Sunday September 19th 2021

***all times are PDT***

monday july 27th-
retrograde pluto in capricorn opposes vesta in cancer at 5:37am, bringing tension between the Lord of the Underworld and the Priestess asteroid Goddess. from today through wednesday vesta triggers the pluto/eris square- bringing activation and intensity into home/family situations (vesta is in cancer) as well as in regards to what we are deeply devoted to and focused on. pluto gives penetrating insight and eris gives immense energy to take a stand for what is true and right. yet pluto can also exacerbate power/control dynamics and eris can fight just to fight. watch out for emotional subjectivity that makes it hard to see what is big Truth versus personal small truth. stay devoted to big Truth and dig deep to get to it- within and without.

at 9:07am retrograde jupiter in capricorn sextile retrograde neptune in pisces, for the 2nd of 3 times (first was 2/20)- linking the two planets of spirituality (and the two rulers of the last sign of the zodiac pisces) in beautiful ways! this is an amazing year long transit for spiritual expansion, mystical studies, honing our intuition, trusting our dreams and navigating the Unconscious. jupiter in capricorn is deeply grounded and masterful while neptune in pisces opens us up to Other Worlds and Other dimensions. at best jupiter has us solidly rooted and neptune makes sure our crown chakras are open to Higher Consciousness. this is amazing for having one foot in both worlds- material and spiritual, mundane and sacred, 3D and 5D or beyond. jupiter in capricorn is also great for practical application and manifestation of our Highest neptune ideals like compassion, altruism, selfless service and Unconditional Love. tap into the amazing energy available today and work with it for the Good of All!

at 10:36am venus in gemini quincunxes retrograde jupiter in capricorn, creating tension and friction between lesser and Greater Benefics. venus is triggering the jupiter/neptune sextile today and she makes tense aspects to both. the desire to be all Love and Light at the expense of seeing the shadow is really magnified today. where are we being overly superficial, over spending/partying/socializing but missing the deeper reality of things going on beyond the surface? too much of a good thing can be unhealthy and toxic. dive deeper to get to the Truth.

venus in gemini squares retrograde neptune in pisces at 10:48am, creating tension and friction between the lower heart and Higher Heart. venus is in the last days of her backend shadow- and this is the third and final time she makes a square aspect to neptune. her first two were in may and there is a bookend to the story that was happening back then that is coming full circle right now. this has been an intense portal of time where not all is as it seems. gemini is very linear and logical- what you can see, taste, touch, smell and hear is real. neptune in his sign of pisces on the other hand is intuitive, otherworldly, dreamy- and also at times irrational, illusory, escapist and addictive. at best neptune attunes us to a Higher Frequency of Love and Light and at worst he exacerbates our desires to escape, delude ourselves, be in denial, turn to addictions to numb out, be enchanted, be manipulated or do the manipulating and not see and discern ourselves, others and the world around us clearly. with venus involved we need to make sure we are seeing clearly in relationships- both love, friendship and financial- as well as in regards to our values and what is important to us. DISCERNMENT is the most powerful tool to cultivate and utilize right now (and really the most powerful siddhi- or magical capacity- more important than manifesting gold out of thin air!). NOT ALL IS AS IT SEEMS. and honestly i would question anyone telling you they know everything and can see the whole picture. smoke and mirrors are present. who is behind the curtain? it’s not who you think it is! this goes for within- where do you see through smoke and mirrors in your own soul/about your own behavior/in the way you show up in relationship? but also without- politically, globally, environmentally and more. be sure to watch my Venus Retrograde Video for reflection on this potent cycle which you can find posted here-

at 2:46pm mercury in cancer squares mars in aries for the 3rd and final time! mercury/mars in may was in fixed signs and was more bull headed (mercury in taurus) and rebellious (mars was in aquarius). now mars is in aries the sign he rules- heading into front end shadow for his retrograde late summer into fall and he is chomping at the bit! mercury is in cancer the sign of emotions and feelings and the square between the two can definitely exacerbate tendencies to being emotional reactive and emotionally subjective right now. it’s super important to THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK and count to 10 before you react so you can take time to respond. this is feisty, fiery and potentially aggressive and combative. learning how to hold people accountable without shaming them- and learning how to hold OURSELVES accountable without collapsing into shame- are critical right now. as this is the last square there is something coming full circle right now that relates to may. pay attention! and take a listen to brene brown’s latest podcast all about this-

the sun in leo sesquiquadrates retrograde neptune in pisces at 11:20pm, creating tension between the conscious self and ego that wants to shine bright and the planet of mysticism, illusion and dissolution. this can be great for spiritual practices, intuition, dreams, creativity and surrender- but it can also exacerbate tendencies towards denial, delusion, avoidance of reality and checking out. finding balance between ego (leo) and spirit (pisces) is key! we are spiritual beings having a human experience- we want to honor BOTH! wherever we are overusing (abusing) one at the expense of the other- we need to find balance today/tonight!


tuesday july 28th-
venus moves out of back end shadow! she is officially past the degrees she has gone over 3 times and is not in new territory. hopefully this deep journey helped you cleanse your eyes of perception so that you can see yourself, others and the world around you more clearly <3 <3 <3

retrograde jupiter in capricorn squares mean black moon lilith in aries at 8:31am, creating tension between the planet of expansion and excess and the fierce Dark Feminine. jupiter/lilith is great for learning and/or teaching the mysteries, the occult and magic. expanding our understanding beyond our preconceived limitations is supported right now. yet jupiter can also exacerbate the power/control dynamics of lilith. steer clear of power over/power under dynamics where you are playing the tyrant or victim. ultimately lilith is about empowerment and equality- but the astrology right now is more likely to reveal where there are imbalances of power and lack of equality. doing the work to restore balance is key.


