Sunday September 19th 2021

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monday june 29th-
thee sun in cancer squares juno in libra at 4:24pm- bringing focus to partnerships, marriage, commitment and relationship. this week chiron opposes juno (on saturday july 4th- same day as the lunar eclipse) and all week long both the sun and mercury trigger this configuration. it’s an important week to really look at the wounding and unconscious patterns in relataionship. what is being magnified is what is not balanced, harmonious, healthy and aligned. if our default is to sweep things under the carpet- the astrology right now is going to bring it up and out. chiron can help us see what needs to be done for healing- but first we have to FEEL the wounds and pain we have denied. if we tend to be overly relational at the expense of ourselves we are asked to face patterns of codependency, enabling and staying too long. if we tend to be overly self focused and independent we are asked to face where we are being selfish and learn to put others first. balance is key!

at 10:46pm retrograde jupiter cojoins retrograde pluto at 24’06 capricorn, or the 2nd of 3 times (first was 4/4). this is one of the big transits of 2020- along with saturn conjunct pluto 1/12, pluto square eris 2020-2021 and jupiter conjunct saturn in aquarius 12/21. jupiter is a trigger planet that comes along and actives outer planetary transits and takes them up a few notches. from 6/26-6/29 jupiter has been triggering the pluto/eris square (exact for the 2nd time 6/14)- arguably THE MOST IMPORTANT TRANSIT OF 2020. not many astrologers are talking about eris as she is a new body discovered in 2005. but historically new bodies discovered always tied into what was unfolding in the collective and eris’ role as distruptor is clearly seen in what is happening on the planet right now. at best jupiter brings Light (he is the Greater Benefic/one of the Great Lights) to the shadow (pluto). he brings massive opportunity for transformation, evolution and rebirth after death/endings/dark nights of the Soul. but he can also magnify the shadow of pluto- ruthless desire for power & control, back door/behind the scenes domination, subversive manipulation and even black magic. pluto is massively intense and extreme and jupiter is adding more fuel to the already hot and heavy pluto/eris fire. this is amazing for inner work, shadow work, therapy, shamanic journeys and diving into the depths of our being. yet what is down there can be intense, fear inducing and something we want to escape or avoid. the whole world is going through a dark night of the Soul right now- as people are being forced to stay at home, with less distractions, forced to feel their emotions and feel the fear, anxiety and uncertainty that the whole planet is in the midst of. it’s a lot. and then jupiter/pluto comes along and takes things to even deeper levels. your greatest tool in your toolbox right now will be your ability to be with the dark, work with emotions, relate to your fear (rather than deny/disassociate or enmesh/fuse) and really take the time to do DEEP INNER WORK. pay attention to what is going on right now in your life, relationships and in the world around you. things are heating up and we want to have EYES WIDE OPEN. (the Truth can set you free but first it might piss you off)


tuesday june 30th-
retrograde pallas athena in Capricorn squares eris in aries at 10:48am, creating tension between the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. big things are going on politically and behind the scenes. pallas is magnifying what needs to be seen and dealt with. eris is pulling back the curtain to reveal the shadow. we have pallas triggering the pluto/eris square this week (6/20-7/3) right while jupiter is also in the midst of triggering pluto/eris (6/26-29). big astro unfolding right now politically, environmentally and more! find your center in the storm- find your grounding in the midst of uncertainty.

at 10:48am the sun in cancer squares chiron in aries, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Wounded Healer planetoid. sun/chiron brings up old wounds and pain around the masculine, around home/family, mothering/nurturing and more. this is an opportunity to dive deep and confront old wounds and pain that run us. its an excellent day for inner work, therapy and shadow work. we need to FEEL in order to heal- particularly men and the masculine part of us that has been forced to disconnect from emotions due to patriarchal consciousness and ideas about what it means to be a man. be tender with yourself and others today.

retrograde mercury in cancer sextiles uranus in taurus at 3:12pm, linking the lower mind with the Higher Mind in expansive ways! mercury/uranus is great for bolt out of the blue awarenesses, radical insights, illuminating communications and information coming to Light. we are able to think outside the box right now! with cancer and taurus involved- these two signs have deep connections and attachments to safety, security and the past. this is an opportunity to let go of that which we hold onto that does not serve- in thinking, in possession and more. mercury/uranus is a defining signature of the mercury retrograde we are in- so this whole month and into july we want to PAY ATTENTION to the sudden insights, aha moments and revelations forthcoming!

