Friday May 24th 2019

***all times are PDT***

monday september 24th-
the sun in libra quincunxes retrograde uranus in taurus at 12:09pm, creating tension between the conscious self and ego that wants peace and harmony and the rebel and revolutionary that wants change and upheaval! with both planets in venus-ruled signs relationships are in the midst of activation, shift, ending and/or rearranging. the more complacent we are and trying to keep things together that really should be falling apart- the more upheaval-ish this time will be! stay open to change and instead of bracing to have the boat rocked why don’t you initiate the rocking! where new energy needs to come in and old energy needs to go out- facilitate your own evolutionary process!!!

the full moon at 2’00 aries is exact at 7:52pm PDT, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in virgo on september 9th. this full moon is conjunct chiron the Wounded Healer and square saturn in capricorn- forming a pretty intense T-square with saturn and chiron- the two heavy hitters of the zodiac. they both point to our biggest karmic limitations, wounding and pain that hold us back. where our saturn and chiron are in our charts (by sign, house and aspect) are where our biggest evolutionary work lies!!! with the full moon in aries opposite the sun in libra there can be some big stuff up in relationships right now. the masculine/feminine balance (or imbalance as the case may be) is up to be addressed! if we stuff our anger, sweep things under the carpet and seek only to keep the peace at any cost- this full moon can magnify issues big time!!!! luckily the full moon links with mars and the north node- helping us to see the path ahead and helping us get clear on what actions need to be taken. for more info on this lunation check the lunar insight posted before the full moon is exact.

tuesday september 25th-
at 6:19am mercury in libra semisquares jupiter in scorpio, creating tension between the mind that wants balance, peace and harmony and jupiter in the sign of the Underworld that wants to confront and expose shadow. mercury/jupiter can be great for communication, learning, teaching and information receiving. yet if we are trying to keep the facade perfect and not acknowledging shadow- it can erupt from underneath right now! being open to seeing both Light and shadow is key.

at 1:24pm the sun in libra sextiles the north node in leo and trines the south node- linking the conscious self and ego with the nodes of destiny and karma. similar to the 23rd when mercury did this- we are in an important period of time where we are being shown clearly the karmic past and what we need to let go of and the path of growth and evolution and where we need to push past our growth edge. pay attention to where you are being asked to step and grow as well as where you are being shown what you have to let go of to get there!!!

the sun in libra squares saturn in capricorn at 4:50pm, creating tension and friction between the conscious self and ego and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. from the 23rd to the 25th both mercury and the sun square saturn- bringing some reality checks into the picture particularly in relationships. wherever we are being overly libra- people pleasing, staying on the surface, not being honest so as not to rock the boat, and trying to keep the peace at any cost- saturn can face us with some realities we don’t really want to face! the good news is saturn helps us to get real- as until we can see and own WHAT IS we are not fully capable of creating what can be. if you feel heavy, depressed or lethargic- know that this, too, shall pass. sit with what is arising and move with it and through it. don’t spiritually bypass!

at 5:11pm retrograde chiron backtracks into pisces for his last past through the last sign of the zodiac. next year chiron will move back into aries for good but he still has some territory to navigate in pisces. he is transiting the 29th degree of pisces to boot which is the last degree of the last sign of the entire zodiac. this is a very karmic degree and chiron transiting here is huge. it’s so important i wrote a whole article on it which you can find here- chiron in pisces is illuminating any wounds and pain we have around empathy, sensitivity, emotions, denial, delusion, avoidance of reality, playing the victim or the martyr, spiritual bypassing and turning to addictions to substances/people/things to numb out. this is a deeply sensitive transit that can bring up A LOT of old wounds, pain and emotions. it’s key we are working WITH these wounds, pain and emotions rather than simply seeking ways to avoid them. read the article linked above for a more in-depth talk about chiron at 29 pisces.

wednesday september 26th-
at 2;15pm mercury contraparallels neptune- echoing the mercury/neptune quincunx occuring on sunday. from now until then there is a confusion, illusion or deception in the air. our desire to see things as perfect or pretend they are prefect can cause us to bury our heads in the sand. this is not a time to spiritually bypass or wear rose colored glasses but is instead a time to face reality head on. making sure we are being honest and direct is key and make sure others are doing the same!

