Weekly Astrology Forecast- Week of 9/18-8/24

by | Sep 18, 2023 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***All times are EDT***

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Monday September 18th-
At 9:03am Retrograde Saturn in Pisces quincunxes Pallas Athena in Libra, creating tension between the Lord of Karma and Father of Time and the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. Saturn/Pallas can exacerbate issues in relationships and with parent figures (like father). Too much peace keeping (Pallas in Libra) or wearing rose colored glasses (Pisces) can create issues today. At best we can use the disciplined energy of Saturn to get grounded and masterful as we navigate our relationships and work to find balance in partnerships in our lives.


Tuesday September 19th-
At 7:17am the Sun in Virgo opposes Retrograde Neptune in Pisces- creating tension between the Conscious Self and ego and the Planet that dissolves ego boundaries. Where Sun in Virgo is all about discernment and precision- Neptune in his home sign of Pisces is about diffusion and surrender. Sun/Neptune can be great for mystical experiences, creativity, compassion and idealism- but in tense aspect there can be a split between body and Spirit, mind and emotions, reality and dreams. Seeing where we are overdoing either at the expense of the other so we can rebalance right now is key. Straddling the fine line of Human (Virgo) and Divine (Pisces) is the sacred work today!

The Sun in Virgo quincunxes the Mean North Node in Aries (and semisextiles the North Node in Libra) at 9:19am, creating tension between the Conscious Self and ego and the Node of Destiny and Evolution. Today we can find ourselves confronted with our path of growth and what it is asking of us and the places we stay complacent and/or stuck in old paradigms that keep us stuck in the past. Pay attention to where you are being asked to TAKE ACTION NOW in true Aries Fashion. Do not sit on the sidelines twiddling your thumbs waiting for others to initiate or force your hand. Choose from a healthy place of agency for best results.

At 6:48pm Mars in Libra quincunxes Retrograde Jupiter in Taurus, creating tension between the Will and Drive and the Planet of expansion and excess. Both Mars and Jupiter are in Venus-ruled signs- so we want to be aware of where we are overdoing or overextending ourselves relationally, financially and/or physically. Typically Mars/Jupiter is excellent for having courage, feeling the fear and doing it anyway! Yet the shadow of Mars in Libra is indecision and the shadow of Jupiter in Taurus is overindulgence. Watch out for overdoing as a means to fill the void and avoid making definitive decisions today.


Wednesday September 20th-
My new course The Alchemy of the Asteroid Goddesses starts today at 2pm EDT! I hope you will join me (strong Ceres transit today is helping to open the Gateway!). You can register here- https://divineharmony.com/alchemyoftheasteroidgoddesses2023/

At 10:32am Retrograde Saturn in Pisces trines Ceres in Scorpio, aligning the Lord of Karma and Father of Time with the Great Mother Asteroid Goddess. The Father and Mother archetypes are harmoniously aligned in signs that support emotional intimacy and unconscious awareness. This can be great for therapy, shadow work and getting into childhood stuff from the past that needs healing. This excellent astrology for spending time with family and deepening connections with parents, children and extended family members.

Mercury in Virgo sesquiquadrates Retrograde Eris in Aries at 4:56pm- creating tension and friction between the detail oriented mind and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. Life is not always found in a neat little package and sometimes conversations/information comes up to throw us off our game. The key here is staying open to seeing the Truth, seeing the shadow and dealing with what arises. If you are sitting on anger and rage and not giving it an outlet- it can come up and out!!! This is trigger happy territory – so navigate communication terrain with extra consciousness today.


Thursday September 21st-
At 1:21am the Sun in Virgo trines Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn- aligning the Conscious Self and ego with the Lord of the Underworld & Planet of Transformation. This is a great transit for diving deep and getting to the root and Truth of matters. Both Virgo and Capricorn have discernment and integrity- and when we focus this clarified vision within we can see all manner of things right now! Wielding power with humility and commitment to Truth is supported today. With both bodies in earth signs we can use the purging and transformational energies in matters pertaining to health, work, right use of power and authority. Let go of the old so that the new can come in!

