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PLEASE NOTE- I posted the October Monthly forecast this past weekend. This month is HUGE. It’s the longest Monthly Forecast I have written in years. There is SO MUCH GOING ON THIS MONTH. Be sure to read the Monthly Forecast for a head’s up on it all here- https://divineharmony.com/monthly-forecast/

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Monday October 2nd-
At 8:09am Mercury in Virgo quincunxes the Mean North Node in Aries, creating tension between the Mind and Intellect and the Node of Destiny. Conversations can be triggering today and perhaps reveal where we are stuck and where our journey of growth and evolution is asking us to go. From yesterday to today Mercury triggered the Eris/North Node conjunction incoming on 10/21. Pay attention to what is up for you right now as all month until the exact conjunction we get many triggers of it. Eris as Agent of Chaos and Activist is showing you VERY CLEARLY where you need to take a stand, speak up, express anger, set boundaries, say no and more! Getting on board with whatever this is key to moving through the month ahead with more grace and ease <3 (Stay tuned- an Astrology Blog about the conjunction is incoming!)

Mercury in Virgo opposes Retrograde Neptune in Pisces at 11:34am- creating tension between the Mind and Intellect and the planet of mysticism, romance, illusion and delusion. Mercury/Neptune is an excellent time to make sure we are willing and able to see and face the Truth. Virgo demands discernment- but Neptune in Pisces wants to see things through rose colored glasses (or sometimes beer goggles or with our head in the sand!). Make sure you are being honest and above board today and ensure others are as well. Nebulous communications and fear/fantasy based thinking need to be seen through. It is easy to be deluded or deceived- or do the deluding and deceiving- so eyes wide open and self/other honesty are key today!

At 12:47pm Venus in Leo trines Retrograde Eris in Aries- aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the fierce Dark Sun Goddess of Chaos and Discord. Venus/Eris is a potent combo of Solar Fire feminine bodies. Passion, creativity and self expression are powerful forces right now! So too is anger, rage and a need to shine the Light on the shadow. Finding balance between our Light feminine (Venus in Leo) and our Dark Feminine (Eris in Aries) is key right now. As this is the 3rd and final Venus/Eris trines due to Venus’ Retrograde journey- pay attention to what is wanting to activate in your life right now!


Tuesday October 3rd-
At 9:02am Mean Black Moon Lilith moves out of Leo and into Virgo- shifting the fierce Dark Feminine from Fire to Earth, self-focus to service-focus, yang/masculine to yin/feminine. BML into Virgo is great for utilizing our Dark Goddess gifts of intuition, magic and healing. Virgo is the virgin- the root word originally meant woman who is whole unto herself- and with the powerful Dark Feminine in the sign of the woman who is whole unto herself- we have a grounded, embodied Feminine energy who is willing to serve while also being discerning and seeing the Truth! We just need to be aware of the shadow side of BML in Virgo- being obsessed with health or illness (to the point of being hypochondriacal), being overly critical, judgmental or perfectionist. Balancing our ability to see the details with our ability to see the Bigger Picture at hand is key!

Venus in Leo trines the Mean North Node in Aries/sextiles the South Node in Libra at 12:06pm- aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the North Node of Destiny and the South Node of Karma in her sign. Venus can help provide insight into the past that needs resolution and the future that is calling us forward. Healing self Love and self esteem can support us in seeing what is unfair or unbalanced in life, and where perhaps we need to take action, set boundaries or say no to resolve karma once and for all. Pay attention to what comes in today!

At 3:20pm Mercury in Virgo trines Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn- aligning the planet of Communication and Thinking with the planet of Transformation and Empowerment. Mercury is one of the few deities in Greek mythology who could move between the upper world and Underworld. In his role as psychopomp he was guide to the Souls. With this lovely Mercury/Pluto transit we are supported in getting deep in our thinking and communicating. Therapy, Shadow Work, research and investigation are all supported right now. With the signs of work and career in focus any new ideas or connections made right now can be very good for abundance and success!

Venus in Leo quincunxes Retrograde Neptune in Pisces at 8:21pm- creating tension between the lower heart and the Higher Heart. Venus/Neptune can be uber romantic, idealistic and compassionate but can also create issues with boundaries, seeing reality and making healthy decisions in Love and money situations. Venus in Leo wants passion and romance! While Neptune in Pisces surrenders the ego and moves towards Higher Love. What does Higher Love mean? Contemplating this and not making it about anything or anyone external can be a deep inquiry today. (hint: Higher Love for the self from the Self) This is the the 3rd and final quincunx between Venus and Neptune due to Venus’ recent Retrograde journey (7/22-9/3). As she stationed Retrograde she did so in a DOUBLE QUINCUNX to Neptune (from 7/15-7/30)! Think back to July and see where you are now. If you have your rose colored glasses OFF and eyes of discernment OPEN- you can see clearly now and the path that lies ahead will reveal itself with clarity. If you have chosen delusion, deception, addiction or checking out entirely- today maybe harder to navigate <3


