Friday February 28th 2020

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monday september 2nd-
at 3:42am sun cojoins mars at 9’41 virgo, linking the conscious self and ego with conscious will and drive. these are the two yang masculine planets and in alignment they amplify the energy of direction, action and external focus. this can be great for taking action, setting things into motion and being decisive. in virgo the focus can be on work, health and well being. just watch out for the excessive energy of two yang planets in alignment- as this can also amplify anger, rage, aggression and frustration. having healthy outlets for these emotions is key (go for a hike or a run!).

at 9:26am venus in virgo squares jupiter in sagittarius, creating tension between the two Benefic planets that love to enjoy life and see the Brighter side of things. venus in virgo is detail oriented while jupiter in sadge is Big Picture oriented. if we have the two balanced we can see the details and the Big Picture- with awareness of the forest and the trees. but with these two at odds there can also be a push/pull energy between details, being critical, analytical and perfectionist- versus our need for freedom, space and not too much precision or perfection or it will make us feel trapped. watch out for reacting to this and overdoing things- overeating, overspending, overpartying- too much of a good thing can be TOO MUCH!

mercury in virgo sesquiquadrates retrograde eris in aries at 4:42pm, creating tension and friction between the detail oriented mind and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. life is not always in a neat little package and sometimes conversations/information comes up to throw us. the key here is staying open to seeing the Truth, seeing the shadow and dealing with what arises. if you are sitting on anger and rage and not giving it an outlet- it can come up and out!!! the same with others. navigate communication terrain with consciousness today.

retrograde uranus in taurus quincunxes ceres in sagittarius at 4:42pm, creating tension between the planet of upheaval and chaos and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. on monday 8/26 chiron trined ceres and today uranus quincunxes her- bringing into focus home/family situations, relationships with parents or children, safety/security issues and things regarding Mother Earth and the environment. separations happening now can bring up deep past pain from childhood or even past lifetimes. sudden unexpected shifts are possible- some can be positive and healing others can be not so fun. the key here is to stay open to change and to pursue the path that will nurture and nourish you- will leaving behind that which cannot or will not.

tuesday september 3rd-
retrograde chiron in aries quincunxes juno virgo at 4:24am, creating tension between the Wounded Healer planetoid and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. with both juno and ceres in aspect to uranus and chiron right now there are big things up in relationships, marriage and partnership (juno) as well as in family dynamics, relationships with children and parents (ceres). chiron is showing what is wounded and blocking healthy relationships. he may reveal what is wounded so we can do the work to heal it or he may reveal what is wounded so we can see clearly that which cannot heal and is not working- which requires that we let something go. being aware of what you are committed to and making sure whatever that is is healthy and supportive in your life is key right now.

at 8:40am mercury cojoins mars at 10’27 virgo, linking the mind and intellect with the will and drive. this can be great for directing our thoughts and words so that we are speaking up, expressing our Truth and taking conscious action based on what we think or perceive. yet mars can also inflame our minds and thinking and amplify or exacerbate arguments, aggression and conflict. navigate with care!

at 6:40pm the sun cojoins mercury at 11’15 virgo- completing the triple conjunction of sun, mercury and mars that has unfolded over the last 2 days. sun/mercury is great for communication, information and connection with others. aha moments or important insights/communications coming in can be revealing and insightful. yet mars is there too- adding fire and power and at times it could be over the top. watch out for arguments and aggression. use mars’ energy to motivate you to take conscious action and speak up and express yourself! use the virgo energy to be precise, detailed, discerning and health focused.

wednesday september 4th-
venus in virgo opposes retrograde neptune in pisces at 4:26am, creating an opposition between the lower and Higher Hearts. venus/neptune is uber romantic, creative, mystical, idealistic and dreamy. in tense aspect they can also be out to lunch, ungrounded, spiritual bypassing, fantasy based and not willing to see or deal with reality. this is the beginning of all the virgo planets opposing neptune which goes from today until the 13th. it’s important that we balance neptune’s compassion, forgiveness and surrender with virgo’s discernment, clarity, boundaries and commitment to being fully present to WHAT IS. don’t check out- check IN!

thursday september 5th-
at 5:37am mercury in virgo trines retrograde saturn in capricorn, aligning the mind and intellect with the planet of mastery, discipline and karma. all the virgo planets are in the midst of trining the whole capricorn confluence- supporting us in seeing and dealing with what is karmic, needs completion and/or transformation in our lives. mercury/saturn is a time to be disciplined, focused and in integrity in word and deed.

at 10:45am mercury in virgo sextiles the mean north node in cancer and trines the south node in capricorn- harmoniously linking the mind and intellect with the nodes of destiny and karma. mercury can bring insights and information to Light that help us see our past more clearly and our way forward with more discernment. pay attention!

