Friday February 28th 2020

***all times are PDT***

this week and into next week all the personal planets (sun, moon, mercury, venus and mars) as well as the asteroid Goddess juno move into virgo- triggering the royal fixed star regulus who just precessed into virgo in 2012. regulus in virgo lasts for 2000 years and heralds a shift in leadership and direct on the planet. for more info on this momentous occasion please read the blog i wrote back in 2012 about what this means-

monday august 19th-
jupiter in sagittarius who just recently stationed direct semisextiles retrograde saturn in capricorn at 7:47am, linking the two teacher planets in the signs they rule! jupiter in sadge is gregarious, fun loving and expansive! he says leap and let the net appear! saturn in capricorn is grounded, serious, hard working and focused. he says check that the net is secure and make long terms plans for what you will do after you leap ;) link the two together and we have the capacity to find balance between growth and pruning, optimism and realism, fun and hard work, the future and the past.

at 1:53pm venus cojoins juno at 28’07 leo, aligning the Goddess of Love, beauty and romance with the asteroid Goddess of partnership, marriage and commitment. venus/juno puts the spotlight on relationships! marriage, romance, business partnership and financial alliances are in focus. this also spotlights our relationship with ourself- our own commitment to our full embodiment and living the Truth of our heart. with both bodies in fiery leo there is a need for romance, creativity, self-expression and fun in life and in our relationships. later in the week saturn makes a tense aspect to juno while the sun and juno join as they both cross regulus the royal fixed star of leadership. saturn demands we take stock of what we are committed to and make sure we are not holding onto people, things, beliefs and attitudes that are old paradigm, toxic and no longer good for us. getting clear on what relationships and commitments are life affirming and heart opening versus the ones that are not is key. separate the wheat from the chaff.

tuesday august 20th-
venus at 29 leo sequiquadrates retrograde saturn in capricorn at 5:14pm, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. venus/saturn is a get real transit- asking us to see what is and see what is not in relationships, Love and money situations. venus is also about self-Love and self-worth- so seeing where we block ourselves from stepping more fully into a place of deep self Love OR where we put on bravado, pride and over the top ego as a means to hide it is key. relationships and relationship paradigms are in a place of culmination right now. seeing what is and then taking necessary action to align with that which is most life affirming and heart expanding is key.

wednesday august 21st-
at 1:26am mercury in leo quincunxes retrograde saturn in capricorn, creating tension and friction between the mind and the planet of karma and reality. mercury/saturn can be great for get real communications and thinking where we are speaking the Truth and facing reality. yet the tense aspect can exacerbate tendencies to polarize to either only wanting to see the positive or only seeing the negative. balance is key.

venus moves out of leo and into virgo at 2:06am, shifting the Goddess of Love and beauty from fire to earth, yang to yin, in the spotlight to behind the scenes. venus in virgo is focused on service, health, healing and practicality. she loves to help others but can at times overdo that- so knowing when to help and when people are not ready to help themselves is key. both finances and relationships benefit from being grounded, realistic and sensible. just watch out for being overly perfectionistic, critical and judgmental of self and others under this transit. virgo is the sign of the Divine Feminine- and as venus ingresses into virgo she aligns with the fixed star regulus. major activation of the return of the Divine Feminine and the rebalancing of the scales of masculine/feminine (ultimately it’s about Union of both, not about one overpowering the other) is happening right now. if you have not seen the blog i wrote about regulus moving into virgo in 2012 you can find that here-

mercury in leo trines now direct jupiter in sagittarius at 3:05am, linking the mind with the planet of expansion and positivity! this is lovely for learning, traveling, growing and expanding. mind and heart opening communications are possible right now. of course mercury tensely aspected saturn this morning so we need a balance of positivity with reality, trust and faith with good old fashioned hard work and discernment.

venus in virgo semisquares the north node in cancer at 6:59am and then mercury in leo semisextiles the north node at 10:44am- linking the heart and the mind with the node of destiny and evolution. mercury is helping us open our mind, hear things, say things and be receptive to insights incoming around our evolution and growth. venus is showing us what blocks us from deeper vulnerability, intimacy with emotions, expression of feeling and willingness to surrender. pay attention to what transpires today as important messages, communications or connections are incoming!

