pluto into capricorn! (horoscopes by the signs)

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pluto, god of the underworld, is leaving sagittarius and moving into capricorn today. it should make for some pretty interesting family thanksgivings, huh? :P

pluto brings about transformation. external changes occur but the focus is on the internal kind. pluto rules psychotherapy- which is surgery for the soul. wherever pluto transits in your chart will be the focus of deep inner and outer transformation over the next 16 years- the kind that helps to align you with your soul’s purpose in whatever area of life it touches in your natal chart (by house and aspect)>

an image for pluto is the phoenix rising out of the ashes. this mythical animal is a powerful symbol illustrating impressive rebirth after death, decay and destruction. pluto transits can make you feel like something is dying but it is occurring in order to prepare for something new and more appropriate to your life to spring up. those ashes that the phoenix rises out of have to come from somewhere! in order to rise up out of the ashes something has to have previously been lit on fire. pluto transits are baptism by fire. but they also come with the strength to rise up again stronger and more powerful.

am i making pluto transits out to be intense? well intense is a keyword for pluto. people who have pluto prominent in their charts- conjunct the angles, making a lot of aspects- or have lots of scorpio planets or a scorpio rising are often quite intense. they are also deep, aware of the undercurrents of life and able to renew themselves time and time again. it’s a very powerful thing to be capable of transformation. like a snake, another pluto symbol, shedding it’s skin because it has grown out of its old one- pluto facilitates changes on a very profound level. your soul is growing and the skin that fit you quite nicely before is no longer going to cut it. it’s time to generate a new one.

as i said above, pluto will be affecting each person differently according to their sign and the aspects found in their chart. those born at the beginning of aries, cancer, libra and capricorn will be having pluto aspect their sun in the first few years of this transit. pluto actually moved into capricorn earlier this year and then retrograded back into sagittarius for 5 months- so you may have already begun to feel the effects of this transit in your life. to get a glimpse of what is ahead for you during this profound, life-altering time read your sun and rising sign below:

aries- pluto is entering your 10th house of achievement, leadership, career, social status and your position in the world. this is also the house representing the mother. pluto will be transforming these areas of your life in a profound way. you will be waking up to your purpose in the world and you will be contributing to the evolution of the planet on a public level. if you have been working towards your greatest achievements you will attain recognition for them now. if you have not been on the right life path pluto will show you where you need to be. if you don’t listen pluto will make the decision for you. it’s always easier to work with pluto than against him. you need to prepare to be a significant force in the world. this time can also find you transforming your relationship with your mother. if you have unresolved issues this is a time of facing them. for some an elder parent may pass away. for others reconnecting with their own inner mother/anima within is key.

taurus- pluto is entering your 9th house of beliefs, higher education, journeys, spirituality and truth. pluto will be transforming these ares of your life a profoundly. this is a time of rebuilding your belief system from the ground up. you will be asked to let go of beliefs you once held onto dearly so that you can align your life with a higher, more enlightened truth. your life will be visibly shaken by encounters with foreign or spiritual people and places that pull the wool from your eyes so-to-speak. this may come by way of entering into some form of higher educational experience or taking a distant journey that reveals previously unknown realities to you. or it may come by way of the entrance of people whose different perspective on life alters yours for the better. pluto is all about the soul- so this transit is truly a journey of the soul for you. one that will have you viewing life in ways you can’t even begin to fathom.

gemini- pluto is entering your 8th house of death, debt, inheritances, occult matters, regeneration, and sex. the 8th house is pluto’s natural home. while in this house his transformative powers are enhanced. pluto will have you look at your deepest fears and desires. gemini, as an air sign, is typically light and airy- while pluto is deep and intense. this transit will necessitate you going into the places that scare you. encounters with others can be very intense in good or bad ways. sexually this is a transit to open up to soul-baring sex rather than the more playful but less vulnerable kind. a sexual relationship can transform your very essence if you allow it- that is the key. pluto is about dropping all pretenses and allowing intimacy to open you up. it can feel painful at first but ‘the pain you feel is the breaking of the shell that encloses you’. after the initial shock you will find that depth is not something to be afraid of. as you open up to deeper aspects of yourself you may find yourself drawn to studying esoteric or occult things. if something piques your interest go for it. you never know where it could lead you.

cancer- pluto is entering your 7th house of marriage, partnerships, commitment and agreements or contracts of all kinds. pluto entering this house will alter these areas of your life in profound ways. a significant person can enter your life and substantially change it. this can be an intimate, love relationship but it can also be a guru/teacher figure that comes in and opens you up to new ways of experiencing the world. either way it will be an intense, deep connection that draws you like a moth to a flame. it is important to own your own power (pluto) and not project it all outside of yourself (7th house)- otherwise you could come into contact with controlling, manipulative people who will change your life in ways you might not normally sign up for. you have to be open to love and open to being taught to make this transit an easier ride. if you fight it by controlling your emotions or arrogantly thinking no one can teach you anything then this time will be more difficult for you. you have the opportunity to have a profound connection with someone- but you have to be open and available to connect- so keep your outlet reachable otherwise pluto will have to rewire you a new one.