retrograde pluto in capricorn sesquiquadrates juno in virgo at 5:42pm, creating tension between the Lord of the Underworld and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. this week both pluto and chiron make tense aspects to juno while uranus makes a harmonious aspect. pluto is revealing what is in the shadow in relationships in our lives, chiron is exposing the wounds and pain- while uranus is helping us to change OR liberate ourselves/release that which is not healthy. be willing to dig deep and see what is going on beneath the surface of things right now. don’t hold onto commitments and relationships out of fear of safety and security. hold onto that which is life affirming and helps you get further on your path.

friday september 6th-
at 12:11am mercury in virgo squares jupiter in sagittarius, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the planet of expansion and excess. mercury/jupiter is great for learning, teaching, traveling and opening the mind! but in tense aspect we can also be too much in our heads and have analysis paralysis- as well as talk too much and listen too little ;) this is NOT a time to be self-agrgandized and think we know it all! humility and openness to other viewpoints is a important.

retrograde saturn in capricorn sextiles mean black moon lilith in pisces at 6:21am, linking the Lord of Karma and Father of Time with the fierce Dark Feminine. typically saturn as symbol of the patriarchy is actually at odds with the Dark Feminine who is wild, chaotic, primal and powerful. yet this aspect is harmonious (thank Goddess) and actually supports us in masterfully wielding our power- as well as trusting our intuition and doing something practical and tangible with the mystical gifts that lilith brings through. remember saturn has been on the karmic south node- so we have been in a process since may of releasing karmic tendencies towards dogma, rigidity, repression and control. tapping into the wild and primal energies of lilith and the intuition and mystical gifts of pisces is the antidote here.

at 2:56pm the sun in virgo trines retrograde saturn in capricorn, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. sun/saturn is great for getting focused, disciplined, more masterful and committed to one’s inner and outer work. these two signs are the BEST SIGNS for getting shit done! they have integrity and a sense of perfectionism that when healthfully expressed helps them not only get it done but get it done right. tap into this energy today!

at 8:46pm venus in virgo trines retrograde pluto in capricorn, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Lord of the Underworld. transformation, evolution and empowerment are on tap right now when it comes to relationships, commitments, partnerships and finances. with both bodies in earth signs our attention to detail, to showing up to doing the work, and to our commitment to our path of self mastery will take us far! if you build it with integrity and humility IT WILL GROW (love, money, work and more).

retrograde uranus in taurus trines juno in virgo at 10:38pm, aligning the Rebel and Revolutionary with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. uranus is helping us see what we need to expand, grow, change and find freedom. he can bring in sudden and new energy into existing connections to help them grow, he could bring new people into our lives that are good for us, or he could show us clearly that which cannot support us and is not good for us- so we can get clear and let that shit go. pay attention and keep the baby but get rid of the bathwater (keep in mind sometimes the baby is someone/something but sometimes the baby is YOU)

the sun in virgo sextiles the mean north node in cancer and trines the south node in capricorn at 11:38pm, bringing the sun into harmonious alignment with the nodes of destiny and fate. this is a great day to pay attention to what arises in terms of the past and the future. what of the old is being brought to completion? what of the new is arising out of the old? have you released past baggage so you don’t create the same energies in the new cycle coming in? the past informs the present but it only dictates the future when we don’t face it, take ownership of it, learn the lessons and do the deep work to change. tune into what this means for you today.

(today/tonight a potent Sirius/north node conjunction approaches with exactness tomorrow morning- read for tomorrow morning to get a head’s upon on the frequency present tonight. USE IT WISELY!

saturday september 7th-
at 12:18am mercury in virgo opposes retrograde neptune in pisces, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the planet of mysticism, romance, illusion and delusion. we are in the midst of a lot of neptune oppositions- which is a time we all want to make sure we are willing and able to see/face the Truth. the virgo planets demand discernment- but neptune in pisces wants to see things through rose colored glasses (or sometimes beer goggles or with our head in the sand!). make sure you are being honest and above board today and ensure others are as well. nebulous communications and fear/fantasy based thinking need to be seen through.

retrograde chiron in aries quincunxes pallas scorpio at 4:38am, creating tension between the Wounded Healer and the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. last week uranus opposed her- today chiron quincunxes here. there are intense things playing out in the shadows- politically and otherwise. this is a time to see what lies beyond the veil. investigate, go to therapy, dive deep- ferret out the Truth within and without. watch out for unskillful expression or repression of anger and rage. healthy relationship to these emotions is key as they actually motivate us to take action. if we stuff them we go into apathy, depression or dis-ease. if we act out in them they create arguments, battles of will and violence. healthy anger is the guardian of our boundaries. do the work to relate to this part of yourself with consciousness.

venus in virgo sesquiquadrates retrograde uranus taurus at 7:09am, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener. uranus is in venus’ sign- waking up and shaking up our material lives, values and self Love. venus in virgo wants perfection, stability and practicality but uranus’ sudden energy can bring in the unexpected in freeing or chaotic ways. be open to change!

