Weekly Astrology Forecast- Week of 9/11-9/17

by | Sep 10, 2023 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***All times are EDT***

This week- like the last two weeks- is full of Asteroid Goddess transits. Its been super unusual to see so many outer planet transits to Ceres, Juno, Pallas and Vesta- and this week we have 3 of them ingressing into new signs (2 of them over the Aries Point). It’s another great week to see the Divine Feminine asteroids in action!!!

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Monday September 11th-
At 6:40pm The Sun in Virgo quincunxes Retrograde Chiron in Aries- creating tension between the Conscious Self and ego and the Wounded Healer planetoid. Sun/Chiron can bring up old wounds and pain around our identity and sense of self. If we are hard on ourselves then this tendency can be massively exacerbated! If we are overly egotistical and think we are perfect but no one else is- then this is a call to look at the wounds and pain that are underneath the tendency to project our shadow onto others. Having healthy outlets for anger and rage is key right now- if we stuff it we can internalize it and have it come out via depression and illness. If we act out in it in aggressive ways we can burn bridges! The recent Sun/Mercury conjunction saw both bodies quincunx Chiron (from 8/31 to today). Pay attention to what has been coming up in the last 2 weeks and see where your healing journey wants to take you deeper.


Tuesday September 12th-
There are no major transits today.


Wednesday September 13th-
At 3:02am Vesta at 29’49 Gemini squares Pallas at 29’49 Virgo and then they both move into new signs- Vesta into Cancer at 12:35pm and Pallas into Libra at 7:22pm. With the Priestess asteroid Goddess in tense aspect to the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess- both in the signs of Mercury who is currently Retrograde- we want to pay close attention to what we think and perceive, as well as receive via information or communication today. Pallas in Virgo is discerning but also critical and wants all the pieces to fit together in logical ways. At best Vesta in Gemini is devoted to “Beginner’s Mind” which demands we let go of expectation and need for control and open up to the Truth revealing itself on its own terms. As both bodies move into new signs and activate the Aries Point degrees of 0 Cancer and 0 Libra- pay attention to shifts of perception, shifts of narrative, changes of heart and changes of mind incoming today!


Thursday September 14th-
At 10:15am Retrograde Jupiter in Taurus sesquiquadrates Pallas Athena at 0’24 Libra- creating tension between the planet of expansion and abundance and the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. From today through tomorrow Jupiter triggers 3 of the 4 asteroid Goddesses- and end of the week he squares Venus for the 3rd and final time. Jupiter energy can be expansive, lucky, blessed- but in tense aspect it can also exacerbate tendencies to overdoing, overspending, overindulging, and being addicted to Light and avoidant of shadow. Being aware of patterns of wanting to keep the peace at any cost is key this week! Pay attention to your body wisdom and somatic intelligence- as Jupiter in Taurus’ gifts and potential for expansion and growth come through the body and through connection to Earth. Allow nature to ground you and then allow nature to teach you what you need to know!

The New Moon at 21’59 Virgo is exact at 9:40pm EDT, commencing a new Lunar Cycle that focuses on health, well being, work, and daily life. This New Moon is trine Uranus the Rebel and Revolutionary and also quincunx Chiron the Wounded Healer. It is also widely opposite Neptune the planet of Idealism and Illusion. This Lunar Cycle can bring breakthroughs and positive changes- but they will come by way of taking off the rose colored glasses, acknowledging wounds and pain, and doing the work to heal and come into right relationship with body and mind.

To learn more about this New Moon check the Lunar Insight posted here- https://divineharmony.com/lunar-insight/new-moon-in-virgo-to-be-a-fully-embodied-human-is-divine-9-14-23/

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Friday September 15th-
At 2:47am Retrograde Jupiter in Taurus squares Juno in Leo and at 6:18am Jupiter semisquares Vesta at 0’23 Cancer – creating tension between the Planet of Expansion and Excess and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage (Juno) and the Priestess asteroid Goddess of devotion and focus. Jupiter is showing us what or who we are committed to and/or devoted to- and showing us clearly if this is serving our growth and evolution, or if it is not.

