Sunday July 25th 2021

***all times are PDT***

monday march 29th-
the sun cojoins chiron at 8’51 aries at 1:09am, linking the conscious self and ego with the Wounded Healer. illumination is brought to our biggest wounds and pain- but the path to healing is also being illuminated. how are you with asserting yourself, expressing anger and taking a stand? do you overdo it in aggressive, selfish ways or do you underdo it in passive, codependent ways? pay attention to what arises today and use it as a hint about where your healing journey wants to take you next.

at 1:33am the sun in aries semisextiles uranus in taurus, linking the conscious self and ego with the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener. the sun triggers the uranus/chiron semisextile today (with exact uranus/chiron on wednesday) so the spotlight is on becoming aware of wounds and pain that block us and then doing the work to face, heal and integrate what is in the Unconscious. sun/uranus can bring revelations and insights via dreams and intuition so pay attention!

at 6:53am ceres in aries sextiles the mean north node in gemini, linking the Great Mother asteroid Goddess with the node of destiny and evolution. pay attention to destined things happening in home/family situations, with mothers, children, the Inner Child or Inner Mother and more. communication, information and insights arising can be significant in terms of your growth and evolution.

mercury conjoins neptune at 21’20 pisces at 8:24pm- linking the linear logical mind with the intuitive, imaginative planet. the energy right now can be deeply psychic, mystical, imaginative, intuitive and creative. this is a great time study the occult and the mysteries and open up to hearing messages from Source! yet the shadow of this aspect is that it can be really hard to discern fact from fantasy and Truth from illusion. it’s easy to deceive ourselves, deceive others and believe our own lies! be discerning and be willing to question what is on the surface right now. don’t just pay attention to words- pay attention to actions of others and feelings in your body. be willing to pull back the veil and see yourself, others and the world around you more clearly. do this within yourself, in your life and relationships but also in regards to the media, in politics, in the spiritual community and more. eyes/mind/heart wide open!


tuesday march 30th-
at 8:47am venus in aries sextiles saturn in aquarius, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. venus/saturn is great for getting serious, committed, focused and disciplined. venus in aries is usually in the moment- she wants what she wants and she wants it NOW. but saturn brings in a slow break and capacity to take one step in front of the other leading to the end goal. use Saturn’s long range vision to get clear on what to do in the now.

mercury in pisces semisextiles jupiter in aquarius at 8:54pm, linking the mind and intellect with the planet of expansion, abundance and opportunity. this is a great aspect for communication, learning, mind expansion and opening to new ideas and visions! with both bodies in the last two most transpersonal signs- we have a lot of inspiration and cosmic downloads incoming if we have the eyes to see and ears to hear!


wednesday march 31st-
at 9:34am mercury in pisces semisextiles eris in aries, linking the mind and intellect with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. luckily this is a harmonious aspect and it supports us using eris’ medicine of shining a Light on the shadow. mercury in pisces is deeply intuitive and even psychic- while eris in aries is ready to take action based on what she sees/knows. pay attention to dreams, insights, information and communication today- they can be revealing!

att 10:05am mercury in pisces semisquares uranus in taurus, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Higher Mind and Revolutionary. mercury/uranus is great for opening the mind and seeing Greater Truth but the minor tense aspect with mercury in idealistic (but also at times delusional) pisces can require that we question where we are checked out, escaping, spiritual bypassing, believing in lies/illusions/untruths or propagating those lies/untruths ourselves! when the veil of illusion gets removed everyone is shocked- so don’t think you can see it all and know it all right now. that way of thinking will block you from seeing the Full Truth.

