Sunday January 17th 2021

***all times are PDT***

monday may 4th-
at 6:54am mars in aquarius sextiles eris in aries, aligning the will and drive with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. in greek mythology ares (aka mars) and eris are brother and sister. they are the God and Goddess of War. with mars in visionary aquarius harmoniously aspecting eris in the sign of mars- we have amazing capacity to take a stand for Truth, embrace change, be the agents of change and radically revolutionize our personal and collectives lives!!! healthy detachment so we are seeing clearly and not seeing through the veil of illusion is important right now. use the Sword of Truth to cut through falsity and stand up for what is True!

the sun cojoins mercury at 14’52 taurus at 2:41pm, linking the conscious self and ego with the conscious mind and intellect. from 4/26 to 4/30 we just had the sun and mercury conjunct uranus- the Higher Mind, Revolutionary and Rebel. now we have the sun and mercury align themselves bringing important insights, information, communications and revelations. keep your mind OPEN- and be willing to see/hear/understand things that go against the established order. make your desire for Truth stronger than your desire for safety, security and the known.

SOLAR BELTANE is exact at 5:51pm PDT when the sun crosses into the 15th degree of taurus- the midpoint of the fixed signs and precise midpoint between spring equinox (ostara) and summer solstice (litha). calendar beltane was 5/1, solar beltane is today and lunar beltane is 5/7 with the full moon in scorpio. the solar and lunar alignments are the most potent and we have a tight beltane window this year!!! beltane is a fertility festival that exalts all the things taurus represents- fertility, embodiment, sensuality, Union with all of life. this is a time for pleasure, love, partnership, gestating new things we want to birth into the world. it’s a time for fruitfulness, manifestation, vitality and fun! for more information on this sacred gate of the sun take a listen to the SOLAR GATE CALL for solar beltane that will be posted by 5/1 or 5/2 the latest. if you are not a member and want to sign up to become one or you want to upgrade your membership to access gate calls, horoscopes and more click here-
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tuesday may 5th-
uranus in taurus quincunxes retrograde juno in libra at 8:52am, creating tension between the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. chiron opposed her last week and uranus quincunxes her this week (for the 2nd of 3 times- think back to november when this first began for the beginning of the story)- bringing rocky territory into relationships, partnerships, marriage and commitment. juno in libra wants peace and harmony but at times will stay on the surface to do so and sweep things under the carpet. both chiron and juno are exposing what is in the shadows. shadow work in relationships is key right now! juno is also about commitment to self and our own path. if we are too busy looking out at others- what they need to do or what we need to do for them- we will miss the amazing growth opportunities present right now!

at 9:40am mercury in taurus semisquares the mean north node in cancer, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the node of destiny and evolution. pay attention to conversations, information, ideas and connections made today. where are you stuck in an old mindset and in rigid ideas? where are you resistant to new information or Truth coming to Light. being in touch with emotions, feelings and intuition is key right now.

at 1:11pm mars in aquarius semisextiles retrograde pluto in capricorn, linking the lower will and Higher Will in positive ways. if we surrender our ego will to our Higher Power we can take action, have agency, set things into motion and move mountains today! mars in aquarius is ready for radical change and pluto will help us move through any obstacles in the path.


wednesday may 6th-
at 7:53am the sun in taurus semisquares the north node in cancer, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the node of destiny and evolution. what are we holding onto that is keeping us stuck, stagnant and in an old paradigm? what desires for safety and security hold us back from evolving and growing? tune into this today!


thursday may 7th-
mercury in taurus sextiles neptune in pisces at 3:42am, linking the conscious mind and intellect with the planet of intuition and imagination. this is a great aspect for linking intuition with intellect, thoughts with feeling. it’s great for creativity, artistic expression, mysticism and more. with mercury in earthy taurus and neptune in mystical watery pisces- we are supported in linking our bodies and Souls/Spirits so that we are embodying our spirituality instead of using as it as a means to escape.

