Sunday September 19th 2021

***all times are PDT***

monday august 17th-
at 12:10am mercury in leo trines retrograde erís in aries, aligning the mind and intellect with the fiery Goddess of discord and revelation! this is great astrology for pulling back the veil of delusion to get to the heart and Truth of matters. eris only wants Truth and she wants it at any cost. luckily this is a harmonious aspect so it supports us in seeing Truth, calling it out and aligning with it in masterful and evolutionary ways! speak the Truth, hear the Truth and stay closely aligned with your self esteem and self Love so that communications come from the heart today.

the sun cojoins mercury at 25’09 leo at 8:07am, linking the conscious self and ego with the conscious mind and intellect. sun/mercury is great for communication, thinking, connections and ideas. with both bodies in leo and the new moon in leo tomorrow conjunct mercury as well- we have massive new beginning energy incoming around ideas, connections and conversation. pay attention to what you hear, think or say today and tomorrow! important messages are coming through.

at 9:40am mars cojoins retrograde eris 24’29 aries, aligning the God of War (and the Will and Drive) with his sister the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! eris gets a bad rap- i actually love her. she is the female warrior Goddess best embodied in the archetype of Wonder Woman. mars/eris can be a time of taking definitive action- taking a stand and not allowing injustice to happen any longer! yet the shadow of this combination can be massive aggression, war consciousness, domination and control. watch out for power/control dynamics with others. eris serves to reveal all the shit and shadow no one wants to look out. the key is in realizing that until we face this shit and shadow and deal with it- it always unconsciously controls us and determines our fate. this goes for us personally as well as humanity and our collective experience. we must face the shadow. the only way out is through!

at 10:30am retrograde pluto in capricorn semisquares retrograde ceres in pisces, creating tension between the Lord of the Underworld and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. pluto and ceres have a complicated relationship. he abducted her daughter persephone and took her into the Underworld. pluto/ceres can bring underworld experiences in home/family situations, with mothers and children, and with the child within. fears arising around safety, security and emotional stability can come up- so having self-care practices and working with the Inner Child is important. ceres in pisces is the selfless loving mother but too much giving without boundaries and receiving can make for some intensity right now. balance is key.

mercury in leo sextiles the mean north node in gemini and trines the mean south node in sagittarius at 6:50pm, linking the mind and intellect with the nodes of destiny and karma. pay attention to communications, information and connections made today- they can be significant. the north node is in the sign of mercury and our growth and evolution is tied up with opening our minds, being curious, not thinking we know everything but instead staying open to seeing new truths new perspectives. keep this in mind today!


tuesday august 18th-
at 2:17am mercury in leo quincunxes retrograde saturn in capricorn, creating tension and friction between the mind and the planet of karma and reality. mercury/saturn can be great for get real communications and thinking where we are speaking the Truth and facing reality. yet the tense aspect can exacerbate tendencies to polarize to either only wanting to see the positive or only seeing the negative. balance is key.

retrograde ceres in pisces semisquare mean black moon Lilith in aries at 2:25am, creating tension between the Great Mother asteroid Goddess and the Fierce Dark Feminine. ceres is in the midst of triggering the pluto/eris/lilith configuration- bringing up big shadow and intense emotions around home, family, children, mothers, safety, stability, feelings and more. if we are too unboundaried and self sacrificial- lilith is teaching us how to access our fierce side, set boundaries and say no in the name of Love!

at 5:52am the sun in leo sextiles the mean north node in gemini and trines the mean south node in sagittarius, bringing important information or connections into our path today. the path of growth is calling and insight into what that is are forthcoming today!

venus in cancer sextiles uranus in taurus att 12:28pm, linking the lower heart with the Higher Mind! venus/uranus is amazing for positive shifts and change in relationships, self-Love and self-worth. with both bodies in deeply yin signs that are uber feminine the shift comes when we embody more and allow our emotions and desires to express in healthy ways. this is a lovely time to do something different and open to the new!

