weekly astrology forecast- week of 9/17-9/23

by | Sep 16, 2012 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***all times are PDT***

monday september 17th-
the week starts off with mercury in libra quincunx retrograde neptune in pisces at 7:24am, positively enhancing intuition, dream recall and psychic ability but on the shadow side our minds and intellects can feel nebulous, confusion, deceptive and perhaps even in denial! both libra and pisces are signs that are very aware of other people’s needs and feelings. overly focusing on others can cause loss of self and with mercury involved loss of what we think and what our Truth is. finding ways to tap into the spiritual awareness possible at this time while balancing it with a healthy dose of reality-checking is key.

at 9:36am saturn in libra semisextiles north node in scorpio, bringing a harmonious alignment between the planet of mastery, grounding and personal responsibility and the node of destiny, growth and evolution. this is a GREAT aspect for getting clear on where our path is taking us and committing to the hard work and pruning away of the past that it entails. saturn will be moving into the sign the north node is in in october- so this can be a precursor of what lessons saturn in scorpio is bringing us. pay attention to what hard work is up for you today and then take note- there is likely more to come with saturn in scorpio and getting a head start now will definitely benefit you!

at 3:05pm mercury in libra semisquares mars in scorpio making for some fiesty and firey communication! positively we can figure out what needs to be said and get ourselves out of the neptune fog that began this morning- but we need to be aware of how we are speaking or what we are listening to as the warrior combined with the communicator can make for aggressive and conflictual communication. if you feel angry right now it’s best to check in with yourself about where you’ve allowed your boundaries to be crossed. use anger as information! nothing is bad or good- it’s all how you use it.

the day ends with pluto stationing direct at 6’57 capricorn, exact at 10:07pm. with the lord of the underworld at a standstill (from our perspective on earth) he is the most powerful planet in the sky! all things pluto-related are potent right now: transformation, depth insight, Soulfulness, sexuality, intimacy and empowerment as well as power/control dynamics, manipulation, shadowy/underwordly behavior, domination and destruction. potent energy is permeating the collective right now- it is important to use it creatively rather than destructively. this is a potent energy for dream time- so pay attention to your dreams this week. deep stuff can come up from the Unconscious that can be very insightful!


tuesday september 18th-
the day starts off with venus in leo semisquare to ceres in gemini at 11:54am, bringing tension and conflict between the goddess of Love and beauty and the goddess of mothering and nurturing. this is face off between two dominant female archetypes- that of the Lover/partner (venus) and the mother (ceres). if we are being extreme in either archetype (overfocusing on fun/romance and not on our security and needs, overfocusing on children at the expense of our partner, overfocusing on our partner at expense of the children, etc…) then it can come up today. ultimately we need to find balance between our desires and our more practical/security based needs. finding ways to Love and nurture ourselves if first and foremost!

then at 10:57pm retrograde uranus in aries squares stationary pluto in capricorn, bringing us the second uranus/pluto square of the year (there will be 7 by the time these two are through in 2015). because pluto is stationary- which makes him the most powerful planet in the sky- this is likely to be one of the most intense uranus/pluto squares in the entire transit. breakdowns precede breakthroughs, so whatever you see falling apart in your life or in the world know that a shift is just around the corner! learning how to stay in the fire and alchemically transmute is the key. don’t run, hide or avoid the change that your Soul craves! embrace it, become it and master it. watch personal and world events surrounding this week- a glimpse into the shadow is possible.

the day ends with saturn in libra parallel juno in sagittarius at 11:41pm, aligning the planet of stability, mastery and karma with the asteroid goddess of partnership and marriage. this energy can help solidify relationships and ground them down in positive ways OR it can weigh relationships down and bring up old karmic patterns from the past that are antithetical to a healthy relationships. either way relationships will be a focus. saturn brings us tough lessons and while he was in libra for the past 2 1/2 years there was definitely a HUGE focus on partnership (just look at all the celebrity breaks up that happened in the past 2 years- especially between celebs who had been together for quite some time). saturn will be moving out of libra and into scorpio in october- shifting our karmic lesson focus from the Light side of relationship to the dark side of relationship- so the lessons are not really going anywhere, they are just going deeper. pay attention to your partnerships today and see where the growth needs to happen and then get to it!


wednesday september 19th-
the only major aspect today involves the sun in virgo’s contraparallel to mercury in libra at 11:12am. with the conscious self and ego energetically opposite the conscious mind and intellect we can find our egos at odds with our minds- and difficulties in communication and thinking can ensue. the sun in virgo is focused on the mundane while mercury in libra is focused on relationship. both need to be addressed- so finding a way to do so with balance is key.


thursday september 20th-
the day starts off with the sun in virgo sextile to the north node in scorpio, exact at 1:54am. with the conscious self and ego aligned with our Soul’s path of evolution we are assisted in illuminating our path of growth and destiny and also shedding Light on our past. learning how to let go is key so that things do not hold us back or hold us down. with the sun involved with the nodes today we can have some aha moments about where we have come from and where we are headed. take note.

