weekly astrology forecast- week of 6/20-6/26

by | Jun 19, 2022 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***PLEASE NOTE- all times are EDT. i am transitioning from Pacific time to Eastern time due to my recent move across country :)

monday june 20th-
at 3:44am mercury in gemini sextiles jupiter in aries for the 3rd and final time due to mercury’s recent retrograde journey. mercury exited back end shadow 6/18 so this is the first major aspect mercury makes past the degrees of the Underworld journey we have been moving through since april. as this is also an aspect he has made twice- with the first two connected with the Underworld journey- pay close attention to the information, teachings, aha moments and big reveals coming in – through dreams, intuition, conversations and information exchange. it can be quite revealing!!! mercury/jupiter links the mind and intellect with the planet of expansion and abundance! this can be great for learning, traveling, speaking, publishing and more. being willing to open your mind, see new things, speak up and take a stand can be empowering and rewarding right now!


tuesday june 21st-
at 4:23am venus in taurus trines retrograde pluto in capricorn, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Lord of the Underworld and planet of transformation. this is a lovely aspect for relationship, intimacy, depth and passion. with both bodies in earth signs it can also be exceptional for finances, career growth and coming into our power. venus in taurus loves the embodied experience- and she is also very much about self-worth and self-Love. be sure to love, value and nurture yourselves and others- and take relationships that are ready to do so deeper.

the sun moves out of gemini and into cancer 2:14am PDT/5:14am EDT, marking litha and the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere (or winter solstice in the south). solstice literally means ‘sun stands still’ and for 3 days the sun will do just that- not moving higher or lower in the sky. from here on out the sun will decrease in Light as we head to the other solstice at winter (it is reverse for those in the southern hemisphere). summer solstice marks the height of the sun- so it’s a great time to celebrate life and have some fun late into the day or night :) on a more mystical level this is the height of the sun’s light and power and is a time to reach for the Highest Light/Enlightenment we can access and then do the work to bring it fully down and into the body (descension after ascension). the sun in cancer is a great time to focus on home, family, roots and foundation. it’s a great time to be with loved ones and enjoy familiar surroundings- be it our own home or traveling back to places we have lived before (or places our ancestors came from). we just need to be aware that sun in cancer can magnify emotions and bring up deep attachments to the past- that sometimes we’d do better off with letting go ;)

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at 3:11pm mars in aries quincunxes the mean south node in scorpio, creating tension between the will and drive and the karmic south node. mars is in his rulership and he also rules the south node (pluto is the other ruler)- reminding us that misuse of power, will, anger or ego energy can backfire right now. we are being shown how to use our fire and will in ways that create, rather than destroy. facing shadow around ego and will- either overdoing it or repressing it entirely- is key for healing and karmic release right now!


wednesday june 22nd-
at 3:25am chiron in aries squares ceres in cancer, creating tension between the Wounded Healer and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. chiron/ceres can bring up old wounds and pain around mother, mothering, children, the inner child, emotions, safety and security. we have quite the interesting cancer season and solar gateway of solstice (i went over this in my latest solar gate call) which can bring up all manner of repressed emotions, feelings and needs that need to be addressed. chiron/ceres can show us where wounds are holding us back and where healing needs to happen. later in the week uranus harmoniously links with ceres- helping us to find just what is needed for a big shift!

venus moves out of taurus and into gemini at 8:34pm, shifting the Goddess of Love and Beauty from earth to air, body to mind, stability/security focus to movement/freedom focus. venus in gemini values freedom and space in relationships. she likes to flit about like a butterfly- being social and flirtatious with others. this is great for enjoying talks with others, sharing intellectual pursuits and being free! just watch out for the shadow side of venus in gemini: being superficial, noncommittal and/or bored in relationship. today venus transits the alpha star in the pleiades- alcyone- but the transit of the entire pleiades cluster spans about a week. pay attention to cosmic downloads, dreams and intuitions coming in from the 7 sisters!


thursday june 23rd-
at 12:08am mercury in gemini semisquares eris in aries, bringing tension between the mind and intellect and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. sudden and unexpected communications and information coming to Light is possible right now. use your voice to take a stand for Truth- but at the same keep your mind open to seeing more of the Truth than you previously had awareness of ;) from today through saturday mercury tensely triggers the pluto/eris square. big reveals incoming! wake up shake up Truths revealing!!! stay open to seeing the Truth even if it pisses you off or destabilizes you. the Truth will set you free!

the sun in cancer semisquares uranus in taurus at 6:40pm, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Rebel and Revolutionary! sun/uranus shows us where we are stuck in safety and security or attachments to the past and what we need to do to embrace change! tuning into where the Universe is asking us to let go to grow is key today and this whole solstice season.

