Weekly Astrology Forecast- Week of 7/3-7/9

by | Jul 3, 2023 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***All times are EDT***


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Monday July 3rd-
The only major astrological transit today involves the Full Moon in Capricorn exact at 7:38am EDT. With the Sun/Sirius conjunction opposite the Full Moon and both of them linking with the Jupiter/Saturn sextile- there are amazing things incoming with this Full Moon that can support our growth, evolution and destiny. The two teachers are bringing opportunities to expand and ground- take risks and do so with mastery. This is truly an amazing lunation!

You can read my deep dive Lunar Insight all about it here-

This week we have the Full Moon, Mercury and the Sun all activate Sirius- the Spiritual Sun of our Sun. Be open to the Descent of Inspiration and Higher messages/teachings of Love, Wisdom and Power coming from the Stars! It is a great time to watch or re-watch my Masterclass on Sirius. You can learn more about this class, read testimonials and get access to it here- https://divineharmony.com/sirius/


Tuesday July 4th-
Today is a Goddess Day! All the transits involve the Asteroid Goddesses, Lilith and Venus- making it a powerful day to tune into and work with the Divine Feminine (this carries into early tomorrow morning as well as tomorrow early morning we have a Neptune/Pallas transit).

From 2:53am to 2:54am Venus parallels the Nodes of the Moon and then parallels the Sun- linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Nodes of Destiny & Karma and the Heart of the Sun. The Sun/Venus parallel echoes the Sun/Venus conjunction coming on August 13th- so pay attention to what is being activated or brought into awareness today as insights into Venus’ coming Retrograde journey (commencing on Mary Magdalene Feast day on July 22nd!) can be incoming!

You can read my blog about this very powerful upcoming Venus Retrograde here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/venus-retrograde-in-leo-living-from-the-truth-of-the-heart-7-22-23-9-3-23/

At 3:52am Chiron in Aries trines Mean Black Moon Lilith in Leo, aligning the Wounded Healer with the Fierce Dark Feminine in deeply healing and activating ways. Chiron in Aries is helping us heal our relationship to the masculine. Working with our anger, rage, ego and violence- as well as activating and integrating the Divine Masculine and his role as sacred protector and defender of the feminine, innocence and life- has been part of Chiron in Aries’ process. Linking with Lilith we can find this healing energy extends into our passion, intuition, and relationship to power. With both bodies in Fire signs- tapping into the Sacred Creative Fire is support today. (This transit occurs in the early morning hours- pay attention to your dreams upon waking for messages from the Unconscious)

Chiron in Aries semisquares Vesta in Gemini at 5:26am- creating tension between the Wounded Healer and the Priestess Asteroid Goddess. Vesta is our direct connection to the Divine and in Gemini the Highest devotion is coming back to beginner’s mind and being open to seeing things from a new perspective. If Chiron in Aries is operating from ego and dominance we won’t be able to see another path. If we can be humble and allow Chiron to show us what is wounded and needs to be healed we can find a path forward that supports healing and wholeness. Choose your ego battles wisely today!

At 8:07am Uranus in Taurus semisquares Juno in Cancer, creating tension between the Great Awakener and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. Uranus/Juno can bring disruption and intensity into partnerships and relationships (marriage, romantic, business and more). If we are being overly attached to safety, security and materiality and find ourselves staying in relationships and connections that are not aligned- we can find upheaval revealing what is in the underbelly of these alliances. Positively we can use this astrology to realign and be committed to our own path of awakening, emotional intimacy and embodiment!

Retrograde Saturn in Pisces trines Juno in Cancer at 1:21pm, aligning the Lord of Mastery and Integrity with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. Uranus/Juno was disruptive but Saturn/Juno is grounding. Perhaps Uranus/Juno shows us what is no longer of value- while Saturn/Juno shows us what is grounded, foundational and has the capacity to endure. In relationships and partnerships as well as inner commitments to the self- getting clear on what is the baby and what is the bathwater is key. Releasing what is no longer of value but retaining what is is the best way to move forward today.


Wednesday July 5th-
At 12:28am Retrograde Neptune in Pisces quincunxes Pallas Athena in Leo- creating tension between the planet of Mysticism and Illusion and the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. From today through Saturday we have a Yod or Finger of God/Goddess forming between Neptune, Pluto and Pallas Athena. Pallas sits at the place which the Finger of God/Goddess points to- which can challenge us to find Higher Vision and tune into Higher Wisdom so that we can see Greater Truth, rather than get caught up in illusion. Neptune/Pallas can be deeply intuitive and psychic but the tense nature of the aspect can make it easy to get caught up in Spiritual ego. If we use spirituality to justify our bad behavior or use spirituality to avoid facing our pain and shadow- we can find ourselves caught in Spiritual ego. Pay attention to where you are being show the path to living from the Truth of your Heart- while having the ego as servant, not master. From today through Saturday messages are coming in loud and clear- pay attention!


