Wednesday December 1st 2021

***for the first part of august i am posting abbreviated weekly forecasts (with major aspects only). starting august 18th i will be back to my regular in-depth weekly forecasts***

8/12- venus moves out of cancer and into leo, shifting the Goddess of Love and beauty from water to fire, yin to yang, introverted to extroverted. venus in leo loves passion, fun, creativity and attention! in the coming weeks of venus’ journey through leo- taking time to get in touch with your inner child is recommended. just watch out for overly focusing on yourself at the expense of your relationships! also watch out for overspending ;)

8/13- the sun in leo sextiles the north node and trines the south node, helping us to see our past and future in ways that are more balanced and able to be seen for what they are. sun/south node helps us make peace with the past, while sun/north node helps us align (or realign) with our future in ways that support our growth and destiny. the past only hangs onto us if we hang onto it. this astrology supports us in letting go!

8/15- mars in scorpio sextiles retrograde pluto in capricorn, sweetly aligning the lower will and Higher Will in powerful ways! mars/pluto is a powerhouse of an aspect. when you put these two together you can literally move mountains! the key here is to harness this powerful energy for good things like transformation, regeneration, rebirth- rather than negative things like manipulation or power and control dynamics. with mars in the sign of pluto- our ability to empower ourselves and take action in the world is phenomenal right now. use this power wisely!

mercury moves out of leo and into virgo, shifting the conscious mind and intellect from fire to earth, self-focus to service-focus, bravado to humility. mercury rules virgo- so he is very comfortable when in this sign. in the coming weeks we are supported in being detail oriented, organization, efficient, analytical and critical. we just need to watch out for being too heady and too perfectionist with ourselves and others!

8/17- venus cojoins jupiter in leo, sweetly aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the planet of expansion, abundance and luck! venus and jupiter are considered the benefic (beneficial) planets. so when they align, we have double the fun and double the blessings! venus/jupiter is a great time to be social, to connect with beloveds and to experience material abundance. with both bodies in leo we are also supported in being creative, passionate and having some fun in life!

have a lovely week!

~divine harmony

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