weekly astrology forecast- week of 5/8-5/14

by | May 6, 2023 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***all times are EDT***


monday may 8th-
there are no major aspects today.


tuesday may 9th-
at 3:56pm the sun cojoins uranus at 18’56 taurus- aligning the conscious self and ego with the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener. uranus in taurus is a transit helping to wake us up to new values, to change our understanding of abundance and money and to wake up to deeper and more expansive self worth and self Love. sun/uranus can make for an exciting day- depending on how attached we are to control and having things all figured out. the recent lunar eclipse on 5/5 was opposite uranus so from 5/5 until today the uranian energy has been strong! stay open to change and doing something new today! just watch out for being restless, impulsive and reactive. don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!


wednesday may 10th-
at 11:39am venus in cancer sextiles the mean north node in taurus/trines the south node in scorpio- linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the north node of destiny in the sign of venus! pay attention to destiny today- people you meet, doors that open, pathways that open- can be beneficial, beautiful and positive! with venus also harmoniously linking with the karmic south node- we maybe shown things from the past that are ready to be resolved, completed and/or released so we can move into the new. this may require that we close old doors and/or say goodbye to something or someone – but with the harmonious alignment right now there is grace and ease supporting closure and the new beginnings that follow.

pallas athena in leo squares the mean nodes of the moon at 3:49pm, creating tension between the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess and the nodes of destiny and karma. when planets square the nodes we have a turning point regarding the energy of the planet/asteroid. with pallas athena the turning points can be related to seeing the Bigger Picture and assessing the Truth. with pallas in leo we want to embrace our creative intelligence but we also want to watch out for ego and bravado. the south node in scorpio is showing us shadows in the past that must be resolved- while the north node in taurus is showing us the path to peace, harmony and embodiment. turning points are present- choose wisely!


thursday may 11th-
at 2:42am venus in cancer semisquares uranus in taurus- creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Rebel and Revolutionary. uranus is in venus’ sign- shaking up our attachments to safety and security that have become the blockages to growth and evolution. both cancer and taurus like to hold onto things- cancer more so emotionally and taurus more so materially- but both of them can overdo this tendency to the point of blocking growth. venus/uranus is showing us what has to go! opening to the new, thinking outside of the box and being willing to lighten up (emotionally, literally and more) is supported today! just be aware there can be an unexpected energy playing out – particularly if we have been resisting change so long that the only way to shift is to pull the rug out from underneath us ;)

mars in cancer squares eris in aries at 9:17am- creating tension and friction between the lower will and drive and the Goddess of discord and chaos. this is a powerhouse of an aspect and from today until may 20th mars will trigger the separating pluto/eris square. with the Lord of the Underworld (pluto) and the Goddess who reveals the shadow that is hidden (eris) in focus- expect the boat to be rocked in your life! if you can work with these energies and be willing to peel back the curtain and look at what is hidden behind the facade- both in yourself, in your personal life and the world around you- then these energies can work for you rather than against you. having healthy outlets for emotions- particularly anger and rage- is key in coming week. watch out for aggression in yourself and others and do your best to respond rather than react. mars in cancer likes comfort, safety and security- but if we hold onto that in a way that prevents change and Truth being revealed then the astrology incoming could knock our socks off!


friday may 12th-
at 4:42am retrograde mercury in taurus sextiles saturn in pisces- linking the conscious mind and intellect with the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. this is a great day for serious and focused conversations and thinking. it’s great for research, long term focus and assessing things from a place of responsibility and maturity. important conversations had today have the potential to bear long term results- so pay attention! this is the 2nd aspect these two make due to mercury’s retrograde journey. the first was on 4/5- so think back to then and what was coming in and connect the dots to today.

if you have not read my Mercury Retrograde blog you can do so here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/mercury-retrograde-in-taurus-our-relationship-to-the-feminine-is-under-review/

neptune in pisces semisquares vesta in taurus at 6:58am- bringing tension between the Higher Heart and planet of mysticism with the Priestess asteroid Goddess of devotion and focus. our desire to check out can create a tendency to go up into our heads and into the Spirit realm- yet vesta in taurus is all about devotion to embodiment, sensuality and being IN the physical world. being aware of where we may be floating up and out instead of going down and in is key right now. we also want to be discerning about what we are devoted to. seeing beliefs, people, ideals clearly helps us see what deserves our devotion and what does not.

at 11:22am saturn in pisces squares juno in gemini, creating tension between the Lord of Karma and the asteroid Goddess of commitment, partnership and marriage. saturn/juno can bring reality checks into relationships in our lives- committed, sexual, emotional, business, financial and more. saturn demands we have our rose colored glasses off. juno in gemini can support honest communication but the square to neptune makes it more apt to be surface rather than deep. self honesty and honesty with others is the path right now.

retrograde mercury in taurus sextiles venus in cancer at 10:44pm, harmoniously linking the mind and the heart in positive ways! mercury is about to station direct and this is the closest aspect he makes at his station (the 2nd closest is the double sextiles to saturn). this is amazing for having heart to heart talks, honestly sharing and honestly listening. mercury is in venus ruled taurus – which is earthy, grounded, loyal and steady. venus is in sensitive, intuitive and empathic cancer. this is great for therapy but also for talks with those you love and who mean the most to you. make sure of the great astrology today!


saturday may 13th-
at 2:57am venus in cancer trines saturn in pisces, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Lord of Mastery, Integrity and Commitment. venus/saturn is exceptional for finding security and solidity in relationships. venus is empathic and intuitive in cancer and saturn provides great boundaries so we can live with open hearts. this is great astrology for bringing form to our dreams and inspiration as well as to our heart’s desires! interestingly yesterday juno squared saturn and today venus trines him- so there can be two different energies playing out in relationships right now. as the venus/saturn trine is harmonious- emotional intimacy, empathy, and intuition are things to turn towards/rely on. with juno in gemini- the mind may be easily deceived- but the heart/Soul/emotions will tell is straight. pay attention!


sunday may 14th-
at 11:17pm mercury stations direct at 5’50 taurus- stopping the Winged Messenger’s Underworld journey and commencing his journey back up and out. it will take him a while to exit his backend shadow- so we are still in the review, revise, rethink territory but we are starting to integrate all we have learned and received and will be starting to take action and move forward based on these realizations. with this Underworld journey in taurus we have been focusing on money and resources, material things, our values and being aligned with them, self worth and self Love, as well as the environment, Mother Earth and our relationship to this blessed planet. as mercury stations direct he does so in a double sextile to saturn- which can bring focused and serious thinking and communications but can also be deeply grounding. this is great for showing was IS grounded and fertile in our lives and what is not. having heart to hearts with honest sharing/listening is support from 5/12-5/19- a great time to lie all your cards on the table and be willing to see those of others, too.

if you have not read my Mercury Retrograde blog you can do so here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/mercury-retrograde-in-taurus-our-relationship-to-the-feminine-is-under-review/


have a blessed week ahead…


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