leo- pluto is entering you 6th house of service, health, and daily work and routine. pluto transiting this house will be about transformation of how you relate to your body and to the services you provide to the world. pluto transits are a process of detoxification and in the 6th house it is practically applied to your physical body. this is a time of treating your body as a temple if you haven’t been already. if you’ve been paying attention to your health then this can be a time of renewal and regeneration in such away that you feel younger and more vital than you ever have before. if you haven’t been taking care of yourself this can be a time of your body trying to get your attention by creating health issues or disease. disease is dis-ease in the body. physical symptoms are expressions of emotional and psychological issues that have gone unnoticed for far too long. this transit will have you becoming much more aware of how your body is communicating to you. listen to what it has to say and do what is necessary. i highly suggest you don’t wait until it screams at you. your daily work and routines as well as the service you provide can undergo profound transformation which can include taking on a more holistic, healing outlook on life as well as finding that you have a calling in holistic health and healing.

virgo- pluto is entering your 5th house of creative self-expression, children, romance, pleasure and hobbies. pluto transiting through this house is about deep transformation in how you creatively express yourself in the world. some people have children during this transit which is one of the most profound ways to create and alter your life that is available to man. others may start pursuing their passions with a fervor more appropriate to a calling than just mere dalliances. a life-altering love affair could violently sweep into your life leaving you changed forever. getting in touch with your creativity is the path to power and transformation. this is also the house of the sun- so this transit will lead you to your source within- to your Self.

libra- pluto is entering your 4th house of home, childhood, the father, traditions, family and security. pluto transiting this house will bring profound changes in these areas of life. a transformation of the relationship with the father can occur- or with one’s own inner father. learning that you are fully capable of taking care of your own needs can help you take back projections onto other people to save you or take care of you. traditions that you have clung to may now need to be released. or alternatively, if you have eschewed tradition at every turn now may be the time to choose the ones that speak to you and allow them a powerful place in your life. your relationship to security is reviewed and the key lies in contacting your own source of power within your soul. once you make a solid foundation for yourself you can be a foundation for others.

scorpio- pluto, your ruling planet, is entering your 3rd house of communication, the conscious mind, your local environment, and writing. because pluto is your ruling planet the transits of pluto are more personal for you. each move into the next sign is your own personal regeneration transit regardless of whether it makes contact with your personal planets or angles. pluto transiting this house will transform the way you think and how you share those thoughts with those in your environment. if you are a writer or speaker of some kind this will be a significant time of powerfully building up your body of work. even if you aren’t a writer or speaker your words will have a powerful effect on other people- so be mindful of what you say. this planet will help clear out compulsive, limiting thought patterns that have clouded up your conscious mind. taking up meditation is a wonderful way of assisting pluto in this endeavor. the mind creates thoughts which create our reality. this can be a time of creating the reality you want by transforming your conscious mind.

sagittarius- pluto is entering your 2nd house of material resources and possessions, money earned, self-worth and self-esteem, and personal values. pluto transiting this house will focus his transformative energy on your inner relationship to yourself which will affect your outer relationship to the world. this will be a time of regeneration on a very deep level. how you relate to yourself is reflected in how you relate to the things that belong to you. as you get in touch with a deep sense of worth your relationship to things will change. this can be a time of increased wealth or alternatively a time in which your interest in material things takes a back seat to things of a more ephemeral nature. the key to the law of attraction is to desire what is right for you that doesn’t necessitate taking from someone else. when your desires are aligned with the concept of prosperity for all then you will attract all manner of good things into your life.

capricorn- pluto is entering your 1st house of personality, the soul’s journey and your connection with the world. of all the houses, pluto transiting here will be the most profound. essentially your entire life is up for transformation. you will be regenerating yourself on the most basic level. this is a time of waking up to your soul’s journey if you haven’t already- or making significant strides to your spiritual destination if you have. this is a time of coming into your own power, but with power comes responsibility. you will have the capacity to impact the people in your life simply by your presence. seeing you go through your alchemical transformation will inspire others to do the same. prepare for your life to alter in such a tremendous way that when you look back you will realize that you couldn’t have even begun to fathom what was waiting for you around the corner.

aquarius- pluto is entering your 12th house of the unconscious, dreams, self-undoing, solitude and secrets. pluto transiting this house will be about exploring and transforming the deepest, most hidden parts of yourself. this is an excellent time to take up psychotherapy as you will have access to your soul in really profound ways. jungian analysis in particular can be of great benefit because your dream life will be a way in which your unconscious will communicate with you (jungian analysis works with dream interpretation). this is the house where hidden aspects of yourself reside because you put them there, relegating them to the unconscious. this transit gives you the power to delve deep within and get in contact with seemingly disconnected parts of yourself that are key to living in your highest expression of Self. you may find you need more alone time than before which you should honor. the stuff that wants to come up can only be heard when you able to be quiet enough to hear it.

pisces- pluto is entering your 11th house of hopes, wishes and dreams (the kind you want to manifest- not the kind that come to you at night), friends and acquaintances, and communities or organizations you are involved with. this is also the house of gifts that you possess that are meant to be shared with society. pluto transiting this house will bring profound experiences and connections with friends and people in the communities that you belong to. letting go of friends and associations that limit you will make room for the new friends and associations that fit where your life path is going. finding a group or community of people who are all working towards a similar goal that benefits society could significantly impact your life. taking a position of leadership in groups you belong to can lead the way for you to profoundly share your gifts with society. the 11th house is about the collective and the regeneration and transformation you experience will not only impact you but will significantly impact the people around you.

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