Wednesday July 8th 2020

***all times are PDT***

monday july 29th-
at 2:44am retrograde mercury in cancer (who is about to station direct) squares retrograde eris in aries, making for some tension between the mind and intellect and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! communication can be intense right now! shadow is coming to Light and we want to be aware of our emotions, feelings, subjectivities, anger and aggression. being willing to see what is not being looked at- in ourselves and in others and the world around us is key! the coming days of mercury station’s in double square aspect to eris can be POTENT. tread wisely.

retrograde neptune in pisces quincunxes juno in leo at 8:19am, bringing tension and friction between the planet of idealism, romance, delusion and denial and the asteroid Goddess of partnership, marriage, commitment and contractual arrangement. neptune/juno in harmonious aspect can be quite lovely for romance or financial situations- but because this is a tense aspect we want to be aware of the shadow dynamics these two can trigger when involved with each other. neptune in pisces wears rose colored glasses and tends to see what he wants to see. in Love and money situations this can backfire (for obvious reasons). juno in leo is focused on partnership but because she is in the sign of leo she is also focused on self-gratification, being special and being adored. one of the shadow sides of neptune/juno can play out in relationships as one person being the codependent and the other being the narcissist. these two types of people are often drawn to each other (if you want to know more about this read melody beatties’ books like ‘codependent no more’). it’s lovely to see the good in everything and everyone but this has to be balanced with seeing the shadow and the shit. pisces is great at seeing to the heart of everyone and seeing their inner beauty and POTENTIAL. yet the learning for pisces can be around seeing where people/situations are at TODAY- not where they could be in 10 more years or 10 more lifetimes. the decision to stick around needs to be based on the here and now- not on some potential that may or may not be realized in the future. our relationship growth and evolution will come when we are willing to stay in our hearts, stay loving and compassionate but also stay clear seeing with rose colored glasses off so that we are addressing all Love, money or business situations from this eyes wide open place.

jupiter in sagittarius contraparallels pluto in capricorn at 8:59am, making for an energetic opposition between the planet of expansion and excess and the planet of power and transformation. at best jupiter/pluto is about empowerment and wielding the powers of death and rebirth for ultimate transformation. yet this is an opposition and jupiter is in his own sign while pluto is in the sign of saturn and is part of the whole capricorn confluence- some of the biggest karmic astrology of the year. jupiter can throw more fuel on the already hot and heavy fire that is pluto in capricorn- which can exacerbate power/control dynamics, subtle or overt domination and behind the scenes dramas. right use of power is so key right now. power over/tyrant and power under/victim keeps you stuck in the karmic cycle. break out to break free. stand in your power, hold your ground AND stay in your heart!

the sun in leo square uranus in taurus at 4:14pm, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Rebel and Revolutionary. at best this is great for embracing change and innovation but the square can make for nervous tension, ungroundedness, impulsivity and reactivity. sudden and unexpected turns are possible right now! stay open to change!

tuesday july 30th-
retrograde neptune in pisces sextiles vesta in taurus at 12:32am, linking the Higher Heart with the Priestess asteroid Goddess. last week saturn trined vesta and today neptune sextiles her- linking the saturn/neptune sextile with the Priestess of devotion, altruism and focus. saturn is the root chakra, neptune is the crown chakra and the Higher Heart. we have the capacity to link root with crown/heart- reality with dreams. this is an amazing aspect for manifestation. add in vesta and we have the capacity to be deeply devoted to what we are manifesting in our lives. imagination and magic is high. intuition and psychic ability are potent as well. linking heaven and earth- soul with body- we can bridge the divide and wield our magic with amazing results right now!

venus in leo sesquiquadrates retrograde neptune in pisces at 11:49am, creating tension between the lower and Higher Hearts. venus/neptune can be dreamy, romantic, creative, artistic and compassionate. yet it can also exacerbate tendencies to be out to lunch, wear rose colored glasses, put people on pedestals and ignore red flags. healthy sense of self with boundaries (venus is in leo after all) is key right now ;) both venus and mars tensely link with neptune today- which can bring in a neptune fog into relationships, love and money situations. be sure you are looking deeper than the surface!

