Thursday June 20th 2019

***all times are PDT***

monday july 6th-
the first aspect of the day and week is exact at 8:38am when the sun in cancer opposes retrograde pluto in capricorn 8:38am, creating tension and friction between the conscious self and ego and the Lord of the Underworld. this intense dynamic was seeded in the full moon chart from july 1st- making the last week a potent one for transformation, endings and new beginnings. yet with pluto involved there’s always potential for power struggles and that occurs when we focus the desire for power externally rather than focus it internally. the positive side of sun/pluto is being willing to see our own shadow dynamics and do what we need to transform, regenerate and/or die to the old so we can rebirth into the new. the shadow side can ensue with power/control dynamics and manipulative underworld behavior- coming from us or coming at us. steering clear of these situations or at the very least staying centered if we find ourselves in the midst of them is so key right now. if issues around jealousy, trust, possessiveness or control arise- know that is part and parcel of the pluto energy. this can also bring up hidden Truths and things from the subconscious we don’t want to acknowledge. yet the moment we face our shadow aspects they become our allies instead of our enemies. transformation without starts with transformation within! may as well start with the Source ;) both the sun and pluto are in aspect to the fixed star sirius- the Spiritual Sun of our sun (the sun conjoined sirius yesterday 7/5 and pluto opposed sirius yesterday as well and does so all year long throughout 2015). i wrote a whole blog on transiting pluto opposite sirius which can be read at the link below. in a nutshell sirius calls us to find the sacred that lies concealed in the profane and to link the spiritual with the material world (or heaven and earth-within and without). major downloads of powerful spiritual awakening and awareness are possible today. keep your mind and heart open <3

tuesday july 7th-
at 7:20pm mercury at the last degree of gemini quincunxes retrograde saturn at the last degree of scorpio, creating tension and friction between the conscious mind and intellect and the Lord of the underworld. mercury/pluto is great for penetrating communication, insight, instinctual awareness, research and investigation. it’s also a great aspect for being in therapy and delving deep into our psyches. yet this tense aspect can also manifest in intense communications with others. power/control dynamics or manipulative, underhanded information or conversations should be steered clear of. with both bodies at the karmic completion degree (last degree of each sign)- there can be things said today that can close a chapter in our lives. the key is in navigation this consciously. we don’t want to burn bridges- we just want to know what we need to say or do to live in integrity and alignment with our personal path of evolution and growth. because gemini is a sign that focuses on the surface and scorpio is a sign that focuses on the depths- there can also be stuff up today around how we navigate both. being too superficial and in denial or being too intense and cynical creates imbalance. finding a way to bridge worlds is key today- within and in communications with others in our lives.

wednesday july 8th-
mercury moves out of gemini and into cancer at 11:52am, shifting the conscious mind and intellect from air to water, intellect to emotion, mind focus to Soul focus. mercury in cancer is a great time to focus on communicating with family and attending to our needs for safety, security, nurturing and nourishment. sharing our Truths about emotional issues or family relationships can also be the focus. in the coming weeks mercury will trigger uranus and pluto- so there may be some shake ups and wake up calls a-coming. being able to be clear about our emotions without allowing them to run us Unconsciously is going to be important to attend to in the coming weeks.

at 3:42pm mars in cancer trines retrograde neptune in pisces, aligning the will, warrior and drive with the planet of mysticism, idealism, spirituality and romance! mars in sweet aspect to neptune is the aspect of a Spiritual Warrior. mars likes to take a stand but neptune likes to work towards peace and harmony. put the two together and we have a warrior who is willing to fight for altruistic causes. mars in cancer loves to fight for the underdog- the weak, needy, children, animals and the elderly. when we are able to act from a place that anchored deeply in the heart- we can be a Sacred Activist and Spiritual Warrior- in our personal lives and in the world at large. with both bodies in water signs- emotion, intuition, dreams and psychic experiences can be insightful and motivate us to take action in our lives. so pay attention to your Inner Voice!

thursday july 9th-
there are on major aspects today. the moon is in fiery, assertive and dynamic aries at the start of the day. the moon trines the separating venus/jupiter conjunction in the early morning and then goes void of course at 6:47am until the moon moves into earthy, grounded, sensual taurus at 12:49pm. moon/venus/jupiter can bring Light to the positive things opening up in our lives. it can also help us to get clear on what actions we need to take to anchor these new, positive, expansive energies into our daily lives. after the moon moves into taurus she sextiles mercury midafternoon- helping us to share our thoughts and our feelings with ourselves and others. it’s a great afternoon for communication from the heart!

friday july 10th-
there are on major aspects today. the moon is in earthy, sensual, stubborn taurus all day long. all the moon aspects made today are harmonious- with positive links to mystical neptune and assertive mars early in the morning, transformative pluto in early afternoon and the consciousness of the sun in the late evening hours. it’s a great day to focus on being present and anchored in our embodied experience. the heights of neptune and depths of pluto can be channeled through our masculine sides of will and self (mars and sun)- which helps us to take action and embody that which we realize.

saturday july 11th-
mercury in cancer squares the nodes of the moon (north node in libra, south node in aries) at 2:06am- echoing the squares that both the sun and mars made to the nodes recently (the sun squared the nodes 6/27 and mars did so on 7/2). when planets square the nodes we are brought to pivotal points of choice on our path of evolution, growth and destiny. we can keep on doing the same old thing (and keep on getting the same results) OR we can push past our fears, move in a new direction and try something new! with the south node in aries and ruled by mars- we are being asked to face any karma we have around aggression, anger, control, conflict and selfishness. the north node in libra is a reminder that to really win (which is what mars is focused on) we need win/win situations. anytime there is a winner and a loser we are stuck in duality. in the world at large we are in desperate need of win/win situations- where we can thrive as humans and so can our earth thrive, where we can live our Truths and so can our neighbors (or other countries/religions/species). when we work to find win/win situations in our personal lives we contribute to the collective shift and tipping point. with mercury square the nodes today, pay attention to thoughts, ideas, information and communication that comes in. you can use them to keep on playing out the same old karmic patterns OR you can use them to move into a new paradigm and shift things in a positive direction!

sunday july 12th-
the sun in cancer squares uranus in aries at 7:53pm, creating tension and friction between the conscious self and ego the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener! the sun in cancer seeks safety, security and the known- while uranus in aries wants change, freedom and to blast through convention! sun/uranus is great for breaking free from the chains that bind (or attachments and emotional drama from the past)- but it’s also a very unstable aspect that can bring unexpected events or surprises we are not prepared for. the day can be permeated with a nervous, restless and perhaps anxiety producing energy if we do not work with it wisely. instead of holding onto the past out of fear- this astrology asks that we let go, trust and allow change to catapult us into new directions in our lives!

retrograde ceres in aquarius trines the north node in libra at 7:54pm, harmoniously aligning the Great Mother asteroid Goddess with the evolutionary north node in the sign of partnership, relationship and collaboration. ceres/north node is a lovely alignment for finding ways to nurture and care for ourselves and others while we are on our personal path of evolution, growth and destiny. with both bodies in air signs this nurturing and nourishment comes by way of communication, learning and exploring the world with others. ceres in aquarius requires lots of space and freedom, while the north node in libra requires balance, peace and harmony. with the two together we can find new ways to be in our relationships while still honor the freedom and space we (or others in our lives) need. this echoes the aspect these two made when ceres was direct on may 12th- so look back to midway to see what was starting or opening up then that is related to today.

have a lovely week ahead…

~divine harmony

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