Weekly Astrology Forecast- Week of 7/30-8/6

by | Jul 31, 2023 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***All times are EDT***

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Monday July 31st-
There are no major aspects today but we have a series of parallel declinations between the Sun in Leo, Mercury in Virgo, Pallas in Virgo and the North Node in Aries from 5:34am to 10:39am. Parallels are like energetic conjunctions so we can see this as a conjunction of Sun, Mercury, Pallas and the North Node. Stay open to insights, communciations, realizations, and Big Picture visions of Destiny incoming! Seeing where you are being called forward and perhaps what you are being asked to leave behind is key today.


Tuesday August 1st-
At 8:54am Mercury in Virgo sesquiquadrates Retrograde Chiron in Aries- creating tension between the Mind and Intellect and the Wounded Healer planetoid. Old wounds and pain can come up in intense ways in communication and thinking this morning. Mercury in Virgo is discerning but also overly critical- of self and others. Chiron in Aries either represses his anger or acts out in it. Watch out for passive aggressive communication! The best use of this astrology is to bring greater awareness to our minds, thoughts and communication. If we tend to hold back – now is the time to speak up. If we tend to just say what we think without thinking- now is the time to take a pause and count to 10 so we are not communicating from reactivity but instead from a place of response. Pay attention to where your growth edge is today and do the work to grow past it!

Pallas in Virgo sesquiquadrates Retrograde Eris in Aries at 12:45pm, creating tension between the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! We have strone Eris this entire week- which can bring sudden or unexpected eneriges that we want to work with consciously. Having healthy outlets for anger and rage is key- as is having healthy agency and capacity to act, set boundaries and say no. If we internalize or suppress these energies we can find our body/health expresses them for us. If we explode in these energies we can burn bridges. Navigate the Eris energies with care this week.

The Full Moon at 9’16 Aquarius is exact at 2:32pm EDT- marking the midway point of the Lunar Cycle we are in that began with the New Moon in Cancer on July 17th. That New Moon had an out of bounds moon and links with all the Outer Planets making it a Transpersonal Lunation. Cancer is a sign of deep emotion, while Aquarius tends to prefer to think rather than feel. This Full Moon can be a checkin for us about where we are at with our emotions as well as with the family situations or childhood memories that have been coming up in this Lunar Cycle. This Full Moon forms a T-square with Jupiter that lets us know there is a lot of expansion and also excess that can peak with the Full Moon. This can lead to overdoing, overspending, overeating, over partying and more. Balance is key- yet Jupiter does not like limits or restrictions of any kind. Aquarius can help us get a Higher Vision of things- just make sure you are not going up and out to avoid going down and in ;)   You can read my Lunar Insight on this Full Moon here- https://divineharmony.com/lunar-insight/full-moon-in-aquarius-balancing-ego-spirit-and-body-8-1-23/

At 4:45pm Mars in Virgo trines Jupiter in Taurus, aligning the Will and Drive with the planet of Expansion and Abundance! Mars/Jupiter is excellent for taking action and setting things into motion. With both bodies in Earth signs we are supported in making things happen on the work/health front and in terms of monney and abuncance. We have luck on our side and we can take risks right now that give some super positive results!

Mars in Virgo sesquiquadrates Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn at 8:29pm and sesquiquadrates the Mean North Node in Aries at 10:26pm- triggering the Pluto/Nodal T square. Mars/Pluto creats tension between the Will and Drive and the Lord of the Underworld- which can bring confrontations around will, power and control. Using this energy to take action and create change is key, but watch out for power dynamics and domination/control tactics. The only one you can control is yourself! You can move mountains right now- just make sure they are your own mountains to move and you are not wasting all your energy trying to move mountains for others OR telling others that they should be doing something. Your greatest empowerment comes when you focus on yourself.

At 10:18pm Mercury in Virgo opposes Retrograde Saturn in Pisces- creating tension between the Mind and Intellect in one of his signs of rulership and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time in the sign of spirituality and surrender. Mercury/Saturn can be heavy and even depressing. Heavy or karmic conversations or thinking can arise. At best we can use this astrology to get real, be honest and deal with reality. Watch out for tendencies of escapsim and denial (too much Pisces) or judgement and criticism (too much Virgo). Balancing discernment with compassoin is key.


Wednesday August 2nd-
At 2:15am Uranus in Taurus sextiles Juno in Cancer- aligning the Rebel and Revolutionary with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. Juno links with both Uranus and Eris this week- bringing changes and potential for healing (or exacerbating of old wounds) into relationships of all kinds. Uranus in Taurus says to revolutionize your values and let go of old attachments! Juno in Cancer likes security and safety- as does Taurus- but Uranus is supporting us in letting go of the old and opening up to the new! Expansion in existing relationships is possible and/or new people and new connections can be coming into your life. Bringing new energy into what is old or resistant to change is key.