Thursday July 6th-
At 12:28am Mercury in Cancer squares Chiron in Aries- linking the Mind and Intellect with the Wounded Healer. Mercury is emotional and sensitive when placed in moon-ruled Cancer and with a tense aspect to Chiron conversations, communications and thinking can be tender right now. This is a time to be intimate with our emotions, feelings, sensitivities, vulnerabilities and needs. Seeing where we have shut those down, blocked them in ourselves and others, and where we have an opportunity to do things different now is on tap! Open your mind and come from a Higher Perspective today! Don’t act out of your wounds and pain but instead turn towards them with compassion and care and see how that shifts things within and without <3

Mars in Leo quincunxes Retrograde Neptune in Pisces at 11:48am- creating tension between the Will and Drive and the planet of mysticism and illusion. Mars/Neptune can be great for channeling our will and drive into creative or spiritual pursuits. Yet the tense nature of the aspect can make for nebulousness, confusion, illusion or deception in dealings with others (particularly men). Leo is the sign of the ego and Pisces is the sign of dissolution of the ego. Are we being overly egotistical? Are we being too enmeshed without a healthy sense of self and boundaries. Tuning into where you need to find balance right now is key. Watch out for spiritual ego and spiritual bypassing today!


Friday July 7th-
At 12:14am Mercury in Cancer sesquiquadrates Retrograde Saturn in Pisces, creating tension between the Mind and Intellect and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. This is a tense aspect and with both bodies in water signs we may find our emotions are overwhelming OR we may find that we are blocking our feelings and ignoring our deeper needs. Mercury in Cancer is deeply emotional and subjective- so Saturn may provide a dose of reality and objectivity. Having serious and focused conversations and communications is supported but things may feel heavy right now. If so know that this, too, shall pass.

Mercury in Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus at 12:54am- linking the lower mind with the Higher Mind in expansive ways! Mercury/Uranus is great for bolt out of the blue awarenesses, radical insights, illuminating communications and information coming to Light. We are able to think outside the box right now! With Cancer and Taurus involved- these two signs have deep connections and attachments to safety, security and the past. This is an opportunity to let go of that which we hold onto that does not serve- in thinking and feeling, in possession and more.

It is interesting to see Mercury tensely link with Saturn and harmoniously link with Uranus- contraction vs expansion, the past vs the future, old paradigms vs new things coming in! As both of these transits occur after midnight- pay attention to messages and themes in the dream time overnight for clues about what of the past needs to be released and what of the future is trying to come in.


Saturday July 8th-
At 3:11pm Mercury in Cancer squares Eris in Aries- creating tension between the Mind and Intellect and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. Communication can be shocking, revealing and suddenly unexpected today. Having healthy outlets for anger and rage is key. Steer clear of being passive aggressive or overtly aggressive and instead be honest and speak from the heart.

Retrograde Pluto at the 29th degree of Capricorn quincunxes Pallas Athena at 29 Leo at 9:03pm- creating tension between the Lord of the Underworld and the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. Pallas is heading to align with Regulus the royal fixed star of Leadership. Regulus used to be in Leo for 2000+ years but in 2012 Regulus precessed into Virgo- initiating a shift of leadership and power that at its essence is connected to the Divine Feminine. Pluto/Pallas can bring intense things into focus in politics and with political leaders. If we or others are being overly egoic- Pluto will expose the dark underbelly in the shadows. At best we can use this astrology to transform our egos and allow the ego to be the servant, not the master. With strong Pluto and Eris all day- it can be a topsy turvy one! Pay attention to where your growth edge is and grow past it today!

At 11:38pm Venus in Leo trines Eris in Aries- aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the fierce Dark Goddess of Chaos and Discord. Venus/Eris is a potent comb of Solar Fire feminine bodies. Passion, creativity and self expression are potent right now! So too is anger, rage and a need to shine the Light on the shadow. Finding balance between our Light feminine (Venus in Leo) and our Dark Feminine (Eris in Aries) is key right now.


Sunday July 9th-
At 5:14am Retrograde Saturn in Pisces squares Vesta in Gemini, creating tension between the Lord of Karma and the Priestess Asteroid Goddess. Vesta is our direct connection to the Divine and in Gemini she is asking us to be devoted to coming back to Beginner’s Mind. When we come from a place of “I know it all” we are not able to see Greater Truths as we are blocking ourselves from seeing them- much like a horse that wears blinders. Saturn in Pisces in its Highest is about grounding and bringing containment to the mystical intuitive waters of Pisces. This is the Grail Embodied. Yet the shadow of this tense aspect can bring up fears of surrender, fears of being wrong, fears of not knowing. Pay attention to where you are being asked to face your fear and move past it is key right now.

Mars at 29 Leo quincunxes Retrograde Pluto at 29 Capricorn at 8:54am- creating tension between the lower will and Higher Will. This is a powerhouse of an aspect that can unearth or exacerbate power struggles and domination tactics. If we overdo Leo we are narcissistic and self focused and if we overdo Capricorn we are trying to maintain power at any cost. Actions taken right now from ego and a desire to dominate others can have very intense karmic repercussions. Don’t do it!!! Use this energy to surrender your ego to the Higher Will and let that Higher Will lead right now. Pluto at the Karmic Completion degree of Capricorn is seeking to take down and/or transform any structures/ideas/situations in our lives that are not life enhancing and healthy. Working with the Great Transformer by being proactive about these death and rebirth situations is recommended right now.

At 7:57pm Mercury in Cancer trines Retrograde Neptune in Pisces- linking the lower rational mind with the Higher Heart and intuitive knowing. This is great astrology for creativity, compassion, intuition and psychic perception. With both bodies in water signs our empathy, kindness and altruism is supported and expanded right now. Pay attention to your dreams, inner knowing and the inspiration that runs through you. Give yourself time in nature, make some art, meditate and/or volunteer today <3


Have a blessed week…


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