Sirius- the Spiritual Sun of our sun- cojions the mean north node at 14’20 cancer today at 9:46am- a VERY IMPORTANT ALIGNMENT that only happens once every 19 years. Sirius is sacred to many ancient cultures- called A’a in hawaiian, sopdet in ancient egyptian, and known by many other names by ALL sacred mystical cultures. this is the brightest fixed star in the heavens- visible from all over the planet (northern and southern hemisphere). it disappears for 70 days when it goes behind the sun- a time very important to the ancient egyptians- as the heliacal rise of the star (see my astrology blog titled ‘8-8 lion’s gate’ for more info) occurred at the time of the flooding of the nile. this was pre-aswan dam- the nile does not flood anymore- but it was an important time for crops, fertility and abundance. as the Spiritual Sun of our sun- Sirius is seen as a direct connection to Higher Consciousness. many ancient cultures have myths and stories of highly evolved beings coming for Sirius (on space ships) and coming to earth to bringing advanced knowledge, technology and spiritual teachings. the star itself radiates all colors of the rainbow but most often our naked eye sees it flashing blue, red and white- the colors of the masculine, the feminine and the Divine child produced between them. with Sirius aligning with the north node we have a once in 19 years cycle being seeded- with massive opportunities for downloads and High Frequency Light, Love and Wisdom coming through. i HIGHLY recommend you take time to retreat, meditate, be in nature, pay attention to you dreams and intuition at this time. there are 2 variations of the node- mean and true. the true node conjunction is exact 9/25- so all month long we have this massive influence present. USE IT WISELY!

to tune into Sirius listen to my guided meditation on the Higher Heart Chakra which can be found here –

sunday september 8th-
the sun in virgo squares jupiter in sagittarius at 8:26am, creating tension and friction between the conscious self and ego that wants to pay attention to the details and the planet of expansion and excess that wants to see the Bigger Picture. all the virgo planets are squaring jupiter- which can bring a tendency to excess and overdoing things. too much detail oriented and perfection can make us want to run away and break free- but in life there are limits and particular times in life require that we know how to deal with saids limits and still find our sense of freedom from within. if you are dealing with karmic situations in work, career, health or more- know that your willingness to do the work, stay focused, find creativity and fun amidst limits will be your super power right now!

the mean north node in cancer conjunct Sirius trines mean black moon lilith in pisces at 2:10pm, aligning the destined fated north node with the Spiritual Sun of our sun and the fierce Dark Feminine who is tapped in mystically and intuitively! both the north node and lilith are in water signs- the signs of the depths, the Unconscious and the shadows. they are supporting us in DIVING DEEP and honoring our feelings, emotions, needs and inner child. we have lilith heading towards conjunction with neptune end of the month- really opening up the veils and helping us see WAY beyond the 3d and physical realms. this is a great month to retreat, reflect, pay attention to your dreams, meditate and trust your intuition. it’s amazing what can come through this month with sirius on the north node and lilith and neptune involved!

at 8:09pm mercury in virgo trines retrograde pluto in capricorn, aligning the planet of communication and thinking with the planet of transformation and empowerment. mercury is one of the few deities in greek mythology who could move between the upper world and Underworld. in his role as psychopomp he was guide to the Souls. with this lovely mercury/pluto aspect we are supported in getting deep in our thinking and communicating. therapy, shadow work, research and investigation are all supported right now. with the signs of work and career in focus any new ideas or connections made right now can be very good for abundance and success!

mars in virgo trines retrograde saturn in capricorn at 9:14pm, aligning the will and drive with the Lord of Karma and Father of time. mars and saturn are the two malefics- seen as heavy and karmic in traditional astrology. they both have very positive sides- as mars helps us take conscious action, assert ourselves and hold to healthy boundaries and saturn helps us be disciplined, focused, masterful and ultimately successful when we stay the course. mars/saturn is amazing for taking slow, steady steps towards a particular goal. like the mountain goat that capricorn symbolizes- if we take it one step at a time we will make it to the top! in work or career situations and in health matters – taking the long term benefit focus (instead of short term reward) will be rewarded right now.

have a beautiful week…

~divine harmony

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