Ceres moves out of Libra and into Scorpio at 8:47am – shifting the Great Mother asteroid Goddess from Air to Water, thinking to feeling, peace seeking to diving deeper. Ceres in Scorpio can be an intense placement or transit. At best Ceres in Scorpio nurtures others by being able to hold space when people are going through intensity, death and rebirth, or profound transformation. Shadow Ceres in Scorpio has deep attachments that can get possessive, controlling, jealous and toxic. Dealing with shadow in home/family situations, with mothers, children or childhood past can be up right now. Anything that got stirred up in relationships when Ceres was in Libra can now be taken to deeper waters as Ceres enters Scorpio! Dive deep for best results.

At 4:21pm Mercury stations Direct at 8’00 Virgo- bringing Mercury’s Underworld journey to an end. The last 3 weeks have been a time to rethink, review and revise our work in the world, our health, our mind/body connection, the rhythms and routines in our lives and more. Now it will be time to take action based on all that we have realized! Mercury stations direct a day after the New Moon in Virgo that he is the ruler of- one of the two signs he rules- which bodes really well for setting new things in motion in work and health. Just know that it will take several days for Mercury to pick up speed- so slow goes it. Make the most of this amazing astrology and harness it wisely by setting things into motion with consciousness and care.

Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn quincunxes Mean Black Moon Lilith in Leo at 7:13pm, creating tension between the Dark God and the Dark Goddess. Pluto likes to unearth shadow and in Capricorn he is doing so when it comes to government, big business, patriarchy and patriarchal institutions. Lilith also likes to reveal shadow and in Leo she is doing so around ego and narcissism. Pluto/Lilith can literally unfold as fierce women (and men who honor the feminine) up against patriarchal institutions and even narcissistic/sociopathic individuals (pay attention to the news for these themes). On a personal level we are asked to excavate shadow that blocks us from living in our Light, living from our Truth and radiating healthy self confidence and self esteem (positive Leo). Strip away what holds you back and empower yourself to transform!

At 9:24pm the Sun in Virgo trines Retrograde Uranus in Taurus- linking the Conscious Self and ego with the Planet of Revolution and Unexpected Change. Earth trines are excellent for the material world- finances, work, health and other matters that relate to form and materiality are all supported right now. This is a great day to see what needs to shift and change and do the slow, steady work to bring that change into full manifestation. Stay focused on being of service and allow the Universe to open doors for you!


Saturday September 16th-
There are no major transits today.


Sunday September 17th-
At 2:10am Venus in Leo squares Retrograde Jupiter in Taurus- creating tension between the two Benefic planets in expansive and perhaps excessive ways. This is the 3rd and final square between these two- the first was on June 11th and the 2nd was August 22nd. Connect the dots from these dates to now to see what has been unfolding in your life. Both Venus and Jupiter like to enjoy life- so this can be great for expansion, abundance, radiance and sudden acts of Grace! But they are in tense aspect so we need to be aware of the tendencies to excess which can lead to too much of a good thing. Finding balance between pleasure seeking and responsibility is key. Watch out for overspending, overeating, over partying and over indulging! Now that Venus is direct we are ready to move forward when it comes to Living from the Truth of our Heart! Embrace change and new doors opening right now!

The Sun in Virgo quincunxes Retrograde Eris in Aries at 11:46pm- creating tension between the Conscious Self and ego that likes everything organized and perfect and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos who prefers upheaval to sweeping things under the carpet. Sun/Eris can activate feisty and fiery energy today! Be willing to see the shadow and work with it consciously for best results. Don’t internalize anger and rage but have healthy outlets for it. Consciously used- Eris is a force for profound change in the world! Wield her energy wisely.


Have a blessed week…


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