Saturn opposite Uranus- horoscopes by the signs

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Saturn opposite Uranus occurs 5 times in the next two years. The first occurred on Election day and Uranus, planet of sudden change and awakening, shattered the status quo by electing the first black President, as well as youngest President, in history. This same energy of status quo/past pitted against change/future can be seen in each of the sign’s charts. Read for your sun and rising.

The 5 oppositions occur on the following days:

Saturn opposite Uranus is about radical transformation/change (uranus) that needs to be manifested/stabilized in the real world (saturn). It is also a pitting of old against new, past against future, status quo against change. The key to the aspect is integration- synthesizing the two seemingly opposite energies so that a third energy can be given birth to. Oftentimes there is a tendency to identify with one energy and project the other- but overdependence on stability, security and the way things have always been is just as bad as overdependence on change, radical awakening and rebellion. THe key is to integrate the two so that the new changes that are embraced are done on top of a solid foundation of what has worked in the past and can continue to work in the present and future. We don’t want to volatilely overturn everything in a mad rebellion. As Ruperti said, we need to constructively use the creative Uranian power which is challenging inertia and the security of the ego. By doing so we can contribute wisely to the process of social change.

Saturn in your 6th house is opposing Uranus in your 12th house. Uranus brings light to your unconscious- guiding you on your awakening to the great unknown. The 12th house is the house of your unconscious fears and Uranus is asking you to face them so that you may become free from them. Saturn in your 6th house teaches you about responsibility to your health and about serving others. The opposition aspect is asking you to allow your inner experience of awakening to manifest in your work and service for others. It is also teaching you how to take care of your self not only physically (6th) but spiritually (12th).

Saturn in your 5th house is opposing Uranus in your 11th house. Uranus brings radical awakening and liberation to your deepest hopes and dreams as well as transformation of the expression of your gifts to the public (reference- Eric Francis). The new and unusual people and communities that you attract can show you new sides of yourself. Saturn in your 5th house teaches you how to have fun responsibly as well as how to take responsible risks. The opposition aspect is asking you to allow the unusual communities and people you encounter to transform you on the deepest level and open you up to new realms of creativity and fun.

Saturn in your 4th house is opposing Uranus in your 10th house. Uranus brings radical awakening to your purpose in life. He also can bring liberation from your ties to your mother which can transform your relationship to her as well as to the world at large. Saturn in the 4th brings structure, stability and settling into your emotional environment and your home. You may be called to face fears from childhood- regarding your father and your past. The opposition aspect is asking you to assimilate your past as it relates to your upbringing and to let go of that which is holding you back from moving into the future unencumbered- so that you may make your mark on the world.

Saturn in your 3rd house is opposing Uranus in your 9th house. Uranus brings a radical awakening to your spiritual journey- an awakening to your higher Self. Uranus challenges outdated beliefs and ideas and helps to liberate you from the messages you have inadvertently assimilated since childhood that no longer have meaning for you. Saturn in your 3rd is about the structuring of mental processes and learning maturity and responsibility in communication. The opposition aspect is asking you to take your new insights and communicate them in a way that all may understand as well as transforming how you communicate via the new insights you now possess.

Saturn in your 2nd house is opposing Uranus in your 8th house. Uranus brings sexual awakening and liberation as well as transformation on a deep level. Facing jealousy and control issues which ultimately lead you to face your own fear of obliteration and death can seem heavy but are very rewarding. Saturn in your 2nd is putting limitations on your resources and asking you to face your fears about how you feel about yourself. There is a restructuring of principles and values that goes on that helps you define who you really are. The opposition aspect is asking you to allow the liberation and transformation you experience on a deep inner level to manifest on the more mundane external level so that what is within resonates with what is without.

Saturn in your 1st house is opposing Uranus in your 7th house. Uranus brings transformation and radical awakening to how you relate to others. Others can be your mirror and they come to help shake you out of your rut. If you don’t own this volatile, changeable energy yourself then you can project it out onto others and meet a lot of people who are Uranian in nature. Saturn in your 1st is restructuring your personal identity and waking you up to the responsibility of your soul’s journey. You are asked to face your fears about yourself and grow up into who you were meant to be. The opposition aspect is asking you to integrate responsibility with liberation- by engaging with others who shake you up and ultimately change you in ways that will impact your life for years to come.

