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by | Sep 23, 2012 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***all times are PDT***

monday september 24th-
the day starts off with mercury in libra semisquare to the north node in scorpio, exact at 3:46am. mercury in libra desires peaceful, harmonious and at times placating communication- but the north node in scorpio knows that the shadow cannot be avoided. deep intense journeys within require that we go beyond the surface. with saturn soon to move into scorpio and the north node there now we have a lot of opportunities for scorpio lessons and scorpio growth headed our way! finding ways to speak and see the Truth as it is- not as we prefer it to be- can be key today.

then at 9:25am the sun in libra sextiles juno in sagittarius, harmoniously aligning the conscious self and ego with the asteroid goddess of partnership and marriage. the sun is in the sign of relationship and with the asteroid of relationship featured we can see that partnerships, commitments and contractual arrangements with others are a focus today!

at 4:22pm pluto in capricorn parallels the north node in scorpio, aligning the lord of the underworld with the evolutionary north node of destiny and growth! pluto rules the north node as the north node is in pluto’s sign of scorpio. with these two teaming up profound opportunities for growth, transformation and evolution are possible now! yet with pluto and scorpio involved it will include the death of something first. seeing what needs to die and midwifing the process is recommended- as the change is going to happen whether or not you are on board with it. may as well participate, no? ;)

the day ends with mars in scorpio sesquiquadrate retrograde uranus in aries, exact at 11:43pm. between tonight and tomorrow morning mars will trigger the uranus/pluto square- an energy that features in the full moon chart (full moon is on saturday the 29th- for more info check the lunar insight posted on my website). with the will, drive and warrior energy activating the breakdown/breakthrough aspect that is uranus/pluto we can except some high energy, vitality and initiative but it is also possible to experience anger, destruction, conflict and aggression (our own or others). mars rules uranus in aries- so his impulsive, reckless and combative energy is HIGH! learning how to work with our anger and assertive nature is key- if misused it can backfire on us.
tuesday september 25th-
the day starts off with a bang as mars in scorpio semisquares pluto in capricorn at 8:34am. late last night mars tensely aspected uranus and this morning he tensely aspects pluto- triggering the uranus/pluto square overnight and perhaps making for some interesting dreams? mars rules uranus in aries and is ruled by pluto in capricorn- so we have an interesting dance playing out between the lower will (mars), the rebel and revolutionary (uranus) and the Higher will/lord of the underworld (pluto)! deep subconscious stuff around anger, assertiveness, aggression and initiative can arise today! if we fear taking a stand/speaking up- all our stuff can come up around that fear right now. if we are too firey and aggressive- then our fire can feel like it is exacerbated and biting our tongue can feel difficult. either way deep stuff is up today (and last night). ultimately we are being asked to evolve our relationship with mars- with the masculine, with our will and drive, with our anger, and with our warrior energy. pay attention to how you deal with/misuse/avoid dealing with power and control right now. and pay attention to how others are dealing with it/misusing/avoiding it as well. insights that arise can be VERY telling.

at 6:53pm venus in leo sesquiquadrates retrograde uranus in aries, bringing tension between the goddess of Love and beauty and the rebel and revolutionary agent of change. venus/uranus aspects can be liberating, fun-loving and exciting- but they can also be very destabilizing when it comes to relationships and finances. venus in leo wants to be special and seen- while uranus in aries wants change and action. they both are in fire signs but this is a tense aspect- so seeing where the ego may be getting in the way our evolution is key.

the last astrological shift of the day occurs at 11:54pm when ceres moves into cancer, shifting the asteroid goddess of mothering and nurturing out of airy gemini and into watery cancer. cancer is the sign of the mother- so ceres in this placement is going to be very comfortable and cozy. ceres in cancer is a time of focusing on home, family, nurturing, safety, security and inner realities. yet ceres will activate the uranus/pluto square over the coming weeks- so despite her desire for comfort and coziness- she is going to get some changes and surprises headed her way! family/home dynamics are heading for some breakdowns and/or breakthroughs!
wednesday september 26th-
the morning starts off with venus in leo sesquiquadrate pluto in capricorn, exact at 12:57am. yesterday venus tenseley aspected uranus and today she does so with pluto. mars did the same thing on monday and tuesday- so we have the Divine Lovers aspecting the uranus/pluto square bringing radical change, revolution and evolution into our interpersonal relationships! with venus/pluto today we have all the shadow and power/control dynamics in relationships and financial situations being brought up to be addressed. it’s intense out there but if we can see intensity as the alchemical fire of transformation we can make peace with the death process happening right now with those things we loved/valued in the past but no longer serves our growth today. with venus triggering uranus and pluto overnight it’s another morning to pay attention to dream material- so keep your dream journal handy.