uranus in taurus semisextitles chiron in aries at 10:58am, harmoniously aligning the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener with the Wounded Healer planetoid. these two have been in semisextile aspect since the start of 2009 and will finish up their transit this year of 2021 (this is 2nd to the last- the last is in may). this is a long term transit that really spans a whole generation (any babies born between 2009-2021 have this signature in their charts). uranus brings things to Light and helps us make radical shifts and changes and when he is in contact with the Wounded Healer we have huge potential for seeing our own wounds and doing deep healing work that helps us to dramatically release the past and the hold it has on us. this is the 6th time we have uranus in taurus and chiron in aries (the first was july 2018)- so we have a shift in what is being brought to awareness. during this 12 year transit uranus has moved through pisces, aries and is now in taurus- while chiron moved through aquarius, pisces and is now in aries. with chiron in aries we have him helping us heal our relationship to the masculine within and without. coming into right relationship with our anger, will, drive, rage, sexual energy and aggression is key right now. with uranus in taurus we have a revolution of embodiment- an opportunity to WAKE UP IN THE BODY but also bringing up all the ways in which we try to escape the body and earthly existence.e this astrology provides us with the impetus and potential to bring to Light that which we could not see or face in the past. cathartic healing is possible right now- be sure to embrace it and work with the energies present right now! (because both of these bodies are slow moving planets this transit lasts 12 years- but the degrees and signs they activate during each exact aspect change. in 2009 uranus was at 20’22 pisces and chiron was at 20’22 aquarius. in 2021 uranus will be at 10’50 taurus and chiron will be at 10’50 aries. so both bodies transit over 50 degrees respectively over this 12 year cycle- helping to awaken and heal parts of our individual and collective experience that is ready for shift).

2:04pm the sun in aries sextiles saturn in aquarius, linking the Conscious Self and ego with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. sun/saturn is great for taking action with long term impact in mind. aries prefers to be in the moment but saturn has long range vision. saturn gives us the wherewithal to stick with things, see them through and delay gratification for something better and more solid down the line. use saturn’s wisdom when taking action today!


thursday april 1st-
at 2:27pm venus in aries sextiles the mean north node in gemini, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the node of destiny and evolution. destiny is at hand in relationships, finances, self worth and self love. important conversations, communications and information coming in, as well as connections made can be important right now!

mercury in pisces semisquare saturn in aquarius at 8:28pm, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. communicating and thinking can be serious, focused and deep but also perhaps restricted and heavy. we are being asked to take the rose colored glasses off so we are seeing things clearly- not idealistically or delusionally. wake up calls are present!

at 11:04pm mercury in pisces sextiles pluto in capricorn, linking the mind and intellect with the Lord of the Underworld. this is great for deep thinking, therapy, research and investigation. mercury as psychopomp has access to the Underworld and is able to go down there and retrieve insights and bring them back up for conscious reflection and integration. communication can be deep and insightful today!


friday april 2nd-
there are no major aspects today <3


saturday april 3rd-
at 5:14am the sun in aries sexitles the mean north node in gemini 13’57, making the last contact with the node of desinty this week (ceres and venus were earlier this week). pay attention to expansion and openings when it comes to your growth and destiny. actions taken his week to move forward on your journey are supported!!!

venus cojoins ceres at 16’14 aries at 8:57am, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. with the Lover archetype and the Mother archetype in Union we have support in merging these two energies within ourselves. venus is about pleasure and enjoyment while ceres is about nurturing and caretaking and responsibilities for others. finding balance so we take time to enjoy life and still meet our responsibilities is key. with both in aries we can take action in our lives to find this sacred balance within and without. this is beautiful heart opening energy as well- and in aries we can channel that into compassionate action!

at 8:41pm mercury moves out of pisces and into aries, shifting the mind and intellect from the last sign of the zodiac to the first sign of the zodiac- from the omega to the alpha. mercury in aries is fiery, direct, action oriented and ready to speak his Truth! he can also be overly self focused in communication, angry, aggressive and combative. finding ways to speak and express that are balance is recommended :)

jupiter in aquarius sextiles juno in sagittarius at 10:37pm, linking the planet of expansion and abundance with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. in greek mythology jupiter and juno are husband and wife- so this highlights relationships, partnerships and more. this is a harmonious aspect so here is growth on offer particularly when we honor each other’s needs for independence and space (both aquarius and sagittarius are uber independent). juno in sagittarius can also be about our commitment to Truth. opportunities to align, re-align or expand your journey around realizing and living aligned with Truth is incoming!


sunday april 4th-
at 5:56pm jupiter in aquarius sextiles eris in aries for the first of 3 times- linking the planet of expansion and abundance with the activist and warrior Goddess. this is an amazing aspect unfolding all year long- and it is waking up the rebels, revolutionaries, activists and those who are ready to take a stand for life, liberty, collective care and humanity. find your tribe with jupiter in aquarius and tap your sacred fire to take conscious action with eris. eris is an amazing body to tune into now- as we are heading into some powerful eris energy in the coming weeks. tot learn more about eris check out my 2 hour masterclass about her that includes a guided meditation A Journey to Eris <3 more info here-


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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