wednesday july 29th-
retrograde neptune in pisces semisextiles mean black moon lilith in aries at 3:08am, linking the planet of mysticism and spirituality with the fierce Dark Feminine. this is great for mysticism, intuition, dreams and psychic capacity. neptune is taking us beyond the veil, while lilith in aries has the courage and confidence to go there! as this aspect occurs in the early morning hours, pay attention to your dreams upon waking for important messages from the Unconscious.

vesta in cancer squares retrograde eris in aries 5:26pm, finishing vesta’s trigger of the pluto/eris square that began on monday. vesta is the Priestess asteroid Goddess of focus and devotion. in cancer she is extra focused on home, family, hearth and the inner life. eris is revealing what is in the shadow and she is awakening anger and rage. if we use this anger and rage in healthy ways it can lead to sacred activism. watch out for issues in home/family situations right now. don’t stuff emotions, don’t act out in them but use them to inform you of what is going on and then take healthy action based on what you realize you need to do.


thursday july 30th-
mercury in cancer opposes retrograde jupiter in capricorn at 7:17am, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the planet of expansion and excess. over the next few days into the start of august mercury will trigger jupiter, pluto, eris and saturn (in that order). communication can get activating, intense, reactive and combative so be aware and navigate with care. use the jupiter energy to expand your mind and see the Bigger Picture- not just your own perspective and ways of believing.

at 11:44am mercury in cancer trines retrograde neptune in pisces, linking the lower rational mind with the Higher Heart and intuitive knowing. this is great for dreams, creativity, compassion, intuition and psychic perception. with both bodies in water signs our empathy, kindness and altruism is supported right now. pay attention to your dreams, inner knowing and the inspiration that runs through you. give yourself time in nature, making art, meditating or volunteering today <3

venus in gemini quincunxes retrograde pluto in capricorn at 6:50pm, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Lord of Underworld. venus/pluto is deep but also intense. in relationships, finances and in regards to our values and self-worth we can have deep and perhaps shadowy things coming up for us to face. if we are overly venus in gemini- wanting lightness and not wanting to go beneath the surface this can be intense. watch out for power struggles in relationships or regarding money. if we are using lightness to escape our grief or pain- pluto can bring up that which we need to face right now. now that venus is out of her backend shadow we are in new venus territory and to have venus link with pluto as her first aspect out of the Underworld phase is big. what is dead is dead- let it go and use your power wisely- to transform yourself rather than try to change or force others. (venus triggers the pluto/eris square until saturday)


friday july 31st-
the sun in leo semisquares venus in gemini at 3:47am, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Goddess of Love and Beauty. the sun wants to shine, be seen and have fun! the tense aspect to venus can exacerbate tendencies to overindulge, be self focused and be superficial. being aware of what the heart feels and needs is key.

at 6:15pm the sun in leo trines retrograde chiron in aries, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Wounded Healer planetoid. sun/chiron is amazing for healing around our fire, desires, masculine energy, will and drive. learning right use of power, fire and will is key with chiron in aries. healing around our sense of self, identity and self esteem is also possible right now.


saturday august 1st-
mercury in cancer opposes retrograde pluto in capricorn at 3:52am, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Lord of the Underworld. mercury/pluto is great for therapy, shadow work, research and investigation. yet the tense nature of this opposition can make for unexpected revelations, emotional intensity and power/control dynamics in communication. using this astrology to dive deep and confront emotions and things from the past is key. mercury will trigger the pluto/eris square all day today- so pay attention to what is arising in communication, thinking, information and ideas!

venus in gemini sextiles retrograde eris in aries at 4:10am, aligning the Goddess of Love and beauty with the Goddess who reveals discord and chaos! these two are in harmonious alignment- supporting us in speaking to/seeing what is hidden so we can bring it to consciousness and work with it from a place of awareness (versus having it come up out of nowhere and force our hand). embracing the warrior archetype and being willing to take a stand for what we believe in is supported right now!

mercury in cancer squares retrograde eris in aries at 8:39pm, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. communication can be shocking, revealing and suddenly unexpected today. shadow is coming to Light and we want to be aware of our emotions, feelings, subjectivities, anger and aggression. having healthy outlets for anger and rage is key. steer clear of being passive aggressive or overtly aggressive and instead be honest and speak from the heart. being willing to see what is not being looked at- in ourselves and in others and the world around us is key!


sunday august 2nd-
the sun in leo squares uranus in taurus at 4:19am, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener. sun/uranus is a wake up shake up aspect- wherever things are stuck or stagnant we can be shaken up today! we do need to be aware of where we are overdoing the radical, revolutionary energy and where we are staying stuck in rigidity and resistance to change. this leads us to a potent full moon in aquarius square uranus tomorrow! prepare for wake up/shake up energies and stay open to change!!!

venus in gemini semisquares uranus in taurus at 10:16am, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener. changes of heart and mind are possible right now. relationships, love, money and abundance are in the midst of shift. being honest and communicative is key. waking up in the body is important so bring that heady energy out of the head and down into the body. FEEL YOUR EMOTIONS don’t just think about them- and then let your emotional awareness lead you in the right direction.

mercury in cancer semisextiles venus in gemini at 12:26pm, linking the mind and heart in positive ways. have heart to heart talks today- sharing your feelings and thoughts from a place of honesty, openness and compassion. be sure to also listen to the Truths of others! from this space of clarity the path forward will reveal itself.

mercury cojoins vesta 26’22 cancer at 9:31pm, aligning the mind and intellect with the Priestess asteroid Goddess of devotion and focus. this is a great time to focus the mind, communicate about home/family matters, and be devoted to creating bridges of communication in situations where there appears to be great divides.


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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