Wednesday October 4th-
At 7:54am Mars in Libra opposes Retrograde Eris in Aries- bringing the God of War and Goddess of Discord and Chaos HEAD TO HEAD. This is bringing focus to relationships in our lives- romantic, business and otherwise- helping us to see where things are out of balance and not working right. Eris reveals the shadow underneath- and in Aries that shadow could be related to anger, rage and places where we sweep these under the carpet to keep the peace. Being willing to bring into the Light that which needs addressing is necessary right now! Today through tomorrow Mars is triggering the fast approaching Eris/North Node conjunction (incoming 10/21). PAY ATTENTION to where you are being shown the karma you are stuck in and what the path of growth and evolution is asking of you right now!  You can read my Astrology Blog about Eris on the North Node here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/eris-conjunct-the-north-node-awaken-all-heart-warriors/

Mercury at the 29th degree of Virgo sesquiquadrates Retrograde Jupiter in Taurus at 8:06am- creating tension between the Mind and Intellect and the planet of expansion and excess. With Mercury about to transit the Equinox degree and Jupiter hovering near the Beltane degree- we have the Solar Gateway degrees activated. Pay attention to things you hear, say, read or otherwise receive as information- both personal but also collective and political. Mercury/Jupiter wants the Truth but we do have to watch out for being excessive with our mental energy, having hubris or self-righteousness (where we think we are right and everyone else is wrong). The best use of this astrology is to keep our MINDS & EYES OPEN!

At 8:09pm Mercury moves out of Virgo and into Libra- shifting the Mind and Intellect from Earth to Air, from work focus to relationship focus. Mercury in Libra cares about relationship, collaboration and compromise. There is a desire to seek common ground and have peaceful communications in relationships with others. Yet if we overdo the shadow of Libra- keeping the peace at any cost and sweeping things under the carpet so as to avoid the messes in our lives- then we may find things coming up that need addressing. Willingness to go beyond the surface is key! Dive deep!


Thursday October 5th-
At 7:55am Mars cojoins the Mean South Node at 25’30 Libra – aligning the Will, Drive and God of Activation with the Karmic South Node of the past. Mars is activating and illuminating what is out of balance right now. Libra is the sign of the Scales of Balance and when the South Node is in Libra something is not fair, not balanced or not harmonious in our lives. Any places that we have over given, people pleased, swept things under the carpet, and tried to maintain the surface to ‘keep up appearances’ can be exploding right now. The good news is we can use Mars to metaphorically (or in some cases literally) cut things out of our lives with a Surgeon’s Knife (Mars rules knives and surgery)- so that we can clear karmic threads binding us and keeping us stuck in old patterns/relationships/situations. Pay attention as Mars triggers the Eris/North Node conjunction incoming on 10/21 (yesterday through today). With Mars as the ruler of both Eris and the North Node in Aries- he is helping us to get discerning and see clearly- and then follow up that awareness with decisive ACTION!

Juno in Leo trines Retrograde Eris in Aries at 10:19am- aligning the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. Luckily this aspect is harmonious so the Goddess of Discord and Chaos can manifest as Sacred Warrior and Defender in more healthy ways ;) Juno wants partnership and collaboration and Eris wants to reveal where this is discord and disharmony. Put the two together and we can find balance between relational energy and revelatory energy that shines a Light on the shadow. With both bodies in Fire signs being committed to the full expression of our passions, heart and power while alone OR in partnership is supported! Juno in Leo at her best is about committing to Living from the Truth of our Hearts. What does that look like for you? And what changes or actions need to be taken in order to truly align with this space?

At 1:03pm Mercury in Libra quincunxes Retrograde Saturn in Pisces- creating tension between the Mind and Intellect and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. Mercury/Saturn can be heavy and depressing even. We are seeing all that is not right and may have a hard time seeing what is good and positive. But if we tend to only want to see Love and Light then this astrology can bring reality checks in about what we are sweeping under the carpet, ignoring or denying. Having serious talks with ourselves or others may occur today. This astrology is best used when we choose to GET REAL- with ourselves, with others and the world around us. From this place of reality we are empowered to make decisions and embrace change.

The Sun in Libra semisquares Venus in Leo at 4:58pm- creating tension between the Conscious Self and ego that is focused on beauty, balance and partnership and the Goddess of Love and Beauty that is focused on living from the Truth of her Heart. If commitments and relationships in your life are at odds with your Heart’s Truth- now is a time to get clear on that and make adjustments. There are things we do for others (Libra) and there are things we do for ourselves (Leo). If we overdo one at the expense of the other- we need to redress that balance now. If you find yourself in situations or relationships that ONLY WORK if you only focus on others OR only focus on yourself- that is a sign of a relationship that is unsustainable and either needs to be transformed or release. Honest self-reflection is key.

At 7:09pm Mars in Libra quincunxes Retrograde Neptune in Pisces- creating tension and friction between the Will and Drive and the planet that dissolves the will and ego boundaries. Mars/Neptune can be great for spiritual service, creativity, imagination and artistic expression. Yet this is a tense aspect and the Will and directness of Mars gets confused by Neptune- which can lead to lies, deceit, illusion, confusion and a desire to escape via substances or omissions of Truth. Seeing what we don’t want to see within ourselves and others is a lesson right now. Today Mars triggers the recent Neptune/South Node quincunx (that was exact on 9/22 for Mean Nodes, 8/15 for True). Connect the dots between then and now and see where the veil of illusion is falling (or being ripped from your eyes). The best thing you can do is be willing to SEE and be willing to ACT on what you see right now.