Retrograde Chiron in Aries trines Juno in Leo at 5:08pm- linking the Wounded Healer with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. Chiron/Juno can bring deep and profound healing in relationships, commitments and partnerships (romantic, business and financial). This can also be about healing our internal relationship between our own inner masculine and feminine. With Chiron and Juno in fires signs- our commitment to healing and expressing the full power of creativity, passion, authentic expression and agency in life is in focus.

At 6:03pm Retrograde Saturn in Pisces trines Vesta in Cancer, aligning the Lord of Karma and Father of Time with the Priestess asteroid Goddess. We are supported in getting disciplined and masterful when it comes to our focus and what we are devoted to in life. With both bodies in water signs our focus is honed in on the psyche, emotions, intuition and inner experience. This is amazing for diving deep via therapy and other healing modalities.


Friday September 22nd-
At 3:29am Mercury in Virgo sesquiquadrates the Mean North Node in Aries and semisquares the Mean South Node in Libra- creating tension between the Mind and Intellect and the Nodes of Destiny & Karma. Communication can be tense and information incoming can be shocking and revealing. Pay attention to your dreams overnight! Too much criticism and judgement can block you AND at the same time lack of discernment can throw you off your course! Balance is key <3

Mars in Libra sesquiquadrates Retrograde Saturn in Pisces at 11:23am- creating tension between the two Malefic planets. Mars in Libra is not the best placement as Mars wants to assert himself and take a stand- but in Libra he vacillates and has a hard time making up his mind. Mars/Saturn can feel heavy and depressing- like all the actions you attempt to take are in wet cement while walking up a mountain. At best this astrology helps us to set boundaries and deal with things in relationships- but the shadow is we may hold back from taking action we know we need to take.

At 5:39pm Retrograde Neptune in Pisces quincunxes the Mean South Node in Libra- creating tension between the Planet of Mysticism and Illusion and the Karmic South Node of the Past. Neptune/South Node is an interesting transit. The South Nodes is where we stay stuck at the expense of our own evolution and when in Libra we can stay stuck in keeping the peace at any cost and sweeping things under the carpet so as not to deal with the shadow. Neptune in Pisces will amplify this by wanting to check out, escape, delude or deceive ourselves or others. Combine these two and we realy need to be SUPER AWARE of where we do not want to see or deal with reality. The North Node is in Aries and this is all about taking action, having agency and taking a stand for Truth. Keeping the peace is a lovely quality but if we are putting on rose colored glasses so we don’t have to see the shadow- it’s not true peace, it’s delusion and escapsim. Honest self checkins on where this is happening for you personally and the world collectively is key today.

The True South Node alignment was 8/15. Ceres just triggered the Neptune/South Node quincunx on 9/7 and Mars will do so on 10/5. Pay attention to what is up for you on these dates- as this is a MAJOR astrological theme throughout this Lunar Cycle. I talked about this in my Lunar Gate Call which I posted as FREE ACCESS for all to tune into here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/free-lunar-gate-call-for-the-new-moon-in-virgo-9-14-23/


Saturday September 23rd-
At 2:49am The Sun at 29’59 Virgo sesquiquadrates Retrograde Jupiter at 14’59 Taurus- creating tension between the conscious self and ego at the Karmic Completion degree and the planet of expansion and excess as the Solar Beltane Degree. Today we have another big activation of the Aries Point (as the Sun crosses into the Equinox degree) and the Cross Quarter point of Beltane- which means pay attention to world events and the news as often triggers of these Solar Gateway degrees manifest as things happening on the world stage. On a personal level we are being energized (or forced) to deal with things in work, health, finances and daily life. We need to get more organized and efficient without becoming so embroiled in 3d reality that we miss seeing the signs for Spirit that are attempting to guide us! This occurs in the early morning hours so pay attention to your dreams upon waking for messages from the Unconscious.