thursday august 22nd-
retrogarde saturn in capricorn sesquiquadrates juno 29 leo at 12:39pm and sesquiquadrates the sun at 1:42pm, creating tension between the Lord of Karma and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. on monday venus and juno aligned and on tuesday venus tensely aspected saturn. today both the sun and juno do so. saturn in capricorn is focused on responsibility, accountability, integrity and discipline. he teaches us via karma, restriction and lessons. the sun, venus and juno in leo are all focused on radiance, shining, living with a heart open and being free in expression! saturn brings reality checks but can also bring restriction and a tendency to shut down. the key is finding a balance- so that we are grounded in reality and willing to take responsibility for our part in things- while still living with our hearts open, willing to trust, have faith and let Love lead.

the sun cojoins juno at 29’30 leo at 2:43pm, aligning the conscious self and ego with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage at the karmic completion degree of 29 leo! both the sun and juno are about to shift into virgo and cross over the royal fixed star regulus (see the top of this blog for link to my article on regulus in virgo for more info). sun/juno brings focus to partnership, commitment, relationship and connection. with others yes- but also the relationship and commitment we have to ourselves, our own sovereignty, leadership, radiance and expression of Love. pay attention to what is being brought to fruition or completion in your life when it comes to relationships and relationship paradigms. come into a Higher version of yourself!

at 7:26pm mercury in leo quincunxes retrograde neptune in pisces, creating tension and friction between the linear logical mind and the irrational, intuitive, cosmic self. mercury/neptune can be great for intuition, imagination, psychic perception and dreams! yet the tense aspect can make it harder to discern Truth from fantasy, fact from fiction. being able to question what we think we know and perceive is just as important as trusting our intuition and perceptions. if we overdo shadow leo we think we know it all and if we overdo shadow pisces we get lost and confused. taking time to meditate, reflect and introspect is key right now. rather than make definitive decisions take time to drop in and wait till this astrology passes- the fog will pass and the Truth will become clear!

friday august 23rd-
at 3:02am the sun moves out of leo and into virgo, shifting the conscious self and ego from fire to earth, yang to yin, masculine to feminine. the sun’s journey through virgo is a time to get organized, efficient and healthy. focusing on the details and getting our ducks in a row is great right now! the virgo qualities of discernment and clarity are supported- just watch out for the shadow of too much virgo: being judgmental, perfectionist and overly critical of self and others!

the sun in virgo semisquares the north node in cancer at 6:40am and juno also tensely aspects the north node at 10:53pm. sun/juno in tense aspect to the node of destiny and evolution is showing us what blocks us from growing, transforming and evolving. where are we staying in our heads when we want to move more deeply into our hearts, emotions and feelings (north node in cancer). what are we committed to that blocks us versus what are we committed to that helps us grow? turning into these questions and finding the Truth within your heart is key.

juno moves out of leo and into virgo at 5:01pm, aligning with the royal fixed star regulus that just precessed into virgo in 2012 (and will stay there for 2000 years!). juno joins the sun, venus and mars- and mercury will join them along with the new moon in the coming week. the virgo part of the sky is having a party!!! regulus is the royal fixed star of leadership and authority and it’s move out of solar/hero/kingly leo and into earthy/service oriented/Divine Feminine virgo symbolizes the shift of power that is happening now and will unfold over the next 2000 years. power is moving away from ego based to serving others, from divine right by blood or fortune to divine right by commitment to helping and healing ourselves and the planet. on a mundane level juno in virgo is focused on service, healing and humility in relationships. where juno in leo wanted to be seen, loved and romanced- juno in virgo wants partnerships that are grounded, healthy and committed to being of service to the world. the shadow side of juno in virgo is looking for perfection in relationships. being aware of where we are being overly critical or idealistic with ourselves and others is important in the coming months! (for more info on regulus moving into virgo check my blog linked here-

mercury in leo sesquiquadrates retrograde chiron in aries at 11:47pm, creating tension between the conscious mind and intellect and the Wounded Healer planetoid. mercury/chiron can bring up old wounds and pain in our thinking and communication. being aware of the words we use and not just WHAT we say but HOW we say it is important right now. if we tend to talk from a place of hubris or self-righteousness this is a time to pause, count to 10 and respond rather than react. if we tend to hold back our truth and mute ourselves- this is an invitation to speak up, express and allow our voice to be heard.