Uranus also parallels Mercury at 4:21am and contraparallels Pallas Athena at 8:58pm- energeizing the Mind and Intellect and the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. Insights, bolt out of the blue awarenesses, inspiration and realizations can be incoming! Keep your mind open!


Thursday August 3rd-
At 4:44pm Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn squares the Mean Nodes of the Moon (North Node in Aries/South Node in Libra). This is the one and only Mean Nodal T square, the 3 True Nodal T squares were 7/23, 7/25 and 7/28. The period from July 23rd to today has been HUGE- pay attention to what has been coming in for you personally and also collectively.

This is a portal where the Lord of the Underworld is at a crossroads with the Nodes of Destiny and Karma. For the True Nodes this occurs at the Karmic Completion Degrees- for the Mean Nodes it involves the 2nd to last degrees of the respective signs. We are being shown our karmic past and our destined future- and it is up to us to purge and release what blocks us from growing and evolving. The last time Pluto squared the Nodal axis in a waning square was the day Hitler invaded Poland and World War 2 commenced (with Nodes Reversed and Pluto also in the opposite position). We can choose a different path as a humanity- and part of that can involve the people (North Node in Aries) taking a stand for Truth, saying no and not backing down. The shadow of Pluto in Capricorn can be the government, corporations and big businesses trying to hold onto power and control- yet the North Node is in Aries and is heading to Eris in October. The power of the people is so much bigger- the people just have to fully awaken to that fact and take responsibility for giving away their power and TAKE IT BACK. The South Node in Libra is expoosing all the ways we have swept things under the carpet, kept the peace at any cost, only paid attention to the surface and ignored what is going on beneath it, and more. The North Node in Aries is about agency, action and activism! It’s a powerful configuration. Let Pluto show you the shadow and then use your agency and will power to face it, heal it and transform it <3


Friday August 4th-
At 8:25am the Sun in Leo sesquiquadrates Retrograde Neptune in Pisces- creating tension between the conscious self and ego that wants to shine bright and the planet of mysticism, illusion and dissolution. This can be great for spiritual practices, intuition, dreams, creativity and surrender- but it can also exacerbate tendencies towards denial, delusion, avoidance of reality and checking out. Finding balance between ego (Leo) and Spirit (Pisces) is key! We are spiritual beings having a human experience- we want to honor BOTH! Wherever we are overusing (or abusing) one at the expense of the other- we need to find balance today.


Saturday August 5th-
At 12:42am Retrograde Venus in Leo trines Retrograde Eris in Aries- aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the fierce Dark Goddess of Chaos and Discord. Venus/Eris is a potent combo of Solar Fire feminine bodies. Passion, creativity and self expression are powerful forces right now! So too is anger, rage and a need to shine the Light on the shadow. Finding balance between our Light feminine (Venus in Leo) and our Dark Feminine (Eris in Aries) is key right now. As this is the 2nd of 3 Venus/Eris trines due to Venus’ Retrograde journey- pay attention to what is wanting to activate in your life right now!

Jupiter in Taurus quincunxes Ceres in Libra at 4:35pm- creating tension between the planet of expansion and abundance the the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. With both bodies in Venus-ruled signs there can be focus on relationships and the feminine right now. Jupiter/Ceres can be amazing for being with family and enjoying life but it can also exacerbate the desire for peace and harmony to the point of sweeping everything that challenges that under the carpet. Watch out for overeating, overspending and overindulging right now.

At 6:05pm Mercury in Virgo sesquiquadrates Retrograde Eris in Aries- creating tension and friction between the detail oriented mind and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. Life is not always in a neat little package and sometimes conversations/information comes up to throw us off our game. The key here is staying open to seeing the Truth, seeing the shadow and dealing with what arises. If you are sitting on anger and rage and not giving it an outlet- it can come up and out!!! This is trigger happy territory – so navigate communication terrain with extra consciousness today.


Sunday August 6th-
At 4:04pm Juno in Cancer squares Retrograde Eris in Aries- creating tension between the asteroid Goddess of partnershp and marriage the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. Juno square Eris can unearth shadow in relationships and familly dynamics- with a need to deal with what is coming up. Emotions can be high and having healthy outlets for anger and rage is key. Distruption in relationshps can help change trajectories or end things entirely that have gone on for too long.

The Sun in Leo squares Jupiter in Taurus at 8:03pm- perfecting the Full Moon T-square with Jupiter that was exact on Tuesday. Sun/Jupiter can be fun loving, gregarious and exciting! But the tense nature of the aspect can excacerbate tendencies to overdo, overspend, over eat, and inflate the ego. Watch out for overindulgence and instead get to what feels like a void underneath the desire to use external things to fill it. Have fun but have limits and know when to say “I have had enough”.


Have a blessed week…


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