Friday October 6th-
At 8:49am Venus in Leo quincunxes Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn- creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Lord of the Underworld. Venus/Pluto can bring up deep and intense things in relationships and finances right now. Passion and potency- but also jealousy, possessiveness, shadow, power/control dynamics and more. If we are addicted to the Leo Light- the dark shadows arising can be revealing right now. We can positively use this astrology for inner work and transformation. Dive down deep!

Juno in Leo trines the Mean North Node in Aries and sextiles the South Node in Libra at 6:57pm – linking the asteroid Goddess of Partnership and Marriage with the Nodes of Destiny and Karma. Juno is shining a Light on relationships and the karmic patterns that need to be released, as well as the new paths forward that we are being called towards. Luckily Juno harmoniously links with both Nodes- so we are supported in seeing the past, seeing the future and finding clarity about what needs to be done IN THE MOMENT to resolve karma, complete things and move on. Pay attention to where you are being guided to grow and evolve today!


Saturday October 7th-
At 5:04am the Sun in Libra quincunxes Retrograde Jupiter in Taurus- creating tension between the Conscious Self and ego and the planet of expansion and excess. Sun/Jupiter can be fun loving but also can overdo things in a way that is not balanced or healthy. Watch out for overspending, overeating, overindulging, over partying and more. With both bodies in Venus-ruled signs this tendency to overdo can play out in relationships and finances. Balance is key!

Retrograde Neptune in Pisces quincunxes Juno in Leo at 1:42pm- bringing tension and friction between the planet of idealism, romance, delusion and denial and the asteroid Goddess of partnership, marriage, commitment and contractual arrangement. Neptune/Juno in harmonious aspect can be quite lovely for romance or financial situations- but because this is a tense aspect we want to be aware of the shadow dynamics these two can trigger when involved with each other. Neptune in Pisces wears rose colored glasses and tends to see what he wants to see. In Love and money situations this can backfire (for obvious reasons). Juno in Leo is focused on partnership but because she is in the sign of Leo she is also focused on self-gratification, being special and being adored. One of the shadow sides of Neptune/Juno can play out in relationships as one person being the codependent and the other being the narcissist. These two types of people are often drawn to each other (if you want to know more about this read Melody Beatties’ books like ‘Codependent no more’). It’s lovely to see the good in everything and everyone but this has to be balanced with seeing the shadow and the shit. Pisces is great at seeing to the heart of everyone and seeing their inner beauty and POTENTIAL. Yet the learning for Pisces can be around seeing where people/situations are at TODAY- not where they could be in 10 more years or 10 more lifetimes. The decision to stick around needs to be based on the here and now- not on some potential that may or may not be realized in the future. Our relationship growth and evolution will come when we are willing to stay in our hearts, stay loving and compassionate but also stay discerning with rose colored glasses off- so that we are addressing all Love, money or business situations from this eyes wide open place. What does it mean to Live from the Truth of your Heart? When we are coming from radical self-Love and self-esteem- what decisions would we make in relationships and partnerships? Tuning in at this level is key right now.


Sunday October 8th-
At 9:04pm Mars in Libra squares Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn- creating tension and friction between the Will, Warrior and Drive and the Lord of the Underworld. Mars is the lower will and Pluto is the Higher Will and when these two engage we are challenged to rise up and come from a Higher perspective in all the actions we take. Yet the square can shine a Light on where we are personally or collectively coming from an ego centric place that is focused on having power and control over others OR where we are being so passive and not taking action we are allowing others to walk all over us. Watch out for intensity, extremism and lower egoic desires (or lack of healthy ego boundaries) taking over and running us amok. The best use of this energy is in channeling it into personal transformation- which requires that we use a healthy ego in service of the Higher Self. Because Mars is in Libra- relationships can undergo transformation and intensity today. Because Pluto is in Capricorn we are likely to see manifestations of this energy play out on the world stage, with authority figures, government and big business. Keep in mind Mars squares a standstill Pluto who is about to station direct on 10/10. This MAGNIFIES their energy together during this window of time. Use the energy wisely!

Venus moves out of Leo and into Virgo at 9:11pm- shifting the Goddess of Love and Beauty from fire to earth, yang to yin, in the spotlight to behind the scenes. Venus in Virgo is focused on service, health, healing and practicality. She loves to help others but can at times overdo that- so knowing when to help and when people are not ready to help themselves is key. Both finances and relationships benefit from being grounded, realistic and sensible. Just watch out for being overly perfectionistic, critical and judgmental of self and others under this transit. Virgo is the sign of the Divine Feminine- and as Venus ingresses into Virgo she aligns with the fixed star Regulus. Major activation of the return of the Divine Feminine and the rebalancing of the scales of masculine/feminine (ultimately it’s about Union of both, not about one overpowering the other) is happening right now!!!


Have a blessed week!


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