then at 7:37am mercury in libra quincunxes retrograde chiron in pisces, bringing tension with a need for adjustment between the conscious mind and intellect and the wounded healer. positively this energy can bring us opportunities to communicate from the heart and share our pain, our suffering and our needs with others. yet this is a tense aspect from the wounded healer so the path to healing is likely going to activate deep wounds and pain from the past and require that we move through them to get to the other side. wounded communication is possible today- so be sure you are not communicating from old pain from the distant past that restricts your view of reality in the present day moment.

later in the day, at 1:38pm, retrograde neptune in pisces squares juno in sagittarius, creating tension between planet of idealism, fantasy, delusion and deception and the asteroid goddess of marriage and partnership. this aspect is significant and can be experienced as romantic but ungrounded in relationship- with a need to find balance between the Highs and lows of partnership- OR it can be a big wake up call in relationships (present day and past) that involves taking the rose colored glasses off and truly seeing people as they are, not as you wish them to be. neptune is incredibly romantic but he is also delusional and prefers to believe in what he believes rather than see reality clearly. there is a huge relationship focus right now- so it is important that we are seeing others clearly. if you feel like you are on a drug when you are around someone/think of someone OR if you can only see their good qualities and constantly justify anything negative that they do there is a good change you are seeing them through neptune’s glasses. take the glasses off now- before some situation in reality rips them off for you!

just minutes later, at 1:50pm, the sun in virgo semisextiles saturn in libra, bringing a harmonious energy between the ego and the planet of karma and mastery. this is a great aspect to get clear on our direction, where we are headed and what we need to do to get there. it also provides a bit of grounding amidst the nebulous neptune transits of the day as well as the activating/intense uranus/pluto energy present all week long!

in mid afternoon today mercury triggers the uranus/pluto square bringing intense, electric, and perhaps incredibly insightful conversation and communication with others that shows us the Truth in dramatic ways. at 3:23pm mercury in libra opposes retrograde uranus in aries and then at 4:06pm mercury contraparallel uranus- making a super aspect occur between the mind and the Higher mind! stay open for sudden insights and Truth being seen/heard/spoken- particularly if that Truth is quite the opposite of what you had originally thought possible. then at 4:21pm mercury in libra squares stationary direct pluto in capricorn. pluto is still the most powerful planet in the sky due to his slow motion. with mercury/pluto insights into the shadow, the depths, power/control dynamics and manipulation is possible. get ready to take those rose colored glasses off and see the Truth! this goes for others/what is going on in the world as well as what is going on within/with ourselves. today/this week/this month is a time to keep your eyes and ears open- listen to the words being said but also watch the behavior that goes with it. don’t take things at face value- go deeper.

the day ends with venus in leo sextile jupiter in gemini at 8:45pm, adding a Lighter note to the end of a couple of INTENSE days. find the silver lining in the clouds- go out, socialize, have a glass of wine, make some art- do something fun and find balance in the chaos right now. there is more to come! ;)


friday september 21st-
the only major aspect that occurs today involves the sun at the last degree of virgo square to ceres at the last degree of gemini, exact 8:24am. with a tense aspect between the ego and the asteroid goddess of mothering and nurturing we can find our personal needs and desires are at odds with our needs for security, stability and/or our needs to provide the same for others (like our children). with both bodies in mercury-ruled signs the mental/intellectual energy is charged and can get out of balance very easily. finding ways to communicate about our needs- but doing so from the heart- is key. issues in family/domestic scenes can be highlighted today.


saturday september 22nd-
the only celestial event that happens today (not counting moon aspects) is the sun’s ingress into the sign of libra at 7:49am. with the conscious self and ego’s shift into airy libra for the next month we are supported in focusing on relationships, balance, give and take, self and other. typically the sun in libra is a time to focus on promoting/enjoying peace, harmony and compromise- but the sun will trigger the uranus/pluto square in a week’s time so get ready for sudden realizations, shifts and intensity to come into your peace and balance. what good is centeredness if you cannot keep it in the midst of the eye of the storm? ;)


sunday september 23rd-
the first aspect of the day occurs at 1:14am when mercury in libra parallels retrograde chiron in pisces, creating an energetic conjunction between the conscious mind and intellect and the wounded healer. these two aspected each other by degree on thursday- so the latter part of the week involves mercury/chiron energy. deep communications that either bring up all our old wounds and pain OR heal them are possible right now. we should know that words are powerful this week- so choose them carefully. the point is to heal yourself and others- not wound them/yourself all over again!

the last aspect of the day involves the sun, newly in libra, quincunx retrograde neptune at the first degree of pisces, exact at 7:31am. sun/neptune can be very spiritual, intuitive, compassionate and Unconditionally loving, but this is a tense aspect so the shadow side of neptune can be highlighted as well: delusional, deceptive, confusion and illusory. our sense of self is dissolving and that can make for great meditation experiences but not so great when it comes to having healthy boundaries and sense of self. particularly in relationships, we need to be aware of when we are over giving and letting people take too much. both libra and pisces have lessons to learn about give to the self in equal measure as giving to others. do not become a martyr and let yourself be crucified! and do not deceive others today- the lie will bite you in the butt at some point down the line.

enjoy your week!

~divine harmony

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