not even an hour later, mercury in libra sesquiquadrates retrograde neptune in pisces at 1:38am- creating tension between the linear, logical mind and the intuitive, ethereal part of ourselves. mercury/neptune can be a great time for meditation, dreamtime, psychic openings and spiritual awareness. it can also be a time of feeling ungrounded, confused, deluded and/or deceived. seeing what we want to see rather than seeing/hearing reality can be a negative side effect of mercury/neptune- so be aware and see through the neptune fog!

the only other aspect today occurs at 7:09am when mercury in libra trines jupiter in gemini (both at 16’16 of libra and gemini). with the lower mind aligned with the planet of expansion, abundance and growth we have support for communication and sharing our Truth with others! with both bodies in air signs the communicative energy of today is positively wonderful! take time to speak AND listen.
thursday september 27th-
the day kicks off with venus in leo square mars in scorpio at 1:48am, creating tension and friction between the Divine Lovers. venus/mars aspects can be incredibly creative, romantic and exciting OR they can be conflictual, irritating and frustrating. both venus and mars triggered the uranus/pluto square the first 3 days of this week- so any shadow and/or instability in relationships that was activated earlier this week can be exacerbated today. positively, we can work to find a better balance between our inner and outer masculine and feminine. since this aspect occurs in the early morning hours pay attention to your dreams upon waking!

at 5:38am mercury in libra semisquares juno in sagittarius- bringing possibilities of tension in communication with partners and significant others. mercury is in the sign of relationship where he values communicating in peaceful, harmonious, compromising ways. but in tense aspect to the asteroid goddess of partnership and marriage who is in firey, independent sagittarius- we can find that peace and harmony is hard to come by in relationships right now! the best use of this energy is to get out into the open our needs and desires and figure out if we can get them met/meet those of others. finding balance between togetherness (libra) and separateness (sagittarius) is key.

the day ends with the sun in libra contraparallel to retrograde uranus in aries at 7:20am. with the sun energetically opposed to uranus we have sudden reversals, shifts and changes and a wild card energy infusing the day! on saturday the sun opposes uranus by degree and today they do so by declination- so between now and the full moon on saturday the sun/uranus energy dominates and makes a super aspect! with aries and libra highlighted we need to find a better balance between yang and yin, assertiveness and surrender, taking action and being at peace, speaking up and letting things go. wherever we over do it- the other energy is calling us to find a better balance. stay open to shifts, changes and rearranges of what you thought was going on in your life in the coming days!
friday september 28th-
the day starts off with mars in scorpio parallel the north node in scorpio at 7:14am, energetically aligning the will, warrior and drive with our path of growth and destiny. these two are heading into a conjunction by degree (exact next week) so we are in a period of massive evolution around the masculine energies in our lives. looking at how we deal with power, control, sexuality and money is key. scorpio rules those taboo topics of society that some are completely disconnected from/afraid of and others are overblown by/obsesssed with. scorpio is a deep, transformative energy when used consciously- but it can be incredibly destructive/negative if used unconsciously. evolving our use of our power and connecting to our Higher Power is where it’s at!

at 10:39am the sun in libra quincunxes retrograde chiron in pisces, bringing tension between the ego self and the wounded healer. this can bring up all our old wounds and pain around being seen, rejected, loved and worthy. with both bodies in signs that tend to focus more on others and their needs- we can have stuff come up today around boundaries, co-dependency and martyr-behavior. tuning into where our wounds are and dealing with them rather than avoiding them is key.

the day ends with mars in scorpio parallel to pluto in capricorn at 11:02pm, energetically aligning the lower will with the Higher Will in powerful ways! with mars in pluto’s sign aligning with both pluto and the north node in scorpio the opportunities for evolution, transformation and change are potent right now! if our mars and pluto energy is not connected in healthy ways we will not be working to transform or empower others- we will be working to have our own needs met in ways that manipulate and take advantage of others OR we will be giving away our power and control to others in ignorant, destructive ways. to align mars, pluto and the north node means to take control of our destiny and come centered into our Self and our Higher Power. this is possible now but it will take work and it will require letting go of the past- particularly those things that we have deep attachments to and resist letting go of- yet they hold us back. what/who/where in your life are you doing this?
saturday september 29th-
the most dynamic day of a very dynamic week kicks off with the sun in libra opposite retrograde uranus in aries, exact at 12:15am. on thursday the sun aspected uranus by declination and this morning it does so by degree- making for a super aspect between these two that lasted the last few days. sudden change, revolution, rebellion and shifts of massive proportions are the order of the day! the sun AND moon trigger the uranus/pluto square today- making it a red letter day for breakdowns that precede breakthroughs. today can be liberating and freeing OR it can be destructive and unstable. it’s up to us- and it is up to how much work we have been doing to initiate the changes in our lives that must be made now. there is no escaping the change- you either become an agent of it or you become a victim of it. the sun and moon activation of the uranus/pluto square today can help you see where you are it with those changes and what you need to do to get on board with them- OR be dragged by them. it’s up to you.