saturday august 24th-
at 10:04am venus cojoins mars at 4’07 virgo, aligning the Divine Lovers in uber romantic, creative and expressive ways! venus is the Divine Feminine and mars is the Divine Masculine and their conjoining is a ritual enactment in the heavens of the Sacred Hierosgamos or Sacred Marriage that we can experience here on earth in physical Union with another and also (and importantly) within in terms of our own inner masculine and feminine aspects of self. with both bodies in earthy, practical and service oriented virgo we are asked to find the Sacred that lies concealed in the profane and day to day aspects of life. in the coming days both venus and mars will trine uranus and quincunx chiron- bringing awakening and healing but also perhaps bringing old wounds to light and endings to that which no longer serves us. the coming days are potent! use them wisely.

mercury in leo quincunxes retrograde pluto in capricorn at 11:14am, creating tension and friction between the positive thinking mind and intellect and the Lord of the Underworld who likes to see and at times over focus on the shadow. mercury/pluto can be great for penetrating communication and getting to the Truth- but it can also unfold as power/control dynamics and behind the scenes manipulation. steer clear of these shadow expressions and disconnect from others who may be playing them out. instead focus on being wiling to see what is hidden- in yourself, others and the world around you. when able to see yourself/others/the world from a place of reality you are then empowered to change things!

sunday august 25th-
at 3:33am venus in virgo quincunxes retrograde chiron in aries, creating tension and friction between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Wounded Healer planetoid. old wounds and pain can arise today in relationships, in our finances and in our self-worth and self-love. venus in virgo is super humble but can also be hard on the self- expecting perfection. if we are stuffing our anger and not expressing it that can arise today. healing around our masculine is key to healing our feminine. we want them in Union and either of them out of balance creates inability for them to meet fully. inner work is key right now!

jupiter in sagittarius semisquares pallas at 29 libra at 1:50pm, creating tension between the planet of expansion and excess and the asteroid Goddess of Wisdom, intelligence and strategy. jupiter in sadge is in pursuit of the Truth at any cost! his shadow is thinking he is always right and everyone else just needs to listen. pallas in libra seeks peace, balance and harmony but her shadow is sweeping things under the carpet and not really saying what needs to be said. be willing to question where you think you are right or where you hold back this weekend ;)

at 7:13pm mars in virgo quincunxes retrograde chiron in aries, creating tension between the will and drive and the Wounded Healer who is in the sign of mars. we are in a 8 year transit of chiron in aries that is all about healing the Wounded masculine. asking us to face and deal with excess or deficient yang energy is part of this journey. too much yang/mars and we are selfish, aggressive, combative, violent and coming from our base desires and lower chakras divorced from our hearts. too little yang/mars and we cannot take a stand, speak up, express ourselves, set our boundaries, walk away or have agency and independence in the world. seeing where our healing path is taking us and doing the work to move further upon it is key.

with both venus and mars linking with chiron we are being shown where our wounds block our capacity for Inner and Outer Union. it is up to us to do the work to clear out that which is not aligned so we can create space for the new that wants to birth itself within and without.

at 9:47pm venus in virgo sesquiquadrates retrograde pluto in capricorn, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Lord of the Underworld. virgo wants to analyze and discern while pluto wants to expose what is hidden, toxic, stagnant and stuck. venus in virgo does not want things to get messy but pluto in capricorn does not care how messy things get if it means you get into the shadow that is being denied or ignored. in relationships, Love and money situations navigate with care. be willing to see what is not being looked at or addressed- without and within.

have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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