jupiter/neptune/chiron conjunction

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so i have been studying/researching the upcoming jupiter/neptune/chiron conjunction in aquarius in 2009-2010. at the end of may (the 27th) the conjunction gets close by 15 seconds, but then neptune stations retrograde. later on in december jupiter conjuncts both neptune and chiron, and then in february of 2010 neptune and chiron will be conjunct at 26’15 of aquarius (exact on 2/17). these three bodies dancing together is being seen as very auspicious by many astrologers due to the fact that jupiter is the bringer of opportunity, neptune of spirituality and chiron of healing. put them all together and what do you get? an opportunity for spiritual healing! :P yet we must realize there is a shadow side to these bodies as well- jupiter/excess, neptune/illusion and deception, and chiron/wounding. so we could have an excess of illusion and deception that leads to incredible wounding. yet i know from experience that wounding eventually leads to healing if you do the work- so either way it seems that this conjunction is going to be profound.

this conjunction at 27 degrees of aquarius (you always round up to the nearest whole degree) has the following as its sabian symbol: ‘an ancient pottery bowl filled with fresh violets’. according to dane rudhyar this speaks to ‘the importance of traditional skills and artistic values deeply rooted in man’s instinctive feelings as frames of reference for man’s most authentic emotions.’ he goes on to say that is symbolizes ‘personal reticence and a simple love of natural beauty’. violets are often considered symbols of modesty and humility- and an ancient pottery bowl can symbolize the creative heritage we each possess. rudhyar points out that ‘in this symbol we see pictured the dependence of the purest feelings of natural living upon the traditions within which they find their most adequate and effective setting.’ this is a symbol of ‘delicacy of feeling’.

how appropriate that the conjunction of opportunity, spirituality and healing is at the degree of ‘delicacy of feeling’! it’s also about a more natural way of living- in tune with nature and connected with our feelings and emotions. if you stopped and took a look around you- at the people in your life, at the people you work with, at the people at the sporting event you are attending- do you feel that these people are in tune with their nature and connected to their feelings and emotions? is it just me, or do you also feel that most of society is disconnected from a vital part of themselves? it seems that this upcoming conjunction can do a lot to open up realms of feeling and avenues of healing for the planet when it comes to reconnecting to the soul of the world- the animus mundi.

in my opinion the reason so many are disconnected from/unaware of the soul of the world is because they are disconnected/unaware of their own soul. to me it is such a heartbreaking shame that most float through life not evening knowing what psyche is, not knowing that they are more than their bodies/minds/names/statuses/belongings. the soul goes beyond all that- the soul is much deeper. i believe that what this world needs is a great awakening to the soul- both within and without.

i study the soul. psychology literally means study of the soul (psyche=soul, ology=study of). and i have pondered what planets/signs may have ‘rulership’ over the soul. my thoughts on this are that the water signs govern the soul- cancer, scorpio and pisces- and that the planets that rule those signs are connected as well- the moon, pluto and neptune respectively. yet each of those has a different nuance of soul. the moon is the soul as it pertains to our current experience on earth. the moon rules emotions and feelings and the past and the mother- all of which are experienced in this lifetime right here and now. neptune and pluto are transpersonal planets though, so they govern that which is not just personal but is in fact collective. neptune is more etheric and spiritual, whereas pluto is more embodied and soulful. yet neptune is not spirit. at least not to me. neptune is the spiritual soul- the soul that rises above and comes from a place of unconditional love at it’s best, or goes so low and comes from a place of victimhood/addiction/deceit at its worst. pluto is the embodied soul- the soul that goes down, in and under. pluto, as hades and ruler of the underworld, does not rise above things to get perspective. he goes right straight in and through. pluto does not transcend, but transgresses. pluto is like rumi’s poem:

the Friend comes into my body
looking for the center, unable
to find it, draws a blade,
strikes anywhere.

so if the water signs rule the soul, with the moon, neptune and pluto governing soul as well, what else may be connected? well to me chiron the wounded healer is very much connected to the soul. chiron was able to heal out of his own wounding, yet he was never able to completely heal himself. his wounding process was soul-making- it taught him compassion and empathy via suffering. rising above does not connect you with yourself or with others. rising above gives a great perspective, but it’s only when you are in the thick of it that you can truly know it as it is. when i went skydiving for the first (and as yet only) time- when i was about to jump out of the plane i had no fear at all. the instructor seemed alarmed by this- alarmed by the fact that i wasn’t expressing healthy anxiety about jumping out of a plane like everyone else usually does. when he asked me later why i wasn’t scared i replied that it was because when we were about to jump out of the plane we were so high up it didn’t look real to me- it looked like i was jumping into a picture. and because it wasn’t real, i wasn’t scared. to me this is similar to rising above situations. when you rise above you can see the ‘picture’ and your fear goes away. but if you want to go into your fear and face it you have to go down/in/within- you have to jump out of the plane and go down (once i jumped i almost peed my pants!). and that is what the soul is about- and that is also what chiron is about. yet chiron is most often connected to the sign virgo- which is an earth sign. virgo and the 6th house govern health, nutrition, healing, and holistic lifestyles. to me chiron seems appropriately paired with virgo being that chiron is all about healing! but in my opinion chiron is connected to both earth and water signs- to both soul and body- and the embodiment of soul. i think it is hard to have chiron governing just one sign- as he really encompasses a lot of facets of many of the signs. so in this area i stay open :) (how pisces of me!)

so we have neptune and chiron connected to soul by way of water and earth. but what about jupiter? jupiter governs the sign of sagittarius. sadge is a fire sign and fire signs are about spirit (my equation is water/soul, fire/spirit, air/mind, earth/body). with neptune and chiron as soul connected to jupiter as spirit- we have a lining up of the higher perspective and the inner perspective- with fire and water and earth. and this conjunction occurs in aquarius- an air sign. so fire, water, earth and air are all cojoining together in massive alignment. how auspicious is that!?

so what do i think will occur during this transit? well i am not psychic so i am not going to claim to know precisely what is going to happen. i think there is a realm of possibilities though- and those can be seen by the planets and sign involved. i think there will be an amazing opportunity for spiritual awakening and healing for many on the planet. the sign of aquarius rules social welfare and freedom for all- and with this conjunction in that sign we have an opportunity to heal the inequality we see all around the world. do i think that overnight some miracle will happen? who knows!? it’s possible. but it’s more probable that this conjunction will act like a tincture that slowly seeps into the psyches of the world- and enacts change from the inside out. i do know that we can each do our part in healing the soul of the world by actively doing soul-healing work with ourselves, with our friends and loved ones- as well as our enemies! soul-healing can come in the form of therapy, yoga, meditation, alternative health regimes, and many other avenues. pick the one you like and stick with it. healing takes time, and healing takes WORK. so whatever it is you choose you need to commit to. in our fast food culture i know that many prefer the quick and easy path- but when it comes to healing there is no quick and easy. but it is very worthwhile. and in this day and age it may be our only salvation.


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