Wednesday July 8th 2020

weekly forecast- week of 1/13-1/19/20

***all times are PST***

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monday january 13th-
at 1:20am saturn cojoins ceres at 22’51 capricorn, aligning the Great Father figure with the Great Mother figure in powerful and significant ways. on an inner level this aspect is about grounding down and getting more masterful and responsible when it comes to self-care, self-nurturing and integrating the archetypal Father and Mother in order to experience wholeness. on the outer level this aspect brings focus to home/family situations or in regards to our needs for safety, security and intimate connection. saturn can bring Light to what is NOT there and NOT right, but he can also show us where we need better foundations and where pruning away the past is in our best interests for future growth. ceres is a huge part of the coming 33 saturn/pluto cycle so the spotlight is on the environment, mothers and children (also families), our precious natural resources (food/water/air/earth), and what it means to align WITH Mother Earth rather than against her. step up to be a voice for our Mother!

the sun cojoins pluto at 22’48 capricorn at 5:20am, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Lord of Transformation, Death and Rebirth. the sun is trigger the saturn/pluto conjunction that was exact yesterday!!! sun/pluto can be about transformation and evolution but it can also be super intense and can unearth power/control dynamics and force us to face hidden shadows within. pay attention today as the sun triggers the saturn/pluto conjunction and the approaching saturn/eris and pluto/eris squares (exact 1/16 and 1/26 respectively). what is being revealed right now is key to not just the coming year and decade but to the coming 33 year saturn/pluto cycle we have entered- personally and collectively. use pluto’s energy to dive deep and do the work to transform and use eris’ energy to face the shadow and embrace change.

at 7:16am the sun cojoins saturn at 22’53 capricorn, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Lord of karma and Father of Time. sun/saturn is serious, focused, disciplined and driven. these two combined can also be heavy, depressing, limiting and restricting. the key is to learn to work creatively within limitations and learn to see discipline and hard work as freeing and fun. this is a GET REAL transit (that was super strong yesterday with saturn conjunct pluto) so now is the time to see clearly, get discerning with rose colored glasses off. when we can see WHAT IS we are empowered to work with it and then create what is possible!

the sun cojoins ceres at 23’00 capricorn at 9:58am, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. ceres is a huge theme right now so pay attention to what is going on with Mother Earth, the environment, families and mothers/children, and your own experience of safety and security in the world.

venus moves out of aquarius and into pisces at 10:39am, shifting the Goddess of Love and beauty from air to water, mind to emotions, detachment to deeply empathetic. venus is exalted in pisces- it’s one of her favorite signs to transit! when we have the lower heart (venus) in the sign of the Higher Heart (pisces)- we have HUGE capacity for Unconditional Love, empathy, sensitivity and even Divine Love. venus in pisces is romantic, idealistic, loving and mystical! just watch out for the shadow of venus in pisces: codependency, lack of boundaries, putting people on pedestals (which they will eventually fall off of) and seeing what you want to see rather than seeing reality on it’s own terms.

the sun in capricorn squares eris in aries at 3:10pm, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! we are heading into HUGE triggers of eris- but the sun mercury and ceres- but also saturn and pluto in a few days and towards the end of the month. much is getting exposed and revealed! stay open to seeing the Truth!!!

at 11:14pm ceres in capricorn squares eris in aries, creating tension between the Great Mother asteroid Goddess and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. big shadows are being revealed right now. keep your eyes wide open as the shadows without mirror the shadows within. willingness to face our own shadow is one of the ways to personally contribute to the healing that needs to happen right now.

tuesday january 14th –
at 5:02am mars in sagittarius quincunxes the mean north node cancer, creating tension between the Will, Warrior and Drive and the node of destiny and evolution. if we are being too fiery, selfish, aggressive and combative we can find ourselves shown where we may need to make a shift. the north node’s evolutionary path requires emotional intimacy, honoring of feelings, being caring and nurturing. balancing fire with water, masculine with feminine is key!

at 4:48pm mars in sagittarius semisquares pluto in capricorn, creating tension between the lower will and Higher Will. this is the beginning of mars’ minor trigger of the saturn/pluto/ceres conjunction (lasting today through friday). mars in sadge is fiery, adventurous and courageous but he can also be full of hubris, self righteousness and dogma. classes over power and control and who is right and who is wrong is possible. navigate with care!

wednesday january 15th-
venus in pisces semisextiles chiron in aries at 12:52am, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Wounded Healer planetoid. today venus in the sign of her exaltation harmoniously links with both uranus and chiron- activating the uranus/chiron semisextile. opportunities for healing, heart opening, heart awakening, spiritual expansion and mystical experience are present. venus in pisces is altruistic, compassionate and can experience Oneness with the All. tap into the healing heart energy available today :)

at 1:17am mars in sagittarius semsiquares saturn in capricorn, bringing tension between the two malefic planets. mars/saturn can exacerbate frustration, irritation, depression and resistance. mars wants to GO NOW in fiery sadge but saturn in capricorn puts the brakes on! right use of will and drive is key. watch out for repressed anger or reactivity- both can get you into trouble.

