Sunday September 19th 2021

***all times are PDT***

***this is a truncated version of the weekly forecast including the major aspects only (no minors, no asteroids). will return to full weekly forecast next week! <3

monday july 20th-
the new moon at 28’27 cancer is exact at 10:33am PDT, kicking of the SECOND new moon in cancer (the first was the potent solstice solar eclipse/new moon on june 20th). two new moons in the same sign is an astrological black moon- and what this means is the same area of your chart/area of the sky is getting a double dose of extra potent new beginning energy. adding to this the fact that the first new moon was a very powerful ring of fire eclipse and we can see that where this new moon falls your life is really getting a huge boost/upgrade/opening!!! this new moon is opposite saturn almost EXACT- showing us what is blocking us from these new beginnings. where are you stuck, stagnant, staying in relationships/jobs/friendships/situations that no longer serve? where does the patriarchal paradigm you see without actually source from somewhere deep within? now it is time to LET THAT SHIT GO! (pardon my french) this new moon is semisextile the north node who is almost exactly aligned with the ANTI GALACTIC CENTER- opposite the Galactic Center and known as the Silver Gate (versus Golden Gate of the GC). contemporary understanding of these gates is the Silver Gate is the Gate of Man, the Golden Gate the Gate of God- and the Golden Gate is seen as elevated and ‘better’. actually the Silver Gate is the Gate of the Mother (Silver/Moon) and connects to the Great Central Moon just as the Golden Gate connects to the Great Central Sun. the Silver Gate points AWAY from the center of our Galaxy and is out beyond the edges of it and reaches into Dark Matter and what lies beyond. this is the Gate of the Mother and with the link to the new moon in the sign of the Mother there is much potent energy to access right now around mothering, nurturing, caretaking, inner child, the Divine Feminine and more.

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at 12:37pm eris stations retrograde 24’33 aries, bringing the Goddess of discord, chaos and upheaval into strong focus. eris is the Goddess who threw the apple of discord and caused the trojan war- but she is not all bad as she is often made out to be. she can only cause discord when there is unrest and shadow underneath that is not being acknowledged or dealt with- and her role in mythology is to bring to Light that which others don’t want to see but need to look at in order to evolve. being willing to look at what you don’t want to look at and call out in yourself and others that which is hidden is powerful medicine that must be held with much consciousness, awareness and compassion. watch out for anger and rage today (eris is in aries after all) and have healthy outlets for it so it can be worked with creatively rather than destructively. to learn more about eris my ERIS MASTERCLASS is now available on demand-

thee sun in cancer opposes retrograde saturn in capricorn at 3:28pm, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. sun/saturn demands we get real. we need to see WHAT IS rather than what could be/used to be/might be/should be. we need to attend to reality right now. sun/saturn can be heavy and even depressing but if we are willing to deal with reality we can find a sense of mastery and grounding right now. issues arising are opportunities to rise to the occasion. testing in home/family situations, with children and mothers, and in regards to our sense of safety and security can arise right now. know that this, too, shall pass.


tuesday july 21st-
mercury in cancer squares retrograde chiron in aries at 8:51am for the 3rd and final time due to mercury’s recent retrograde journey. mercury/chiron links the mind and intellect with the Wounded Healer and from today to tomorrow mercury will trigger the uranus/chiron semisextile. we have had a minor aspect between uranus and chiron from 2009-2021 bringing radical and revealing insights into our wounds and pain (personally and collectively) with opportunity for deep healing if we choose to not look away but instead show up and face and work with what is arising. mercury is supporting this in our conversations, communications and thinking right now. this is a time to be intimate with our emotions, feelings, sensitivities, vulnerabilities and needs. seeing where we have shut those down, blocked them in ourselves and others, and where we have an opportunity to do things different now is on tap! open your mind and come from a Higher Perspective today! don’t act out of your wounds and pain but instead turn towards them with compassion and care and see how that shifts things within and without <3


wednesday july 22nd-
happy mary magdalene feast day! mary magdelene’s true role in jesus’ life is being discovered and revealed. in 2016 her status was officially elevated by the catholic church to that of a saint. if you are interested in learning more about her i highly recommend the books ‘rituals in sacred stone’ and ‘mary magdalene revealed’ (there are others too- you can google for them). she is now called ‘the apostle of the apostles’. there are some, like myself, that believe she was the partner of jesus. this is not simply heresy but comes from biblical texts that were buried and hidden that revealed info as such. 2000 years ago as the patriarchal consciousness and monotheistic god with no wife began to take hold- there existed a very different consciousness that understood that both the masculine and the feminine were Divine and that God had a wife- and her name was Asherah. the healing of the split on our planet boils down to the healing of this split between masculine and feminine, mind and body, spirit and soul. to elevate the Divine Feminine and bring her back to her rightful place of balance with the Divine Masculine is key to the evolution of humanity and in my opinion it is key to the survival of humanity as well! take some time today to honor the Divine Feminine within and without <3

at 1:37am the sun moves out of cancer and into leo, shifting the conscious self and ego from lunar to solar, yin to yang. the sun rules leo and is very well placed in this sign! the coming month is a time to shine, be creative, be on stage, lead and do so from the heart! just watch out for the shadow of the sun’s journey through leo- narcissism, needing adoration and attention and having a hard time focusing on others ;)

at 1:25pm mercury in cancer sextiles uranus in taurus, linking the lower mind with the Higher Mind in expansive ways! mercury/uranus is great for bolt out of the blue awarenesses, radical insights, illuminating communications and information coming to Light. we are able to think outside the box right now! with cancer and taurus involved- these two signs have deep connections and attachments to safety, security and the past. this is an opportunity to let go of that which we hold onto that does not serve- in thinking, in possession and more.


***there are no major aspects the last 4 days of this week (thursday july 23rd through sunday jul 26th)! there are only minor aspects to asteroids. when we have so many days in a row with no major aspects we get some space to breathe and just be (of course you personal astrology trumps everything so check your personal aspects for more info)

take some time to relax and renew this week! <3


~divine harmony

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