at 7:52pm the sun cojoins retrograde mercury at 9’44 cancer, making the midway point of the current mercury retrograde cycle. pay attention to aha moments, important communications or information coming to Light. something about your personal journey of rethinking, reviewing and revising is being illuminated right now. with both bodies in watery cancer honoring emotions, feelings, the feminine and the inner child is key. somatic based body work can get us in touch with feelings from early childhood that our minds may have forgotten- but our body and soul has not forgotten. dive deep!

the sun in cancer sextiles uranus in taurus at 11:07pm, aligning the conscious self and ego with the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener. sun/uranus is great for change, innovation and profound shifts. both cancer and taurus tend to be attached to safety, security and the past. right now we are being awoken to what really matters and shown what it is time to let go of. being willing to do things differently and radically shift is key right now.


wednesday july 1st-
retrograde mercury in cancer squares chiron in aries at 9:56am, linking the mind and intellect with the Wounded Healer and from yesterday to today mercury has been triggering the uranus/chiron semisextile. we have had a minor aspect between uranus and chiron from 2009-2021 bringing radical and revealing insights into our wounds and pain (personally and collectively) with opportunity for deep healing if we choose to not look away but instead show up and face our wounds and pain. mercury is supporting this in our conversations, communications and thinking right now. this is a time to be intimate with our emotions, feelings, sensitivities, vulnerablilities and needs. seeing where we have shut those down, blocked them in ourselves and others, and where we have an opportunity to do things different now is on tap! open your mind and come from a Higher Perspective today! don’t act out of your wounds and pain but instead turn towards them with compassion and care and see how that shifts things within and without <3 (this is the 2nd trigger of these aspects due to mercury’s retrograde so think back to june 5th to see where conversations or ideas that came in back then are related to what is happening now)

retrograde saturn backtracks into the last degree of capricorn at 4:37pm, shifting the Lord of Karma and Father of time from air to earth, mind to body, progressive to traditionalist. saturn rules both aquarius and capricorn so he is in his rulership right now which makes him extra strong but also can overdo the shadow of saturn- dogma, rigidity, controlling, repressive, depressive and resistant to change. saturn will only be in capricorn for 5 1/2 more months- as of winter solstice 2020 he will officially be in aquarius for good. any last areas of government, business, structures, foundations and commitments in our personal and collective lives that needs to be dealt with can be up big time. what is toxic, stagnant, stuck, patriarchal and old paradigm? we need to deal with these outdated beliefs, traditions and ways of being/doing in order to move forward. the last 5 1/2 months of saturn moving through the last degrees of capricorn can be exceptionally karmic. tend to areas of life that feel blocked and resistant to change right now. do the work to discern baby from bathwater so that you are not holding onto dirty, toxic bathwater and keeping the baby in it! (symbolically speaking)


thursday july 2nd-
retrograde mercury in cancer squares juno in libra at 12:34am, bringing tension between the mind and intellect and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. between yesterday and today mercury is triggering the chiron/juno opposition that is exact tomorrow. communications, insights, information and revelations in relationship are incoming. old wounds and pain are surfacing and they need to be addressed- not swept under the carpet. some relationships can evolve and transform- others need to be released completely. pay attention to your dreams for important messages from the Unconscious.

