Thursday January 23rd 2020

***all times are PDT***

monday july 1st-
mercury parallels neptune at 4:12am, making an aspect by declination with the aspect by degree occurring wednesday. from now until then we have a super aspect between these two. positively this is great for intuition, creativity, imagination and spirituality. the shadow side is that the logical mind is at odds with the intuitive self- which can make us overdo egotistical thinking (mercury is in leo after all) or it can make us throw all practicality out the window while we believe in pipe dreams. pay attention to your dreams this week- they could be potent!

at 4:19pm mars moves out of cancer and into leo, shifting the will and drive from yin to yang, water to fire, feminine to masculine essenced. mars is a fire planet and in fiery leo he is extra passionate, creative, intense and potent. mars in leo is a natural leader and hero. he can also think he is royal and be narcissistic, arrogant and addicted to attention. use mars’ fire in the coming weeks to get creative and passionate but not too stuck on yourself ;)

mercury contraparallels mars at 7:34pm with the mercury/mars conjunction coming on july 8th. all week long as mercury slows down to go retrograde on july 7th we have a super aspect between mercury and mars. this is great for being forthright, taking action, speaking truth and being decisive. but it can also exacerbate tendencies to argue, be combative, be reactive and impulsive, and speak without thinking. balance is key!

tuesday july 2nd-
the new moon/total solar eclipse at 10’38 cancer is exact at 12:16pm PDT, initiating us into the powerful eclipse portal that unfolds all month long. total solar eclipses are the most powerful as they are total- the full light of the sun will be blocked out during this eclipse. a solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes between the earth and the sun- so the Unconscious eclipses the conscious self and brings what is hidden to light. eclipses are game changers. they come to take us quickly from point A to point B and they will drag us kicking and screaming if need be (more so if you have anything around 11 cancer or the cardinal signs 11 aries/libra/capricorn). this is a north node eclipse MASSIVELY calling us forward into our growth and destiny. yet we need to remember that in order to move forward we often have to leave something/someone behind. this can be a game changer eclipse in regards to that as the eclipse and north node are opposite saturn on the karmic south node- just exact on june 23rd for the 2nd of 3 times. this summer is quite karmic as saturn the planet of karma is on the karmic south node a total of 3 times- very powerfully and poignantly highlighting what is karmic, toxic, stagnant or stuck in our lives and what we need to do about it. for more information on this lunation check the lunar insight posted a couple days before the new moon eclipse is exact. also listen to the lunar gate call and lunar horoscopes to help you navigate the eclipse portal ahead! (for more info on accessing this level of content click here-

wednesday july 3rd-
chiron in aries trines juno in leo at 2:39am and the uranus squares juno at 5:39am- linking the uranus/chiron semisextiee (exact this past sunday june 30th) with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. chiron/juno can bring deep and profound healing in relationships, commitments and partnerships (romantic, business and financial). this can also be about healing of our internal relationship between our own inner masculine and feminine. yet the uranus square can bring big changes into relationships as well. letting go of what we hold onto that is holding us back from growth and evolution is key. with chiron in aries healing around the masculine is occurring- with uranus in taurus awakening of the feminine is occurring. this can play out in relationships with men or women in our lives but this can also be about the deeply internal relationship that is the template for the ones we have externally. as these aspects occur in the early morning hours- pay attention to your dreams upon waking for messages about the healing and/or changes happening in your relationships, partnerships and commitments in your life.

mercury in leo sesquiquadrates retrograde neptune in pisces at 4:46am, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the planet of intuition, confusion and illusion. this can be lovely for psychic ability, creativity and inspiration but it can also be ungrounded and out to lunch. we have had a super aspect between these two since monday. discernment is an important thing to cultivate right now. don’t just wear rose colored glasses and see what you want to see.