thursday september 27th-
saturn cojoins vesta at 2’53 capricorn at 1:20am, aligning the Lord of Karma and Father of Time with the priestess asteroid Goddess. saturn is about integrity, commitment and mastery and with vesta the asteroid of devotion, focus and integration we have a lot of potent energy to harness in terms of our purpose, calling and what we need to sublimate in terms of personal desires in order to fulfill our calling. of course saturn/vesta can also be so committed we don’t take time for pleasure and fun and we can also deny ourselves and self-sacrifice. this could be a time to really seeing what we have been devoted to and if it has lasting value. if not it’s time to let go!

mercury in libra semisextiles venus in scorpio at 6:48am, linking the mind and heart in harmonious ways. these are the two signs venus is about to retrograde through. pay attention to what you think, hear, say or otherwise receive via information right now as insight into your personal Underworld journey with venus can be forthcoming.

at 7:19am mercury cojoins ceres at 9’38 libra- aligning the mind and intellect with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. the recent full moon was conjunct chiron and opposite sun/ceres and today we have the exact mercury/ceres alignment. important things coming to Light around home, family, relationships with children, parents and/or in regards to our childhood can arise. pay attention!

at 4:34pm sun in libra trines mars in aquarius, aligning the two masculine yang planets in positive ways! with both bodies in air we have great energy to work with in communication, relationships and community connections. this is a time to take action and to move forward in life- particularly now that mars is direct and past his last square to uranus and conjunction to the karmic south node. pay attention to where you are being asked to initiate, take action and make things happen in your life and use the energy today to get to it!

friday september 28th-
at 12:58pm retrograde chiron who just backtracked into the 29th degree of pisces sextiles juno at the 29th degree of taurus, aligning the Wounded Healer planetoid with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. deep healing is possible right now in relationships, partnerships and on the inner levels in terms of our own inner masculine/feminine marriage. getting clear on what emotional wounding from the past needs to be addressed and dealt with in order to move forward with others or walking away from others to move on is key!

saturday september 29th-
juno moves out of taurus and into gemini at 4:43pm, shifting the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage from earth to air, body to mind, stability to movement. juno in gemini values communication and freedom in relationship. juno will be stationing retrograde in 2 weeks so she will be moving back and forth between taurus and gemini- between commitment and freedom, stability and spaciousness, loyalty and flirtation. making sure we are being honest in communication in relationships of all kinds (romantic, marriage, business and otherwise) is key.

at 8:10pm the sun in libra semisquares jupiter in scorpio, creating tension between the conscious self and ego that wants balance and peace and the planet of expansion and excess that wants to dig into the shadows. similar to mercury/jupiter on tuesday- today is a good day to go beyond the facade and get to the Truth. don’t spiritually bypass!

sunday september 30th-
at 3:22am mercury in libra quincunxes retrograde neptune in pisces, creating tension between the conscious mind and intellect and the planet of intuition, illusion and idealism. mercury/neptune can be great for creativity, imagination and intuition but the tense nature of the aspect can make it really easy for us to delude or deceive ourselves or others or generally just be out to lunch. watch out for over idealizing people or situations and seeing what you want to see! take time to meditate and reflect and make big decisions in a few days when the aspect has passed.

at 7:03pm pluto stations direct 18’45 capricorn, making the lord of the underworld the most powerful planet in the sky! all things plutonian are in focus right now: the depths, intensity, the subconscious, the shadow, power, control, sexuality, debt and money. opportunities to truly see what lies beneath the surface of structures, order, obligations and dogma in our lives is possible right now! be aware that very deep rooted power/control dynamics can arise right now. stay aware of your own need for power and control and stay out of manipulation- yours or anyone else’s. this is a great day (and week) to dive deep, confront shadow, be ruthlessly honest with ourselves and bring to the Light of consciousness that which is hidden.

have a blessed week!

~divine harmony

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