at 5:51am mars in sagittarius sesquiquadrates eris in aries, creating tension between the God of War and the Goddess of War. mars/eris can be fiery, combative, aggressive and over the top. balancing activism with awareness of others and finding common ground is important. tempers can be high right now! navigate with consciousness! (luckily venus in pisces to balance things out a bit)

at 3:18pm venus in pisces sextiles uranus in taurus, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener! venus is in the sign of the Higher Heart and is full of compassion, romance, intuition and mysticism! her link with uranus brings new, evolutionary energy into relationships, finances, our values and embodiment. this is a time to open up to the new!

thursday january 16th –
at 3:36am saturn in capricorn squares eris in aries, making the first huge outer planet trigger of eris this year (the 2nd will be pluto in 10 days). saturn squares eris ALL YEAR LONG and pluto does so all year and all year in 2021. eris is the Solar Feminine and activist Goddess. she is archetypally represented by joan of arc, wonder woman, the me too movement and more. she is the voice of righteous anger and sacred rage that is coming through the feminine (in both men and women) regarding how we treat our precious Mother Earth and all her children (human and non-human). this is the year of awakening of women leaders- taking those who are dedicated to their inner and outer work to the next level. saturn in capricorn can be the forces trying to stop this uprising- both within and without. ferret out any last residues of the patriarchal consciousness that you have internalized. there is a new dawn coming and we need to take a stand for Truth! we dove very deep into eris and her HUGE part in the Astrology of 2020 in the 6+ hours of webinar i co-hosted. for more info and to get access to these recordings click here-

mercury moves out of capricorn and into aquarius at 10:31am, shifting the mind and intellect from earth to air, yin to yang, traditional to futuristic. mercury in aquarius thinks outside of the box and is visionary in perspective. communicating and embracing new ideas and staying open minded is supported now! explore technology, spirituality and Higher Wisdom in the coming weeks! just watch out for being too intellectual and detached from emotions which is the shadow of both mercury and aquarius.

friday january 17th-
at 1:41am mars in sagittarius semisquares ceres in capricorn, creating tension between the God of War and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. mars/ceres can bring up issues in home/family situations, where we live and reside, or with parents or children. ceres also puts the spotlight on Mother Earth, the environment and our precious natural resources. this is a HUGE focus as we just had a new 33 year saturn/pluto cycle seeded on january 12th and they were both conjunct ceres. pay attention to the themes related to ceres that are up right now- personally and globally. the issues highlighted are not going anywhere soon and need our presence.

mercury in aquarius semisquares neptune in pisces at 10:05am, creating tension between the linear logical mind and the intuitive, otherworldly planet. this can be great for intuition and imagination but the tense nature of the aspect can make for spiritual bypassing, escapism, delusion, deception and generally not wanting to see or deal with reality. balance mind with heart, thoughts with feelings for best results.

at 3:08pm mercury in aquarius sextiles chiron in aires, aligning the mind and intellect with the Wounded Healer. this is a great day to have healing conversations- sharing our thoughts and feelings honestly and openly. mercury in aquarius is visionary and outside of the box- so there is potential for healing ideas that are expansive and amazing if we implement them.

saturday canary 18th-
at 12:32am mercury in aquarius squares uranus in taurus, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Rebel and Revolutionary! mercury is the lower mind and uranus is the Higher Mind- so we can have some huge realizations and revelations going on today! because of the tense nature of the square we can also have some unexpected and sudden insights or revelations so we need to stay open to seeing the Truth, speaking the Truth and being willing to change our rigid ideas!

pallas athena moves out of sagittarius and into capricorn at 2:31am, shifting the political Wisdom and Warrior Goddess from fire to earth, expansion to contraction. pallas is now joining the capricorn confluence- a TON of planets all piled up in this sign and governed by saturn who is in rulership in his sign of capricorn. pallas wants us to get more strategic, disciplined and focused. she will be heading into engage with the saturn/pluto conjunction soon (i talked about this in the 6+ hours webinar on the Astrology of 2020 i co-hosted- for more info click here- ) just watch out for where you are over focused on doing what has always been done. pallas was born of her father’s head and shadow pallas can be seen as being a daughter of the patriarchy.

sunday january 19th-
mars in sagittarius semisextiles jupiter in capricorn at 4:46am, aligning the Will and Drive with the planet of expansion and abundance! mars/jupiter is great for taking risks, being confident and going for it! mars is in jupiter’s sign and jupiter is mars’ sign of exaltation. these two can work well together if they can find balance between growth and pruning, expansion and contraction, being in the moment and being disciplined.

at 10:18am venus in pisces trines the mean north node in cancer, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the north node of destiny and evolution. pay attention to positive things unfolding in relationships, finances, self worth and self Love. venus is exalted in pisces- and her highest expression is Unconditional Love, compassion and altruism. with the north node also in watery cancer- our growth and evolution is tied up with emotional intimacy, honoring the feminine and coming from the depths of Love (inner Love and outer Love).

have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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