Saturn in your 12th house is opposing Uranus in your 6th house. Uranus brings an awakening to your well being and healing as well as finding the work that calls to your heart- or as Joseph Campbell said ‘Following your bliss’. Saturn in your 12th can bring up your unresolved, unacknowledged fears so that they can be dealt with. This is about maturing spiritually. The opposition aspect is asking you to find freedom and liberation via healing and service. You find yourself as you give of yourself selflessly. It is also asking you to release those hidden fears so that you may be free to hear your bliss when it calls to you.

Saturn in your 11th house is opposing Uranus in your 5th house. Uranus brings liberation of creativity and romance, as well as transformation of what you find fun- or what feeds you on the deepest level. This is a time of opening to new horizons. Saturn in your 11th brings responsibility to friends and community. You can learn how to share and live with others as well as materialize your deepest hopes and dreams- allowing the obsolete to fall to the wayside. It is about responsibly expressing your gifts to the culture (reference- Eric Francis). The opposition aspect is asking you to integrate the energy of liberation you experience- the opening of new horizons- into your relationship with the communities you are involved in, as well as infusing it into your deepest hopes and dreams.

Saturn in your 10th house is opposing Uranus in your 4th house. Uranus brings radical awakening of the past as it relates to your emotional processes today (reference- Eric Francis). There can be a transformation of your relationship to home, your family or origin, and your father. It is a time to find inner security despite the changes going on in your external surroundings. Saturn in your 10th is having you mature in relationship to your purpose in life. You are able to give structure to the work you do for achievement and take responsibility for your interactions with the wold. You are also given the opportunity to face fears relating to parent issues, particularly your mother, in relationship to your standing in the world. The opposition aspect is asking you to allow the awakening energy in your emotional and home life to transform and crystalize your purpose in life. This aspect can also dramatically alter your relationship to your parents- and as such yourself.

Saturn in your 9th house is opposing Uranus in your 3rd. Uranus brings radical transformation of your mental processes and ideas. There is a liberation of your expression of feelings and beliefs and an awakening to enlightened communication. Saturn in your 9th is having you grow up and mature in relation to your spiritual ideas. It is a time of restructuring your beliefs and connecting with and growing into your higher Self. The opposition aspect is asking you to responsibly communicate your newly liberated beliefs and spiritual awakenings in such a way that others can understand and perhaps learn from you- as you teach yourself.

Saturn in your 8th house is opposing Uranus in your 2nd. Uranus brings transformation of your values and principles as well as radical awakening of your self-worth and self-esteem. It can also transform how you relate to money and possessions- allowing you freedom from the ties that bind most in material reality. Saturn in your 8th a time of deep, inner transformation. You can face fears in regards to jealousy, money, power, control, secrets, surrender and transformation (Eric Francis). You may learn about and concretize your sexual boundaries- which can bring up sexual fears and issues from the past as part of the healing process. Other people’s resources may not be as available to you and part of the transit is about learning to depend on yourself. The opposition aspect is asking you to integrate the awakening you experience in relation to your sense of self with your deep, inner transformation which involves forging your own path rather than relying on others to show you the way.

Saturn in your 7th house is opposing Uranus in your 1st. house. Uranus brings a radical awakening to your soul’s journey, transformation of your personal identity, and liberation of your Self. This is a time of major changes where you demand much needed freedom. Saturn in your 7th is about growing up and becoming an adult in one-to-one relationships- essentially responsible partnerships. It’s also about learning to have boundaries in relationships. Oftentimes you will be asked to face your parent issues- particularly the father- in the mirror of the other. The opposition aspect is asking you to integrate your newly found freedom and liberated soul with responsible partnerships. It doesn’t have to be one or the other- it can be both if you are willing to open your mind and compromise.

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