the new moon at 26’35 leo is exact at 7:42pm, commencing a new lunar cycle focused on creativity, passion, romance, children and fun! this new moon is in a Grand Fire Trine with the south node in sagittarius and mars/eris in aries and it forms a Kite with the north node in gemini. the nodes are just finishing up their trigger of the Galactic Center so be prepared for important, destined, fated events and meetings right now. the fire trine is exceptional for passion, creativity, expression and starting something new! this new moon is also quincunx saturn- showing us what toxic, stagnant, stuck energies need to be released in order to open our hearts and embrace the new. for more information on this lunation check the lunar insight posted a few days before the new moon. also listen to the Lunar Gate Call and Lunar Horoscopes <3

at 8:48pm the sun in leo quincunxes retrograde saturn in capricorn, reating tension between the conscious self and ego that wants to shine and the Taskmaster planet that limits and disciplines us. sun/saturn can be great for grounding, maturity and self-mastery but if we overdo the leo narcissism and self focus saturn can come in and shadow us where we are out of integrity OR if we overdo the critical, judgmental nature of saturn we can be shown where we need to lighten up and be more carefree and expressive. tune in to where your edge is today.

retrograde neptune in pisces quincunxes juno in libra at 10:57pm, creating tension between the Higher Heart and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. neptune/juno is uber romantic, idealistic and dreamy but also out to lunch, ungrounded and wearing rose colored glasses. we need to see reality in our romantic relationships, finances and business alliances. seeing what we want to see makes us easy to deceive or makes it easy for us to want to be deceptive. seeing where we may be escaping, addictive or only wanting to see the Light and not the shadow is key right now.


wednesday august 19th-
at 1:36am retrograde pluto in capricorn squares mean black moon lilith in aries, creating tension between the Lord of the Underworld and the Dark Goddess. pluto and lilith are kind of like the masculine and feminine versions of each other. they are both Dark Deities of power, transformation and shadow work. the square between the two can be VERY INTENSE. power/control dynamics, domination, manipulation and even violence are possible. lilith can manifest through women who are using their voices to take a stand and using their anger and rage to create change in the world. pluto in capricorn can represent the government, big business and patriarchy that is trying to stop the changes from happening. today is super intense- navigate with A LOT OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND AWARENESS. be aware of your own unconscious motivations and wounding patterns so they are not the ones in the drivers seat right now.

at 6:30pm mercury moves out of leo and into virgo, shifting the planet of communication and thinking from fire to earth, yang to yin, self focus to service focus. mercury rules virgo so is well placed here. the gifts of this transit are discernment, clarity, integrity in word and deed and desire to communicate honesty and directly. mercury aligns with regulus the royal fixed star of leadership and the heart of the lion (that precessed into virgo in 2012- to read my article on this click here- pay attention to where you are being called to step up and lead from the heart and from a place committed to being of service today. the greatest leaders are servants of the people. watch what people do- not just what they say.


thursday august 20th-
there are no major aspects today <3


friday august 21st-
mercury in virgo ses quiquadrates retrograde jupiter in capricorn at 9:44am, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the planet of expansion and excess. this is a great day for learning, teaching, writing, speaking and opening the mind! we are supported in dealing with the details, being discerning and analyzing things. just watch out for magnified judgement, criticism and mental neurosis!


saturday august 22nd-
at 7:04am mars in aries sextiles the mean north node in gemini and trines the mean south node in sagittarius, bringing an amazing alignment between the will and drive and the nodes of destiny and karma. we have the support of mars in completing karmic threads and moving into the future right now. taking action to finish things is key. our willingness to have an open mind and to let go of where we think we are right or the we know it all is key!

at 8:45am the sun moves out of leo and into virgo, shifting the conscious self and ego from fire to earth, yang to yin, masculine to feminine. the sun’s journey through virgo is a time to get organized, efficient and healthy. focusing on the details and getting our ducks in a row is great right now! the virgo qualities of discernment and clarity are supported- just watch out for the shadow of too much virgo: being judgmental, perfectionist and overly critical of self and others!

venus conjoins Sirius today- linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Spiritual Sun of our Sun. this is a magical day and a lot of potent spiritual energy is accessible. take time to connection with the star of Higher Wisdom and Higher Love today. listen to my Higher Heart Chakra Meditation to tune into this sacred and mystical star here-


sunday august 23rd-
mercury in virgo semisquares juno in libra at 1:15am, opposes retrograde ceres in pisces at 6:13am and sesquiquadrates retrograde pluto in capricorn att 8:37pm – bringing lots of focus to communication, thinking and discernment. all the aspects are tense and there can be power struggles in marriage/partnerships as well as home/family situations. seeing clearly is key but watch out for being overly critical or judgmental. getting clear messages about what is going on in relationships and what needs to be addressed can arise today. pay attention.

have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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