at 8:18am venus moves out of gemini and into cancer, shifting the Goddess of Love and Beauty from air to water, mind to emotion, yang to yin. venus in cancer is the Mother Goddess. she loves and values home, family, children, emotional intimacy, intuitive connection and empathy. the coming weeks of her transit through this sign can be very romantic and beautiful- particularly when she aligns with the north node and trines neptune mid month. just watch out for being overly attached to the best, subjective and emotional to the point of not finding balance.

thursday july 4th-
mars in leo sesquiquadrates retrograde jupiter in sagittarius at 5:32am, creating tension between the will and drive and the planet of excess and abundance. mars in leo is powerful and creative but can also be over the top with ego and self focus. jupiter can add more fuel to that fire! keep in mind we are about to have mercury station retrograde on july 7th and the very next day a stationary mercury aligns with mars- so we have strong mars fire present right now and we want to be careful and wield it wisely. things said and done cannot be taken back or undone- so it’s good to have the capacity to pause, reflect and then respond instead of react in the coming weeks. tap into the positive side of this aspect and use the creative fire to boldly pursue your dreams!

friday july 5th-
venus in cancer semsiextiles mars in leo at 3:32am, linking the Divine Lovers in creative and romantic ways. venus is in yin, water cancer- the sign of the moon- while mars is in yang, fiery leo- the sign of the sun. sun and moon are lovers as are venus and mars. the link between the feminine and the masculine can be quite lovely, creative, fertile and loving. enjoy!

the sun parallels venus at 6:00am, venus parallels the north node at 6:00am and then the sun parallels the north node at 10:23am. these are aspects by declination that give us a preview into the sun/north node and venus/north conjunctions incoming (july 9th and 17th respectively). pay attention to the destined fated things unfolding in your life right now- in relationships, family, home, in your emotional well being and more. throughout the month destiny is calling! pay attention!

saturday july 6th-
retrograde pluto in capricorn semisquares mean black moon lilith in pisces at 3:51am, creating a minor tense aspect between the Lord of the Underworld and the fierce Dark Feminine. at best this can be deep, profound, psychic, intuitive and transformative. but this is a minor tense aspect so there can also be power struggles, shadow coming to Light and illusions needing to be seen through. steer clear of power/over power/under dynamics and instead focus on empowering yourself and living the Truth of your life.

at 9:42am the sun cojoins the fixed star sirius at 14’20 cancer, bringing illumination from our sun and central star of our galaxy to the Spiritual Sun of our sun! there can be profound inspiration, cosmic downloads and High frequency Light and Love descending today. do something to tune into Sirius to access the galactic energy present! (check out my guided meditation with Sirius- you can find that here-

mercury in leo semisextiles venus in cancer at 11:26pm, linking the mind and heart in harmonious ways. this can be a lovely day to communication and share from the heart. of course mercury is at a standstill and is about to go retrograde tomorrow- so this aspect is an aspect being made during his slowest movement which amplifies the energy of it. balancing mind and heart, intellect and emotion, thinking and feeling is supported today.

sunday july 7th-
mars in leo sesquiquadrates retrograde neptune in pisces at 10:14am, creating tension between the will and drive and the planet of idealism, illusion and confusion. at best mars/neptune is creative, altruistic, spiritual and artistic. but the shadow of this aspect is our egos can get overblown (archetypal inflation) and we can be completely in denial of it (neptune). this can also manifest as nebulous situations with men where there could be over idealism, fantasy and even perhaps outright delusion or deception. navigate with awareness!

at 4:14pm mercury stations retrograde at 4’27 leo, bringing the Winged Messenger to a standstill in the sky. mercury retrograde is a time to rethink, review and revise the past. in leo we are addressing romantic relationships, relationships with children, our own creativity and self expression, and our relationship to our ego. mercury comes to a standstill conjunct mars (exact tomorrow) which makes this an extra fiery and feisty underworld journey. watch out for arguments, power/control dynamics, aggression and narcissistic self focus. if you are seeking compromise or collaboration my way or the highway tactics will not work! access the heart-centered leo fire and radiate love in the coming month!

have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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