Monday October 18th 2021

2019 yearly astrology forecast VIDEO

this mundane forecast looks at the major astrological themes unfolding in 2019.

2019 is a 12 year in numerology and corresponds to the hanged man card in the tarot- the key this year is SURRENDER and ACCEPTANCE.

we have a major theme of jupiter/neptune/sagittarius/pisces versus capricorn/saturn/pluto with the karmic south node. dreams versus reality, light versus shadow, illusions versus truth, spirituality versus materiality, the profane versus the sacred- these dualities are up to navigate this year. wherever capricorn is in your chart- this is where your BIGGEST WORK is this year! massive KARMIC CLEARING is in process.

if you want to listen to your YEARLY HOROSCOPES for your sun sign and rising sign you can listen in when they are posted on 1/1/19 by signing up to be a member here-… by becoming a member you can get access to horoscopes, forecasts, lunar/solar gate calls and more.

i will be offering a SHADOW WORK AND ASTROLOGY course in may 2019- right in line with the pluto/south node and saturn/south node conjunctions. this is a big year for shadow work and in this course i will teach about what shadow is, how to find shadow in your chart and how to work with it. if you are interested in being contacted when registration is open for this course click the link below and send me an email with your contact info

may 2019 be the year of your greatest transformation that comes in with much grace and ease!



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