at 5:47am mercury in libra sesquiquadrates retrograde chiron in pisces, bringing tension between the mind and intellect and the wounded healer. on friday the sun tensely aspected chiron and today mercury does so- making the last few days chironic in energy. chiron activates our deepest wounds so that we can see where the healing needs to take place. his gifts are that of consciousness and awareness but they are earned by the work we do on ourselves and our willingness to go into the places that scare us. today communication with others- particularly in relationship- can bring up all of our own wounds. with libra and pisces highlighted stuff around codependence, denial of reality and martyr behavior in relationships needs to be addressed. if you find yourself playing out old dramas and staying stuck in old karmas- STOP and do something different. pay attention to your thought processes today- as well as to the words you hear and say. communication can be healing OR wounding today- but either way words carry weight!

at 10:55am the sun in libra squares pluto in capricorn, completing the sun’s activation of the uranus/pluto square that began just minutes after midnight this morning. with the conscious self and ego connecting with the planets of change and death/rebirth we have MASSIVE changes and transformation coming into our most personal spheres. watch your ego right now as it most certainly does not want to die or transform- yet the energies present right now will not let up. if you find yourself embroiled in intense situations- look to see what uranus/pluto is asking of you. if you find yourself feeling more free and liberated than you have in years- then pat yourself on the back: that means you are doing the work!

the last celestial occurrence of the day occurs at 8:19pm with the full moon in aries conjunct uranus and square pluto. this is a whooper of a full moon!!! if you have not read it check out the lunar insight i posted on this full moon a week before the lunation is exact. lunar insights are typically members-only content but i posted this on publicly for all to see since it is so potent and powerful. the full moon pits the sun/conscious self opposite the moon/Unconscious and brings up all that is not being looked at into the Light of awareness. this can be amazingly expansive and opening or it can be shocking and destabilizing. it all depends on how much you have been hiding from yourself and others. for more info on this lunation check the weekly horoscopes- read for sun AND rising sign.
sunday september 30th-
the dynamic week ends on a more demure note with mercury in libra parallel saturn in libra at 8:36am. right now we are being asked to discipline our minds and be more masterful in communication. with both bodies in libra relationships are featured. if we do not learn these saturn lessons now they will come back in greater force in 7 years time when saturn is in capricorn and is squaring the libra degree he traversed these last 2 1/2 years. pay attention to what is being said and heard right now. don’t gloss it over and see what you want to see- see what is really there and act/make decisions from that place. it’s time to grow up and get real in relationships.

at 8:44am retrograde neptune in pisces trines ceres in cancer, adding some softness, glamour and idealism into the intense, cathartic and transformative mix. positively we can find some beauty in our home and family life experiences. our needs for nurturing and caring for others can take on spiritual undertones- which can be great but we have to beware our tendency to get into codependence and act like martyrs. remember, ceres is going to activate the uranus/pluto square in the coming weeks! so any tendency to gloss over shadow and not deal with stuff in home and family dynamics is most certainly going to get unearthed/addressed in the next month. yet neptune can be a sweet balm to the soul- especially if you have really had a rough week this past week. enjoy the short reprieve ;)

the day and week ends with venus in leo square the north node in scorpio at 9:41am, bringing tension and friction between the goddess of Love, beauty and money and the north node of destiny and evolution. our attachments and needs for specialness, romance and beauty can pull us away from our Soul’s needs for growth and change. with the south node in venus’ sign we really need to be aware of where our materialism and superficiality pull us off the path. too much external focus is detrimental right now- we need to be looking beneath the surface and tuning into our Soul. in relationships and financial situations- if we are not looking at what is going on we can get a rude awakening. but if we are we can see the Light at the end of the tunnel, particularly if we are doing what needs to be done to rebirth ourselves at this time.

enjoy your week!

~divine harmony

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