at 1:09pm mars in leo quincunxes retrograde neptune in pisces, creating tension between the will and drive and the planet of mysticism and illusion. mars/neptune can be great for channeling our will and drive into creative or spiritual pursuits. yet the tense nature of the aspect can make for nebulousness, confusion, illusion or deception in dealings with others (particularly men). leo is the sign of the ego and pisces is the sign of dissolution of the ego. are we being overly egotistical? are we being too enmeshed without a healthy sense of self and boundaries. tuning into where you need to find balance right now is key.

wednesday july 31st-
retrograde pluto in capricorn squares pallas in libra at 6:47pm, creating tension between the planet of transformation and evolution and the asteroid Goddess of wisdom and strategy. pallas in libra wants peace and harmony- while pluto wants to excavate and get into the shadows. watch out for power struggles in relationship. this is a great time to be in therapy or to be doing any kind of inner work/shadow work as the capacity to see what is going behind the scenes is strong! because pallas is a political asteroid there can be some interesting political intrigue going on in the news right now. make sure to look for who is pulling the strings behind the curtain!

the new moon at 8’37 leo initiates us into a new lunar cycle at 8:12pm PDT. this new moon is conjunct venus and mars and juno are also in venus 11 degrees from the sun and moon- so there is a HUGE focus on relationships, romance, creativity, commitments and partnerships of all kinds. incidentally the next new moon in virgo is also conjunct venus and mars- so this focus will carry through the next 2 lunar cycles! the new moon in leo is a time to shine, be creative, live from the heart, pursue one’s passions and come into greater self esteem and self Love! with the new moon conjunct venus there is a double dose of Love in this lunar cycle- love for the self, for others (romantic partners, children) and love for being alive on the planet! the new moon trines chiron bringing a deeply healing energy into the coming lunar cycles. chiron is in aries- which is about healing the masculine within us all (we all have both masculine and feminine). the new moon is also square uranus in taurus- which is about awakening and embodying the feminine within us all. so big shifts and changes incoming in the masculine/feminine dance- within (in terms of our own inner marriage) and without! for more information on this new moon check the lunar insight posted a few days before the new moon is exact.

mercury stations direct at 23’56 cancer and he does so in double square aspect to eris- as well as an opposition to pluto. pay attention to information, communication and aha moments incoming right now. anything regarding home, family, children, parents, emotions and the past can be up big time. sudden and unexpected things coming to Light need our attention. this can be a destabilizing influence- but sometimes we need to destabilize an old order in order to move into the new.

thursday august 1st-
venus in leo trines retrograde chiron in aries at 9:58am, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Wounded Healer planetoid. venus/chiron is an aspect of the Heart Healer. venus is the lower heart and when she links with the Wounded Healer there is deep potential for healing in relationship, in self-love and self-worth and in connection with our own inner feminine. with both bodies in fire signs connecting to our passion, fire, creativity and self-expression is key! the healing around our masculine and feminine within is key to healthy, whole relationships without- and today we have support in furthering that healing journey within ourselves, in relationships in our lives and with our clients (if we are healers).

friday august 2nd-
at 3:00am venus in leo squares uranus in taurus, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener! wake up/shake up energy can play out in relationships, finances and our values. uranus is seeking to free us of attachments to things/people/situations/energies that don’t serve our evolution. being willing to think outside the box and do things radically different is key right now. uranus is in the sign of venus for the next 7 or so years and this speaks to the radical and revolutionary awakening happening in the Divine Feminine, women, the body and our beloved Mother Earth. venus/uranus can also be about changes of heart- we may find ourselves opening our hearts more but we may also find ourselves ending relationships/patterns/situations that are not serving our hearts. tuning into wheat from chaff is key.

ceres in sagittarius sesquiquadrates the north node in cancer at 8:57am, creating tension between our needs for space and freedom and our needs for emotional intimacy, connection and sweetness. the north node in cancer points to our growth and evolution via embracing and honoring our feelings, emotions, needs, vulnerabilities and inner child. ceres is the Great Mother and she is in sagittarius and her way of nurturing through this sign expresses when she gives lots of space and freedom to roam. the key is to make sure we are not roaming to avoid deeper intimacy and/or feeling our feelings ;) balance is key!