retrograde pluto cojoins retrograde pallas athena at 24’03 capricorn at 5:15am, for the second of 3 times. the other two are 3/31and 11/12 (close to the USA presidential election) with 11/12 being a triple conjunction of jupiter/pluto/pallas (this year long transit is intimately tied in with the USA). all the pluto/pallas conjunctions are close to jupiter but the last one in november is EXACT. the contemporary version of athena is very patriarchal. she is a daughter of the system- being born of the head of zeus. her dad ate her pregnant mom after he heard a child born to him would overtake him- one day he had a splitting headache and took an axe to his head and pallas athena sprang from his head fully grown and in full armor. so she comes form the head- not the heart. she was born of a man- not a woman. and she is disconnected from her inner child- having never had the experience of being one. this can speak to women who are serving the patriarchy and it can speak to the oppression of the feminine and disconnection from the Mother (Mother Earth and the Mother archetype). positively pluto/pallas is great for sleuthing, researching, intensive therapy, shadow work and getting to the bottom of things. pallas’ capacity to see clearly combined with pluto’s depth perception can manifest this way. shadow pluto/pallas can manifest as manipulating the Truth in shadowy, controlling, subversive, even black magic kind of ways. demetra george tells us that pre-patriarchy pallas was known as tritogenia (meaning born of water), from ancient libya 6000+ years ago and was associated with primordial ancient egyptian Mother Goddess net (neith). the shift of the myth from net/tritogenia to the contemporary pallas athena myth is symbolic of the transition from matriarchy to patriarchy. another symbolic meaning of pallas conjunct pluto and square eris (she triggers pluto/eris 6/30-7/2) can be about deconstructing the patriarchal feminine- really showing us where we have adhered to a patriarchal standard and internalized it not knowing we are living from a system of oppression that we SAY we are against but actually unconsciously operate out of. pluto/pallas is death of the patriarchal version of pallas- and eris speaks to the rise of the Female Warrior archetype. when the dalia lama said ‘the world will be saved by the western woman’ i feel he meant the Solar Feminine Warrior archetype that expresses in women and men. this archetype fights evil, stands for Truth and will NOT back down from what is right. tap into this archetypal energy and wield it wisely!!!


friday july 3rd-
retrograde jupiter in capricorn cojoins retrograde pallas athena at 23’38 capricorn at 5:52pm, aligning the planet of expansion but also excess with the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. pallas is revealing the Bigger Picture at play- but there can also be magnification of patriarchal thought and ideas that are actually NOT the answers. more of the old paradigm is NOT going to help us or save us. think outside the box (thank Goddess eris is part of the planetary lineup right now)


saturday july 4th-
chiron in aries opposes juno in libra at 6:46am, bringing tension between the Wounded Healer and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. juno has been in a deep journey since last november due to her retrograde journey where she opposes chiron, quincunxes uranus, squares saturn, quincunxes neptune, squares pluto and opposes eris. one after another the libra scales of balance have been getting rocked (and so, too, has been the area of life designated by the house libra falls in). if juno were to have rulership over a sign it would be libra- the sign of partnership and marriage. chiron/juno highlights wounds and pain in relationships- showing us where things are seriously out of balance and what, if anything, we can do about it. if we tend to try to keep the peace at any cost and sweep things under the carpet while we pretend the surface facade is all good and pretty- then the juno journey can bring to Light what is hidden. being committed first and foremost to a healthy self and then discerning what supports that in our outer lives- be it relationships, career paths, ways we eat, or interact with others and more- is key.

the full moon/lunar eclipse at 13’37 capricorn is exact at 9:44pm, completing the triple eclipse portal we have been in since june 5th with the the first lunar eclipse in sagittarius. this is the LAST of the capricorn/cancer eclipses and it is the last hurrah of magnifying what is toxic, stagnant, stuck, patriarchal and old paradigm. what traditions and ways of being and doing are not only outdated but they are unhealthy and they need to be changed? the heavy karma of that which we have held onto out of fear of change or resistance to evolution can be felt strongly right now. this eclipse is opposite the sun/vesta/Sirius conjunction (more detail on this in the lunar insight) but suffice it to say we need to be devoted to Higher Truths and Higher Love right now! the path ahead is clear but we must leave something behind to navigate it. this is personal but this is also collective. this happens to be the USA’s birthday so we have an eclipse in our solar return chart. BIG CHANGES incoming for the USA- and it requires that we do our shadow work and deal with the toxicity of the past (the fact that this country was built on slavery and taking land from the indigenous people’s MUST BE FACED AND ATONNED FOR). for more in-depth insights on this lunar eclipse check the lunar insight posted a few days before the full moon/eclipse is exact.


sunday july 5th-
retrograde mercury in cancer semisextiles venus in gemini at 7:45am, linking the mind and heart in beautiful ways! mercury in cancer is intuitive, sensitive and emotional- while venus in gemini is communicative, cerebral and logical. when we link mind and heart, intellect and intuition, thinking and feeling- we are supported in communication and perceiving the world around us in new and more integrated ways. share your feelings and thoughts today- with yourself, with others. also be willing to hear other’s perspectives and experiences. find the common ground <3


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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