at 7:47pm venus in gemini semisquares chiron in aries, bringing tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Wounded Healer planetoid. venus/chiron can bring up olds wounds and pain around self worth, self Love, value and in relationships with others. being aware of the mind and how you communicate – both sharing your though but also how you perceive what others say to you- can be insightful and healing today! but if we are not aware we can find communication wounding or intense. be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle <3

retrograde saturn in aquarius sextiles eris in aries at 9:21pm, linking the Lord of Karma and Father of Time with the Goddess of Discord, Chaos and Activism. we have had many intense aspects to eris in the last years- uranus conjucnt eris, pluto square, Saturn square, the south node quincunx. this is a harmonious aspect that is helping us harness the power of the Goddess of Discord and Chaos for our mastery and evolution. eris does not create chaos and discord so much as she reveals it. she pulls back the curtain and shows us what was always there that we ignored or denied. saturn with eris is showing us clearly what is going on and then showing us what it means to take accountability for our part in it- personally and collectively. saturn is about mastery and integrity and eris is about revelation of shadow. this is exceptional astrology for shadow work- diving deep to face what is hidden within because until we do it gets acted out without OR it gets projected without and fatally attracted into our lives. as jung said ‘until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate’. opportunities to get underneath things are present right now. with aquarius and aries configured this can be connected to communities, group associations, friendships and other social groups that have common vision and purpose- paritcularly those that take a stand for Truth or fight for those who do not have a voice or capacity to stand up for themselves. this is the 2nd of 3 saturn/eris squares throughout the year (the first was 5/6). pay attention to what is arising or unfolding in your life- personally and collectively- to get clear on where your path of mastery and maturity is wanting to take you deeper!


friday june 24th-
at 5:51am retrograde saturn in aquarius squares pallas athena in taurus, creating tension between the Lord of Karma and the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. saturn/pallas can bring some reality checks into focus. pallas likes to see the Big Picture and with saturn square her- what we see may not be pretty and demand we get real about what is working and what is not. with pallas in taurus this can be about the environment and climate change, about money and financial world and about our own personal values and what is important. a reset around what really matters is happening right now. with saturn tensely aspecting pallas it may feel hard to see the Bigger Picture at play – but if you focus on one step at a time you can move into the right direction with some hard work and discernment leading you.


saturday june 25th-
at 3:25am mercury in gemini sesquiquadrates retrograde pluto in capricorn, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Lord of the Underworld. mercury/pluto is great for diving deep, self inquiry, shadow work, therapy and research. this is a tense aspect though so watch out for obsessive thinking, black and white perspectives and/or avoiding the shadow all together and going up into the head. this aspect occurs in the early morning hours so pay attention to your dreams upon waking for messages from the Unconscious. this completes mercury’s trigger of the pluto/eris square that began on thursday. wake up shake up revelations and perhaps some intense communication is coming to an end. it’s up to us what we do with what we discovered! allow it to inform your evolution and growth for best results!

neptune in pisces sextiles pallas athena in taurus at 7:03am, linking the Higher Heart and planet of Intuition with the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. yesterday saturn tensely aspected her which brings reality checks and heavy realizations. but today neptune inspires her to see the Truth from a place of vision, inspiration and intuition! dreams can be amazing so pay attention! this is all about balancing the mystical with the embodied and practical. with saturn we see what IS, with neptune we see what is possible- with the two balanced we can bring dreams into manifestation if we are willing to do the work !

at 8:13pm uranus in taurus sextiles ceres in cancer, linking the Rebel and Revolutionary with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. uranus/ceres on the heels of chiron/ceres earlier in the week brings focus to mothers, mothering, children, the inner child, emotions, safety and security. chiron highlighted what is wounded and not healed but uranus is now providing the release valve and/or the insight into what is needed for healing to happen! open up to the new and allow the old to fall away. this is not about ignoring the past but about processing it so you can release it. innovations and new ideas incoming right now can be amazing- stay open to inspiration!


sunday june 26th-
at 3:14pm the sun in cancer semisquares the mean north node in taurus and sesquiquadrates the south node in scorpio, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the nodes of destiny and karma. with the sun tensely aspecting both nodes we can have some big time activation of our karmic past and how it trips us up from moving into the future. with the sun in cancer and the south node in scorpio it can be unprocessed emotions, attachments, and things we hold onto for FAR TOO LONG that are the very things that hold us back from growth, evolution and freedom. pay attention to the signposts (metaphorical, maybe literal?) today!


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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