Thursday July 9th 2020

***all times are PDT***

monday july 22nd-
happy mary magdalene feast day! mary magdelene’s true role in jesus’ life is being discovered and revealed. in 2016 her status was officially elevated by the catholic church to that of a saint. if you are interested in learning more about her i highly recommend the books ‘rituals in sacred stone’ and ‘mary magdalene revealed’ (there are others too- you can google for them). she is now called ‘the apostle of the apostles’. there are some, like myself, that believe she was the partner of jesus. this is not simply heresy but comes from biblical texts that were buried and hidden that revealed info as such. 2000 years ago as the patriarchal consciousness and monotheistic god with no wife began to take hold- there existed a very different consciousness that understood that both the masculine and the feminine were Divine and that God had a wife- and her name was Asherah. the healing of the split on our planet boils down to the healing of this split between masculine and feminine, mind and body, spirit and soul. to elevate the Divine Feminine and bring her back to her rightful place of balance with the Divine Masculine is key to the evolution of humanity and in my opinion it is key to the survival of humanity as well! take some time today to honor the Divine Feminine within and without <3

retrograde jupiter in sagittarius trines juno in leo at 10:14am, aligning the planet of expansion and positivity with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. jupiter and juno are husband and wife in roman mythology (zeus and hera respectively in greek). they are the King and Queen of the Heavens. linking together today there can be expansive, growth oriented energy playing out in relationships. in fire signs this can also manifest as positive things happening in learning, teaching and travel (sagittarius) and in creativity and self-expression (leo). jupiter trines juno today and saturn will quincunx her later in the week. there are certain relationships and endeavors that are supporting our growth and others that hold us back. discerning wheat from chaff and letting go of that which on longer serves is key.

the sun moves out of cancer and into leo at 7:50pm, shifting the conscious self and ego from lunar to solar, yin to yang. the sun rules leo and is very well placed in this sign! the coming month is a time to shine, be creative, be on stage, lead and do so from the heart! just watch out for the shadow of the sun’s journey through leo- narcissism, needing adoration and attention and having a hard time focusing on others ;)

the sun in leo sesquiquadrates retrograde jupiter in sagittarius at 9:52pm, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the planet of expansion and excess. sun/jupiter is fiery and ready to go! they are confident and bold but can also be impulsive, reactive and restless. watch out for too much ego, hubris or self righteousness. actions taken with awareness of future consequences is key.

tuesday july 23rd-
retrograde saturn in capricorn trines vesta in taurus at 2:25am, aligning the planet of discipline and mastery with the Priestess asteroid Goddess. saturn in capricorn is deeply devoted to integrity and self-mastery and linking with vesta there’s a sharpening of focus, devotion and one-pointed awareness. with both bodies in earth signs this can bode well for work, career, financial abundance and more. when we are willing to commit to doing the work (inner and outer) the rewards will come but the purpose of the commitment is to do the work- the rewards are simply icing on the cake ;)

at 4:15am venus in cancer squares just turned retrograde eris in aries, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and beauty and the Goddess of discord and chaos! venus/eris can bring shocking and unexpected energies into home/family dynamics. being open to seeing what is going on beneath the surface so we can get to the root and Truth of matters is necessary right now. if we are holding onto the past or stuffing anger or passively aggressively expressing it- we can find this time extra intense and uncomfortable! tapping into eris’ energy and being willing to let go of what we hold onto that holds us back is recommended right now!

wednesday july 24th-
retrograde saturn in capricorn quincunxes juno in leo at 1:51pm, creating tension between the Lord of Karma and Father of Time and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. on monday jupiter trined juno and today saturn makes a tense aspect to her. some relationships and commitments are good for us and help us grow and expand- others are toxic, stagnant, karmic or old paradigm and it’s time to cut our loses. reality checks in relationships, commitments and finances are in focus right now. getting real is key.

