Sunday September 19th 2021

***all times are PDT***

UPDATE- i moved to ashland oregon a day before the fires began. weekly horoscopes for last week did not get posted. i plan to record this week’s horoscopes covering mars retrograde from last week as well as what is going on this week. pending no more evacuations or red flag warnings i plan on getting the lunar gate call/lunar horoscopes/lunar insight and solar gate for autumnal equinox up in a timely manner. if there are more fires, evacuations or the like i may not be able to. thank you for your understanding <3


monday september 14th-
at 4:09pm the sun in virgo trines retrograde pluto in capricorn, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Lord of the Underworld. this is a great aspect for diving deep and getting to the root and Truth of matters. both virgo and capricorn have discernment and integrity- and when we focus this clarified vision within we can see all manner of things right now! wielding power with humility and commitment to Truth is supported today! remember right now the virgo planets are trining the entire capricorn confluence- helping us to see what is karmic, stagnant and stuck so we can clear it out, complete it and move on. commitment to inner and outer work will be rewarded. hard work now will ensure great rewards down the line!


tuesday september 15th-
at 8:29am venus in leo squares retrograde uranus in taurus, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener! wake up/shake up energy can play out in relationships, finances and our values. uranus is seeking to free us of attachments to things/people/situations/energies that don’t serve our evolution. being willing to think outside the box and do things radically different is key right now. uranus is in the sign of venus for the next 6 or so years and this speaks to the radical and revolutionary awakening happening in the Divine Feminine, women, the body and our beloved Mother Earth. venus/uranus can also be about changes of heart- we may find ourselves opening our hearts more but we may also find ourselves ending relationships/patterns/situations that are not serving our hearts. tuning into wheat from chaff is key.


wednesday september 16th-
the sun in virgo quincunxes retrograde eris in aries at 10:14am, creating tension between the conscious self and ego that likes everything organized and perfect and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos who prefers upheaval to sweeping things under the carpet. sun/eris can activate feisty fiery energy today. be willing to see the shadow and work with it consciously for best results. don’t internalize anger and rage but have healthy outlets for it.

at 2:51pm the sun in virgo squares the mean nodes of the moon, bringing us to a pivotal choice. we can keep doing the same old karmic path or we can move into new directions. coming back to beginner’s mind is key. if you think you know it all or you are right and everyone else is wrong- you have another thing coming! be humble and open your mind <3


thursday september 17th-
att 3:34am mercury in libra squares just turned direct jupiter in capricorn, bringing major insights, aha moments and radical changes to our thoughts and beliefs. mercury in libra wants peace and harmony at any cost- but with all these intense planets activating him there has been a need to renegotiate agreements, expectations, commitments and contractual arrangements with others so that they are more in line with evolution, growth and Truth as it expresses itself today (i.e. rather than 20 years ago when we first made said contract/agreement). keep your mind open today- as new ideas or new information brings Light to what you could not see (or would not see)- but that you need to see now. let jupiter expand your vision!

the new moon at 25’01 virgo is exact at 4:00am PDT, commencing a new lunar cycle that is focused on work, daily life, health and well being. this new moon trines pluto and saturn which adds a level of mastery and capacity for transformation and evolution that is powerful!!! with virgo and capricorn activated this is an exceptional new moon for new things initiated around work and career. the new moon is also opposite neptune and quincunx all the aries planets (eris, lilith and retrograde mars) which reminds us to take off the rose colored glasses and have healthy outlets for anger and rage- otherwise things will come up and out in unexpected ways! more on this lunation in the lunar insight and lunar gate call posted a few days before the new moon. also check the lunar horoscopes posted the day of the new moon <3

at 2:36pm the sun in virgo trines retrograde saturn in capricorn, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. sun/saturn is great for getting focused, disciplined, more masterful and committed to one’s inner and outer work. these two signs are the BEST SIGNS for getting shit done! they have integrity and a sense of perfectionism that when healthfully expressed helps them not only get it done but get it done right. tap into this energy today!


friday september 18th-
at 1:05pm mercury in libra quincunxes retrograde neptune in pisces, creating tension between the conscious mind and intellect and the planet of intuition, illusion and idealism. mercury/neptune can be great for creativity, imagination and intuition but the tense nature of the aspect can make it really easy for us to delude or deceive ourselves or others or generally just be out to lunch. watch out for over idealizing people or situations and seeing what you want to see! take time to meditate and reflect and make big decisions in a few days when the aspect has passed.


saturday september 19th-
at 2:55pm the sun in virgo quincunxes retrograde mars in aries- creating a tense aspect between the two yang, masculine planets in the sky. the sun wants to be discerning and meticulous in virgo- while mars in aries is chomping at the bit to just get going but the is retrograde and being limited and restricted. watch out for anger and rage that has no healthy outlet today.


sunday september 20th-
juno moves out of libra and into scorpio at 4:19am, shifting the Goddess of partnership and marriage from air to water, intellect to emotion, light heartedness to intense and passionate. juno in scorpio desires deep Union, intimacy and vulnerability in connection. yet at the same time she can be confronted by all her fears of being vulnerable, being weak and being open to being hurt. there’s a strong focus on partnership, equality and shadow dynamics in relationships in the coming months.

at 9:36pm the mean north node in gemini sextiles retrograde eris in aries (and the south node trines eris), linking the nodes of destiny and karma with the Warrior Goddess and Solar Feminine. from 9/6 to today the nodes are activating lilith and eris- waking up the female warriors and leaders and opening the paths of destiny. this is a time to take a stand for Truth and put your money where your mouth is. walk the talk and live the teachings!

mercury in libra squares retrograde pluto in capricorn at 10:21pm, creating tension and friction between the mind and intellect that wants peace at any cost and the Lord of the Underworld that wants to expose what is in the shadows. the degree to which we are identified with the surface, with peace and balance and not wanting to rock the boat- is the degree to which things could be a little choppy right now. this is a time to DIVE DEEP and confront what is hidden beneath the surface within ourselves, within our relationships, in business and in the patriarchy. steer clear of power struggles but at the same time don’t back down from speaking your Truth (from a healthy boundaried heart).


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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