The Sun moves out of Virgo and into Libra at 2:50am EDT- marking the Solar Gate of Mabon/Fall Equinox (or Ostara/Spring Equinox in the southern hemisphere). The coming month has a focus on balance, harmony, peace, connection and collaboration. In the coming weeks the sun in libra makes A LOT of tense aspects to Saturn in Pisces, Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, Chiron in Aries, Neptune in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn and Eris in Aries- all the Social and Outer/Transpersonal Planets. Some tender territory is incoming in relationships of all kinds. This is not a time to sweep things under the carpet or play the doormat. Seeing reality rather than fantasizing about some unrealized ideal or some long forgotten past is key in the coming weeks. Libra is a sign that can help wield the Sword of Truth. Seeing self and others from a balanced places helps us to see clearly and be decisive in the coming weeks. Fore more information on this Solar Gateway listen to my Solar Gate Call posted a few days before the Sun ingresses into Libra.

At 4:17am Venus in Leo trines Retrograde Chiron in Aries- aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Wounded Healer planetoid. Venus/Chiron is an aspect of the Heart Healer. Venus is the lower heart and when she links with the Wounded Healer there is deep potential for healing in relationship, in self-love and self-worth and in connection with our own inner feminine. With both bodies in Fire signs connecting to our passion, fire, creativity and self-expression is key! The healing around our masculine and feminine within is key to healthy, whole relationships without- and today we have support in furthering that healing journey within ourselves, in relationships in our lives and more. This is the 3rd and final Venus/Chiron trine due to Venus’ recent Retrograde journey. Think back to June 29th when the first of these occurred as well as August 14th when we had the 2nd. You can connect the dots to see the Greater Story Arc that has been unfolding.

Mercury in Virgo sesquiquadrates Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn at 7:16pm- bringing tension between the Mind and Intellect (who is in his Underworld phase) and the Lord of the Underworld. Mercury/Pluto can be great for penetrating communication and getting to the root and Truth of matters. It’s excellent for therapy, research and investigation. Yet the nature of the aspect is tense so this can also unearth power/control dynamics and make for intense communication. Steering clear of playing the victim or tyrant is key! Focus on seeing Truth and attending to reality for best results.


Sunday September 24th-
At 4:06am Mars in Libra opposes Retrograde Chiron in Aries- creating tension between the Will and Drive and the Wounded Healer who is in the sign of Mars. Mars/Chiron brings up old wounds and pain around how we assert ourselves, express anger and/or take action. If we are too people pleasing or not direct and honest so as to avoid conflict or people getting angry at us OR if we are too aggressive, combative and self-centered- the astrology right now is showing us what is out of balance. As Mars is an action oriented energy he brings fire and energy to initiate. This could be great in terms of helping us deal with what needs to be dealt with- but it can also stir the pot and exacerbate conflict, aggression and combative energy. Mars in Libra has a tendency to be passive aggressive- right relationship with emotions is key. What is coming up today is the Universe showing you where your healing journey wants you to go deeper- pay attention and follow the signs!

Today’s Mars’ transit is the start of some very BIG MARS TRANSITS incoming from today through 10/10. Mars will oppose Chiron and Eris, cojoin the South Node, quincunx Neptune and square Pluto as Pluto comes to standstill and stations Direct. HOLD ONTO YOUR HORSES! You can read more in the Monthly Forecast posted for Sepember and the October Forecast that will be up by 10/1. I also talked about this in the FREE Lunar Gate Call here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/free-lunar-gate-call-for-the-new-moon-in-virgo-9-14-23/

At 11:10pm The Sun in Libra quincunxes Retrograde Saturn in Pisces, creating tension between the Conscious Self and ego and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. Sun/Saturn can feel heavy and limiting. We see all that is not working and can feel down about it. With the Sun in Libra this can bring focus to relations and partnerships where we have to take the rose colored glasses off and see ourselves and others clearly. At best Sun/Saturn can teach us to have healthy boundaries and to see reality. If you feel heavy or low today- know that this, too, shall pass- and see what Saturn is trying to teach you and start getting on board with learning the lessons and the you will find the heavy energy will change to a more grounded sense of mastery and maturity.


Have a blessed week…

~Divine Harmony

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