Monday September 28th 2020

***all times are PDT***

monday june 8th-
the first aspect of the day and week is exact at 2:56am when the sun in gemini sextiles jupiter in leo, aligning the conscious self and ego with the planet of expansion, opportunity and positivity! a few days ago mars aligned with jupiter and today the sun does- so both masculine/yang planets about direction, action and outward movement in life are positively enhanced by the Great Benefic. opportunities to grow and attain success are high right now. with gemini and leo highlighted- focusing on communication, teaching/learning, creativity and living from the heart are supported right now!

the only other major aspect of the day is exact at 4:27pm when chiron in pisces opposes mean black moon lilith in virgo, creating an oppositional energy between the Wounded Healer and the fierce, Dark Feminine. chiron/BML brings major opportunities to do deep healing work around our power (giving it away or lording it over others), our magic, intuition and psychic gifts- as well as our ability to see the Truth and speak it no matter what others think or say. with both bodies in signs of service, this aspect can help unearth deep gifts we have that are meant to be shared with others for the betterment of ourselves, those around us and perhaps even the world. yet a tense chiron aspect can shine a very harsh Light on BML and bring up deep, past life wounds around owning our power, speaking up, being seen and being hurt/killed/ostracized for it. this is a great time to do past life work and heal any splits we have between spirit and body. embodiment practices like yoga, massage, chi gong and the like can be very useful and healing right now. it’s also a great time to tend to the heal and well being of both the body and Soul. cleanses, juicing, psychotherapy, dance, yoga, bodywork and other forms of clearing out the physical or emotional body can be supported right now.

tuesday june 9th-
the only major aspect today is exact at 12:29am when mars in gemini sextiles uranus in aries, harmoniously aligning the will, warrior and drive with the Great Awakener, rebel and revolutionary! mars/uranus is great for taking risks, going for it and breaking free from ties that bind. uranus is in mars’ sign so the two have a lot in common right now. innovation, invention, new ideas and sudden inspirations are all possible right now. stay open to change- and better yet become the agent of it- for best results!

wednesday june 10th-
the first aspect of the day is exact at 5:52am when retrograde mercury in gemini sextiles venus in leo, sweetly aligning the mind and the heart. this is a great aspect for finding ways to bridge thoughts and feelings and for communicating both with others (or just with ourselves). taking time to get clear on what we think and feel and what we need to do to move forward in life is supported today.

at 2:30pm the sun in gemini sextiles uranus in aires, harmoniously aligning the conscious self and ego with the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener! yesterday mars aligned with uranus and today the sun does- so the we are in the midst of a lot of powerful energy that can be utilized for shift, evolution, innovation and inspiration! sun/uranus helps us to access this revolutionary energy and channel it into our personal lives. speaking our minds and taking action on what we believe to be true is recommended today!

thursday june 11th-
at 3:33pm mercury stations direct at 4’33 gemini, making the planet of mind, communication and thinking come to a standstill in the sky. all mercury related things can be in snafu mode- so if things are slow moving or not working out when it comes to travel, communication, thinking and technology, know that this, too, shall pass. mercury stations direct in opposition to saturn- which is a heavy aspect that brings Light to what is NOT WORKING as well as to what is going on in reality. this is great for serious conversations or getting real- but it can also incite depression or pessimistic thinking. mercury will energize the saturn/neptune square (and neptune is stationary- set to go retrograde tomorrow!)- so be aware of where you are trying to check out because you don’t want to deal with reality. ultimately it will always come back to be dealt with – so may as well deal now so you can move on to new things, yes? with both mercury AND neptune at a stand still in the sky we may find ourselves feeling pulled between the polarities of reality and illusion, practicality and dreams, intellect and intuition. finding a way to bridge them is key.

the last aspect of the day is exact at 5:35pm when mars in gemini squares chiron in pisces, creating tension and friction between the will, warrior and drive and the Wounded Healer planetoid. opportunities for healing around our masculine within or with men/masculine figures in our lives is possible right now. yet the square aspect can also bring up deep wounds and pain for us to face and move through before the healing can happen. issues around boundaries, codependence, oversensitivity, addiction, victimization or playing the martyr can arise (all related to chiron in pisces). on the other hand issues around deception, delusion, twisting of information or Truth, being too all over the place and ungrounded can also arise (mars in gemini square chiron). taking time to question what we think and what actions we take based on what we think which then creates the life we experience is key right now.

