weekly astrology forecast- week of 8/22-8/28

by | Aug 20, 2022 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***all times are EDT***

monday august 22nd-
at 5:58pm mercury in virgo trines retrograde pluto in capricorn, aligning the planet of communication and thinking with the planet of transformation and empowerment. mercury is one of the few deities in greek mythology who could move between the upper world and Underworld. in his role as psychopomp he was guide to the Souls. with this lovely mercury/pluto aspect we are supported in getting deep in our thinking and communicating. therapy, shadow work, research and investigation are all supported right now. with the signs of work and career in focus any new ideas or connections made right now can be very good for abundance and success!  (this is the first of 3 mercury/pluto trines- a signature of the upcoming mercury retrograde happening 9/9.  stay tuned for a blog about it but as of 8/20 we are officially in front end shadow territory.  pay attention to all communications, information and messages incoming- as they will part of a longer conversation unfolding through mid october)

sun moves out of leo and into virgo at 11:16pm- shifting the conscious self and ego from fire to earth, yang to yin, masculine to feminine. the sun’s journey through virgo is a time to get organized, efficient and healthy. focusing on the details and getting our ducks in a row is great right now! the virgo qualities of discernment and clarity are supported- just watch out for the shadow of too much virgo: being judgmental, perfectionist and overly critical of self and others! the sun aligns with the royal fixed star egulus in virgo as well- activating the star of leadership in the sign of the Divine Feminine. in 2012 regulus processed into virgo for it’s 2160 year journey through this new sign.

i wrote a blog about this shift there- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/regulus-into-virgo-the-meek-shall-inherit-the-earth/

and i recorded a deep dive MASTERCLASS on regulus’ shift which you can find here- https://divineharmony.mykajabi.com/offers/DsNfeMKK/checkout


tuesday august 23rd-
at 9:53pm the sun in virgo sesquiquadrates retrograde chiron in aries, creating tension between the conscious self and ego iand the Wounded Healer planetoid. sun/chiron is great for bringing awareness to health matters and what needs healing in our bodies and minds- but the tense nature of the aspect can exacerbate anxiety, neurosis or being overly critical and judgmental. using this astrology to become aware of what needs healing and then doing the work required is recommended today.


wednesday august 24th-
at 9:54am uranus stations retrograde 18’55 taurus, making the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener the most powerful planet in the sky! with uranus stationary we can only expect the unexpected. uranus’ sole purpose is to upset the old order and instigate change. with uranus in taurus change is coming into the stable, secure but also stagnant and stuck areas of life. taurus likes constancy and uranus is about anything but constancy! our finances, the financial world, our values and self-worth and self-Love are due for some activation! being willing to let go of that which we hold onto that holds us back is key- be it things, attitudes, relationships and more. when you find yourself grasping- unclutch! uranus in the venus-ruled sign of taurus is also about a revolution of embodiment, an awakening of the Divine Feminine on the planet (not just in women but the feminine in men as well) and HUGE changes happening in our value systems and the way we inhabit mother earth and our bodies.

we also have uranus at standstill energizing the uranus north node conjunction that was exact end of july. the winds of change are blowing and old traditions are tumbling and falling apart. move in the direction of change not against it for best results!

if you have not seen the blog i wrote about uranus in taurus you can find that here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/uranus-in-taurus-the-embodiment-revolution/

the blog on uranus conjunct the north node is here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/uranus-conjunct-the-north-node-sudden-and-irrevocable-change-7-26-8-1/

venus in leo trines retrograde chiron in aries at 1:31pm, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Wounded Healer planetoid. venus/chiron is an aspect of the Heart Healer. venus is the lower heart and when she links with the Wounded Healer there is deep potential for healing in relationship, in self-love and self-worth and in connection with our own inner feminine. with both bodies in fire signs connecting to our passion, fire, creativity and self-expression is key! the healing around our masculine and feminine within is key to healthy, whole relationships without- and today we have support in furthering that healing journey within ourselves, in relationships in our lives and with our clients (if we are healers).


thursday august 25th-
at 11:11am venus in leo squares the mean nodes of the moon, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the nodes of destiny and karma. from today through 8/27 we have venus triggering the uranus/north node conjunction with uranus at standstill- magnifying his power! venus rules the sign both the north node and uranus are in- bringing extra focus to matters pertaining to relationships, finances, values, self worth and self Love. venus square the nodes brings us to a cross roads where we have to make decisions. are we going to keep staying stuck in the past or are we going to let go and grow into the new, unknown future? choose wisely!

