Wednesday January 26th 2022

2021 Yearly Astrology Forecast Video

Get an in-depth look at what 2021 has in store!

This forecast includes major transits (mundane Astrology), Eclipses, Retrogrades and more.

For personal Astrology listen to the Yearly Horoscopes up by 1/1/21!

Neptune square the Nodes
Jupiter sextile Chiron
Saturn sextile Chiron
Jupiter square Uranus
Saturn square Uranus
Pluto square Eris
Jupiter in Aquarius
Jupiter in Pisces
Jupiter sextile Eris
and more!

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1/5- neptune square mean nodes
1/10- eris stations DIRECT 23’27 aries
1/11- jupiter in aquarius sextiles chiron in aries
1/14- uranus stations direct 6’43 taurus
1/17- jupiter in aquarius squares stationary direct uranus in taurus
1/26- neptune square true nodes

2/9- saturn in aquarius sextils chiron in aries
2/17- saturn in aquarius squares uranus in taurus
2/25- jupiter in aquarius trines mean north node/sextile SN

3/20- jupiter in aquarius semisextiles neptune in pisces EQUINOX
3/31- uranus in taurus semisextiles chiron in aries

4/4- jupiter in aquarius sextiles eris in aries
4/20- jupiter in aquarius semisextiles pluto in capricorn
4.24- saturn in aquarius trines mean north node/sextile SN
4/27- pluto stations retrograde 26’48 capricorn

5/3- uranus in taurus semisextiles chiron in arises
5/13- jupiter into pisces***
5/17- uranus in taurus quincunxes SN in sagittarius
5/18- chiron in aries sextile NN/trine SN (mean)
5.23- saturn stations retrograde 13’31 aquarius
5/26- lunar eclipse 5’25 sagittarius 4:14am PDT

6/10- solar eclipse 19’47 gemini 3:52am PDT
6/14- saturn in aquarius RX square Uranus in taurus
6/20- jupiter stations retrograde 2’11 pisces
6/23- saturn in aquarius RX sextiles chiron in aries
6/25- neptune stations rétrograde 23’11 pisces

7/15- chiron stations retrogarde 12’55 aries
7/21- eris stations retrograde 24’47 aries
7/28- Jupiter backtracks into aquarius RX

8/19- uranus stations retrograde 14’47 taurus
8/27- pluto in capricorn RX squares eris in aries RX

9/10- jupiter in aquarius RX sextile eris in aries RX
9/11- jupier in aquarius RX semisextile pluot in capricorn RX

10/6- pluto stations direct 24’18 capricorn
10/8- pluto direct squares eris in aries RX 24’18
10/10- Saturn stations direct 6’52 aquarius
10/17- jupiter stations direct 22’19 aquarius

11/18- jupiter in aquarius sexitles eris in aries RX
11/19- lunar eclipse 27’14 taurus 12:57am
11/26- saturn in aquarius sextiles chiron in aries RX
11/27- Jupiter in aquarius semisextiles pluto in capricorn

12/1- neptune stations direct 20’24 pisces
12/3- solar eclipse 12’22 sagittarius 11:43pm
12/19- chiron stations direct 8’26 arise
12/22- mean NN into taurus/SN into scorpio – PLEIADES NN
12/23- saturn in aquarius squares uranus in taurus RX
12/27- jupiter at 29 aqua squares nodes 29 taurus/scorpio
12.28- jupiter back into PISCES


2/3/21 6:59am IMBOLC

3/20 2:37am OSTARA/SPRING

5/4 11:47pm BELTANE

6/20 8:32pm LITHA SUMMER

8/6 11:54pm LUGHNASAD

9/22 12:21pm MABON FALL

11/6 9:59pm SAMHAIN

12/21 7:59am YULE WINTER


1/30/21 RX 26’29 aqua
2/20 direct 11’01 aqua

5/29 RX 24’43 gemini
6/22 direct 16’07 gemini

9/26 RX 25’28 libra
10/18 direct 10’07 libra

12/19/21 RX 26’29 capricorn
(direct in 2022)


May 26, 2021
at 04:19am PST
Total Lunar Eclipse
(Full Moon)
Sagittarius 5°29’

Jun 10, 2021
at 03:43
Annular Solar Eclipse
(New Moon)
Gemini 19°42

Nov 19, 2021
at 01:04 am
Partial Lunar Eclipse
(Full Moon)

Dec 3, 2021
at 23:34
Total Solar Eclipsw
(New Moon)
Sagittarius 12°16’

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