vesta in taurus sextiles the north node in cancer at 3:55pm, aligning the Priestess asteroid Goddess with the node of destiny and evolution. yesterday vesta trined saturn and next week she links with neptune- so she is activating the saturn/neptune sextile, the saturn south node conjunction and the neptune north node conjunction. when faster moving bodies activate bigger transits we want to pay attention. vesta is about devotion, focus and mission. in taurus she is deeply embodied and committed to showing up in practical, tangible ways. linking with the north node in cancer- she supports our evolution when it comes to emotional intimacy, vulnerability, softness and opening to the Divine Feminine (cancer is the Great Mother). she is helping us see what from the past is good and worth bringing forth with us into the future- but also what from the past blocks us and holds us back from the evolution we seek. discerning between the two takes mastery and commitment to one’s growth.

at 5:26pm retrograde mercury cojoins venus at 26’13 cancer, aligning the mind with the heart in lovely ways. this is great for sharing our thoughts and feelings with ourselves and others. typically this is great for being social and having the heart and mind connected. yet keep in mind this mercury retrograde began with a conjunction to mars and will end with a square to eris and opposition to pluto. so there are intense energies afoot right now! use this astrology today to make sure your heart is leading all communications- so that speaking is coming from compassion AND clear healthy boundaries. think both/and!

thursday july 25th-
at 5:22am mars in leo trines retrograde jupiter in sagittarius, aligning the two yang fire planets in fire signs in POWERFUL ways! this is excellent for traveling, teaching, learning, speaking and expanding! this is a ‘go for it’ aspect where we have the confidence and courage to make things happen. we are optimistic and not only see what is possible we have the power to create it! just watch out for too much fire not being contained properly. grounding is important.

friday july 26th-
the sun in leo sesquiquadrates retrograde neptune in pisces at 9:27am, bringing tension between the conscious self and ego and the planet of idealism, fantasy and illusion. since monday the sun has been triggering the jupiter/neptune square- which can be idealistic, romantic, glamorous and imaginative but because this is a tense aspect it can also be out to lunch, ungrounded and fantasy based. being willing to see reality clearly- in ourselves, in others and the world around us. don’t check out- check in!

at 7:41pm mars in leo quincunxes retrograde saturn in capricorn, creating tension between the will and drive and the planet of restriction and inhibition. yesterday’s mars/jupiter which was expansive and optimistic gives way to mars/saturn which is contractive and realistic. at best we can use mars/saturn to be masterful, slow and steady in our action and progress. but saturn can depress mars’ fire and if so it can exacerbate passive-aggression or full out anger and rage. mastery over our will, drive and desires is important right now. we don’t want to repress them/stuff them but we also don’t want to act out in them without thinking of the consequences down the line.

saturday july 27th-
venus at 29 cancer sequiquadrates retrograde jupiter in sagittarius at 3:41pm, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the planet of expansion and excess. these are the two Benefic planets and they both love to enjoy life and have a good time! in tense aspect they can overdo it and with venus at the karmic completion degree (29th degree of any sign) there can be big things up to look at in relationships, finances and having a good time. have fun but have boundaries and healthy limits today!

venus moves out of cancer and into leo at 6:54pm, shifting the Goddess of Love and Beauty from water to fire, yin to yang, lunar to solar. venus in leo is amazing for romance, fun, creativity, self expression and radiance! she truly enjoys life! have fun in the coming weeks of her transit through leo and just be aware of the shadow of venus in leo- narcissism, self focus and pride.

sunday july 28th-
retrograde saturn in capricorn semisquares ceres in sagittarius at 8:05am, creating tension between the Great Father and Great Mother. saturn in capricorn is focused on stability, structure, discipline and commitment. ceres in sagittarius is focused on freedom, expansion, growth and positivity. they have different modes of operation and in tense aspect there can be a clash in needs and drives. there can be things up right now in home/family dynamics, with parents or children, and around our basic needs. navigating differences of opinion wisely is key.

the sun in leo trines retrograde chiron in aries at 8:43pm, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Wounded Healer planetoid. sun/chiron is amazing for healing around our fire, desires, masculine energy, will and drive. learning right use of power, fire and will is key with chiron in aries. healing around our sense of self, identity and self esteem is also possible right now.

have a lovely week…

~divine harmony

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