retrograde neptune in pisces squares pallas athena in gemini at 1:27pm, creating tension between the planet of idealism and illusion and the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. this square between these two activates the coming triple squares of mars in gemini to neptune in pisces that will unfold in the coming 6 months due to mars’ retrograde. neptune/pallas can be intuitive, dreamy and imaginative but it can also bring in nebulousness, confusion and even outright deception and dishonesty in communication, information, media and news. we need to be aware of the veil of illusion or confusion that can be over things and pull it back to get discerning and see the Truth. pay attention to what is not above board today and dive deeper to see what lies beyond/behind the surface!

at 9:03pm mercury moves out of virgo and into libra, shifting the mind and intellect from earth to air, from work focus to relationship focus. mercury in libra cares about relationship, collaboration and compromise. there is a desire to seek common ground and have peaceful communications in relationships with others. yet if we overdo the shadow of libra- keeping the peace at any cost and sweeping things under the carpet so as to avoid the messes in our lives- then we may find things coming up that need addressing. willingness to go beyond the surface is key! dive deep!


friday august 26th-
at 4:26am retrograde eris in aries sextiles pallas athena in gemini, linking the Goddess of Discord and Chaos with the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. eris and pallas athena combined have some powerful energy. at best eris is an activist and at best pallas sees the Truth and takes a stand for it. put the two together and we have a lot of power to harness for justice and equality. we can set things into motion in word and deed right now in powerful ways- we just want to make sure we are seeing the whole picture clearly. pallas just moved away from a square to neptune and we are heading to an intense new moon square mars exact tomorrow. we want to be aware of reactivity, aggression, impulsivity and taking action based on strong convictions that make not be grounded on having all the information in. discernment is key AND using our clear vision to stand up for/speak/see the Truth is key today!


saturday august 27th-
at 12:33am venus in leo squares standstill uranus in taurus 18’55, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener! wake up/shake up energy can play out in relationships, finances and our values. uranus is seeking to free us of attachments to things/people/situations/energies that don’t serve our evolution. being willing to think outside the box and do things radically different is key right now. uranus is in the sign of venus and this speaks to the radical and revolutionary awakening happening in the Divine Feminine, women, the body and our beloved Mother Earth. venus/uranus can also be about changes of heart- we may find ourselves opening our hearts more but we may also find ourselves ending relationships/patterns/situations that are not serving our hearts. separating wheat from chaff is key.

the sun in virgo squares mars in gemini at 1:27am, creating tension between the two yang masculine planets that relate to ego, will and drive. sun square mars can be extra argumentative, aggressive and conflict oriented. with both of them in the sign of mercury communication can be extra combative now so be aware and navigate with care! this energy carries over into the next new moon that is just 3 hours later. as this occurs in the early morning hours the night before is when these energies can come to a head in your waking life- but you may see the manifestation of this transit in your dreams so pay attention to them upon waking.

the new moon at 4’04 virgo is exact at 4:17am EDT- commencing a new lunar cycle that is focused on work, health, discernment and clarity of mind. the only major aspect this new moon makes is a very tight square to mars that is exact by 3 minutes. this whole lunar cycle can be extra intense for arguments, conflict of opinion and combative communication so be aware and navigate with care!!! words are like weapons- they can create or destroy, they can raise people up or cut them down. we want to be SUPER conscious in the coming lunar cycle in how we wield our thoughts and our words. finding balance between speaking the Truth AND listening to others so we can find common ground is key. for more info on this potent new moon check the lunar insight, lunar gate call and lunar horoscopes posted a few days before the lunation (horoscopes will be up the day of the new moon).

at 6:52pm mercury in libra sesquiquadrates the north node in taurus and semisquares the south node in scorpio (mean nodes), creating tension between the mind and intellect and the nodes of destiny and karma. pay attention to conversations and communication tonight that can shed light on where you are growing/evolving as well as what is holding you back or keeping you stuck in the past. balance is key but watch out for sweeping things under the carpet so as not to deal.

retrograde chiron in aries trines ceres in leo at 9:13pm, aligning the Wounded Healer planetoid with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. chiron/ceres can be deeply healing in home/family situations, with parents, children, co-parents and more. chiron seeks to bring awareness to what needs healing- and part of that healing may simply be internal as leo is about self confidence, self esteem and self Love. being clear on what needs healing and then taking action based on what arises is key right now- particularly with a new moon in virgo today that is all about health and well being (amongst other things). embrace the opportunities to come into more radical self Love today!


sunday august 28th-
at 2:27pm venus in leo opposes retrograde saturn in aquarius, creating a heavy energy between the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Pleasure and the Lord of Karma and planet of reality. venus/saturn can be heavy and depressing but it can also be grounded and discerning when it comes to Love, money, values and self worth. saturn tells us like it is and we need to be willing to see things as they are before we are fully empower to change them or transform them. commitments are taken seriously right now or they are cut and released- no in between nor grey areas possible. venus is about to trigger the saturn/uranus square- so prepare for some wake up/shake up energies in relationships, finances and more incoming!


have a beautiful week…

~divine harmony

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