friday june 12th-
the first celestial occurrence of the day is exact at 2:07am when neptune stations retrograde at 9’49 pisces, making the planet of mysticism, delusion and confusion the most powerful planet in the sky. all things neptunian are bolstered and exacerbated right now: spirituality, intuition, psychic ability, dreams, ideals, compassion and selfless service towards others. also- deception, denial, victimization, psychosis, dissolution, ungroundedness and addiction. this is a great time to see beyond the veil of illusion, but be aware that you can also create what you want to see but it may not be based on any kind of reality. with neptune stationary within 24 hours of mercury stationing- and with both in square aspect to each other- beware of delusion, deception and ungrounded idealism. stay open to intuition, faith and Trust- but make sure your powers of discernment are working as well ;)

then at 2:14am venus in leo sextiles the north node in libra, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the evolutionary north node of destiny and growth! venus/north node supports us in evolving our partnerships, our values and our sense of self-worth. venus rules the north node- so the affinity between these two is enhanced by their aspect. new connections that enter our lives right now can be super meaningful and existing connections can be taken to deeper waters. financial situations are also favored right now. staying aligned with our personal values and Truth will help us to connect with and further relationships with the right people!

the sun in gemini squares chiron in pisces, and forms a T-square between sun, mars, chiron and black moon lilith (with the sun/mars conjunction exact tomorrow). with both yang, masculine planets (sun and mars) in tense aspect to the wounded Healer and the Dark Goddess- there can be some deep energies to navigate today. sun/chiron brings up old wounds and pain around the balance (or lack of balance) between mind and heart, thoughts and feelings, intellect and emotion. all our old stuff can come up today and BML in virgo could help us to become very discerning of our shadow and pain OR she could exacerbate our self-critique and sensitivity. taking time to look at our relationship to the masculine and how we assert ourselves, take a stand, take action- as well as our relationship to the feminine and how we are able to see and face shadow within is key right now! (mars squares BML at 6:08am, sun squares chiron at 11:55am and sun squares BML at 10:34pm)

saturday june 13th-
there are no major aspects today. the moon is in earthy, embodied, sensual and stubborn taurus all day long. the moon links up with neptune and pluto in the morning- bringing both heights and depths to our emotional expression (in positive ways since the aspects are harmonious). in mid afternoon the moon squares jupiter and then goes void of course- which can be great for having courage and confidence, but it can also lend to excess and eating/spending too much (so be aware). the moon will be void for 20 hours- a time to reflect, introspect and tie up loose ends (versus start new things).

sunday june 14th-
at 8:56am the sun cojoins mars in gemini, aligning the conscious self and ego with the will, warrior and drive. sun/mars is great for taking action, taking a stand, speaking up and expressing ourselves! yet the sun and mars are just separating from intense aspects with the Wounded Healer (chiron) and the Dark Goddess (BML). so it’s key that we act and speak with awareness, consciousness, wisdom and compassion right now. powerful things can be set into motion under a sun/mars conjunction- but there’s also potential for anger, aggression, conflict and/or accidents. navigating the fiery, dynamic energy of sun/mars with care is recommended today!

then at 5:36pm retrograde saturn backtracks out of sagittarius and back into scorpio for one last hurrah through the last degrees of scorpio- a transit that will last until 9/17 when saturn moves back into sagittarius for good (for the next 2 years). saturn entered scorpio in october 2012 and since then he has brought us some very deep lessons around our fears, Unconscious material, obsessions and compulsions. scorpio rules all the taboo topics of society: sex, death, money, power and control. with saturn in scorpio we have been challenged to face our obsessions or fears with these taboo topics so that we can release the Unconscious hold they have on us and in the process empower and transform ourselves! saturn in scorpio is powerful time for deep, cathartic Soul work- so make use of these last months of saturn in scorpio to get a spiritual/emotional and perhaps physical colonic. clear out the crap so you can move forward freed from your past!

the last aspect of the day is exact at 7:30pm when venus in leo opposes retrograde ceres in aquarius, creating an oppositional energy between the Goddess of Love, beauty and desire and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. venus opposite ceres can bring focus to issues or imbalances in our lives between what we want and desire and what we need for safety and security. venus in leo is focused on the self, while ceres in aquarius is focused on the needs of the collective. finding balance between ME and WE (leo and aquarius) is key tonight!

have a lovely week…

~divine harmony

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