was over a thousand years ago and they no longer align in the 21st century)

below are the dates for the sabbats this year for those living in the northern hemisphere:
(for southern hemisphere you reverse them- so spring for north is fall for south, imbolc for north is lammas for south, etc…)

all times are pacific time- please adjust for your time zone accordingly.

calendar- 2/2
solar- 2/3 1:28pm
lunar- 2/15 1:05pm (partial solar eclipse- new moon aquarius)

OSTARA (vernal equinox)
3/20- 9:15am

calendar- 5/1
solar- 5/5/18 6:25am
lunar- 4/29 5:58pm (full moon scorpio)

LITHA (summer solstice)
6/21- 3:07am

calendar- 8/2
solar- 8/7 6:31am
lunar- 7/27 1:21pm (total lunar eclipse- full moon aquarius)

MABON (autumnal equinox)
9/22- 6:54pm

calendar- 10/31-11/1
solar- 11/7 3:32am
lunar- 11/7 8:02am (new moon scorpio)

YULE (winter solstice)
12/21- 2:23pm


stations retrograde 16’54 aries 5/22- 3/22
stations direct 4’46 aries 4/15

stations retrograde 23’27 leo 7/25
stations direct 11’31 leo 8/18

stations retrograde 13’29 sagittarius 11/16
stations direct 27’16 scorpio 12/6

(for details on these retrogrades please check for the astrology blog posted around the time of this planet’s Underworld journey)

into scorpio 9/9
stations retrograde 10’50 scorpio on 10/5/18
back into libra 10/31
stations direct 25’14 libra on 11/16
back into scorpio 12/2

(for details on this retrograde please check for the astrology blog posted around the time of this planet’s Underworld journey)

into aquarius 5/15
stations retrograde 9’13 aquarius on 6/26
back into capricorn 8/12
stations direct 28’36 capricorn 8/27
back into aquarius 9/10

(for details on this retrograde please check for the astrology blog posted around the time of this planet’s Underworld journey)

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