at 11:50pm mars cojoins juno at 20’31 leo, aligning the will and drive with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. mars/juno can go one of two ways- it can activate passion and the desire for partnership, commitment and connection OR it can bring up anger, rage, power dynamics and more in existing relationships (romantic, business, financial and otherwise). what is interesting to note is that pluto will quincunx both mars and juno on sunday- so all weekend long this astrology unfolds. there is so much leo in focus right now and we are all being called to come fully into our hearts, pursue our passions and desires from a Higher place and come more deeply into self love and self confidence. yet all the leo planets make tense aspects to saturn, neptune and pluto- forcing us to see what blocks us from living the truth of our hearts and being more open, romantic, spontaneous or creative in our lives. this is definitely a weekend to see what blocks you and then use the pluto energy to excavate it psychologically or spiritually, let it die/let it go and/or transform it. watch out for power struggles. power/over power/under keeps us in the same power dynamic. stepping out of the drama and grounding into your own power so you can wield it for your own greatest transformation and evolution is recommended!

saturday august 3rd-
mars in leo sesquiquadrates retrograde chiron in aries at 5:22am, creating tension between the will and drive and the Wounded Healer planetoid. chiron is in mars’ sign for the next 7 or so years- bringing huge focus to healing around the masculine energy of fire, desire, sexuality, anger, rage, dominance, independence and more. wherever we overdo these things OR undergo them/are disconnected from them- chiron is serving to help us see what blocks us from the evolution and healing we want to embrace. with mars/chiron today really look at our relationship to desire, fire, agency and the masculine (within and without) is key. old wounds and pain arising right now are helping you see where your work lies. since this aspect occurs in the early morning hours- pay attention to your dreams upon waking for important messages from the Unconscious about your own relationship to the Divine Masculine within in terms of your own relationship to masculine energy and also how that manifests without with men and masculine-essences people in your life.

at 12:20pm stationary direct mercury in cancer squares retrograde eris in aries, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. this is the 3rd and final square between these two- the first being 6/20 and the 2nd being earlier this week monday 7/29. mercury stationed direct this week in double square aspect to eris- doubling down on this very powerful transit! communication can be shocking, revealing and suddenly unexpected today. shadow is coming to Light and we want to be aware of our emotions, feelings, subjectivities, anger and aggression. having healthy outlets for anger and rage is key. steer clear of being passive aggressive or overtly aggressive and instead be honest and speak from the heart. being willing to see what is not being looked at- in ourselves and in others and the world around us is key! the entire week of mercury station’s in double square aspect to eris is be POTENT. tread wisely.

sunday august 4th-
at 8:59am mars in leo quincunxes retrograde pluto in capricorn, creating tension between the lower will and Higher Will. this is a powerhouse of an aspect that can unearth or exacerbate power struggles and domination tactics. if we overdo leo we are narcissistic and self focused and if we overdo capricorn we are trying to maintain power at any cost. actions taken right now from ego and a desire to dominate others can have very intense karmic repercussions. don’t do it!!! use this energy to surrender your ego to a Higher Will and let that Higher Will lead right now. pluto in capricorn is seeking to take down and/or transform any structures/ideas/situations in our lives that are not life enhancing and healthy. working with the Great Transformer by being proactive about these death and rebirth situations is recommended right now.

retrograde pluto in capricorn quincunxes juno in leo at 8:38pm, bringing tension and friction between the planet of death, rebirth and transformation and the asteroid Goddess of partnership, marriage and contractual arrangements. pluto/juno points to the need for endings and new beginnings in relationships as well as relationship patterns or paradigms in our lives. structures, traditions, expectations and obligations are undergoing major shifts. with the mars/juno conjunction friday night and both quincunx pluto all day today- there is a huge death and rebirth/transformational vibe playing in relationships, businesses, romantic partnerships, with children, creatively and more. the key is to access the Highest expression of leo- radiant, heart centered, creative, generous, expressive- and to transform the shadow tendencies of too much leo (narcissism) or disowned leo (lack of self love/self esteem).

have a blessed week!

~divine harmony

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