the full moon at 17’20 scorpio is exact at 3:45am, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in taurus on april 22nd. with the taurus/scorpio axis highlighted we have the polarity of what i own and possess versus what i share, holding on and letting go, form and transformation in focus. taurus is earthy, sensual and embodied. venus rules taurus and she values peace, harmony, stability and security. scorpio on the o there hand is watery, abysmal, intense and cathartic. pluto rules scorpio and he values depth, intensity, transformation, death of the old which leads to rebirth. this full moon brings to light where we overdo one side of this spectrum at the expense of the other. do we hold onto the old, resist change, clutch or grasp onto material things (too much taurus)? or do we constantly live with intensity, not come up for air, being paranoid and always looking for the shadow? balance is key! this is also LUNAR BELTANE- the lunar gate for the high holy day of fertility, abundances, embodiment and love. the lunar insight on the full moon will be up a few days before the lunation. if you have not listened to the LUNAR GATE CALL for this lunar cycle you can upgrade to Galactic Benefactor membership to access the calls here-

at 1:39pm mercury in taurus semisextiles venus in gemini, linking the mind and the heart in harmonious ways. mercury in taurus is grounded, stable and enduring. venus in gemini is open, inquisitive and willing to change. venus is in front end shadow set to go retrograde on may 12th- so pay attention to any insights, communication or information incoming that is shedding light on your personal journey of re-evaluation that you are being asked to do in your life <3


friday may 8th-
mercury in taurus semisquares chiron in aries at 6:14am, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Wounded Healer. communication can be intense and activate old wounds today. pay attention to your dreams upon waking for important insights into your own Unconscious. what needs to be said? what needs to be heard? where is there healing that needs to happen before awareness can expand to see the full picture and the Truth?

at 6:53pm mars in aquarius semisextiles jupiter in capricorn, linking the will and drive with the planet of expansion and abundance! mars/pluto on tuesday and mars/jupiter today have made this week a great time to take action, initiate change and embrace radical shifts in our lives. if we come from an empowered place and are willing to transform or fully release old structures and foundations that no longer serve- we are supported in creating something new that has lasting value. one step at a time….

at 9:24pm mercury in taurus semisextiles eris in aries, linking the mind and intellect with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. mercury/eris reminds us that mind works best when it is open! speak up, take a stand, express your Truth! but also be willing to hear the Truth’s of others and be willing to have your mind radically opened- as sometimes Truth pisses you off first before it can set you free ;)


saturday may 9th-
at 6:17am mercury in taurus trines retrograde pluto in capricorn, aligning the mind and intellect with the Lord of the Underworld. mercury/pluto is excellent for therapy, shadow work, inner work, research and investigation. we have the capacity to get to the bottom of things and see what is hidden within and without. communication can get deep- particularly anything relating to finances, career or professional standing.


sunday may 10th-
happy mother’s day (for those in the USA).

at 7:36am mercury in taurus trines jupiter in capricorn, aligning the mind and intellect with the planet of expansion and abundance! this is great astrology for learning, teaching, writing, speaking and mind expansion. with both bodies in earth signs we are focused on the physical and material world. this is lovely astrology for career growth, financial expansion and having new ideas or new connections made that can be great business wise and money wise.

the sun in taurus sextiles neptune in pisces at 9:16am, linking the conscious self and ego with the planet that dissolves ego boundaries. sun/neptune can be dreamy, creative, altruistic, romantic and idealistic. we can be extra sensitive, intuitive and receptive right now. with the sun in earthy taurus and neptune in watery pisces- we can link body with Spirit and Soul so that we are not using spirituality to escape but instead are using spirituality to embody more Light and truly BE HERE NOW.

at 9:09pm saturn stations retrograde at 1’57 aquarius, making the planet of mastery, karma and limitation the most powerful planet in the sky. whenever a planet is stationary it appears to be at a standstill in the sky. since ‘the slowest planet wins’ (as michael lutin says)- the stationary planet IS the slowest and it’s energies take over the cosmic frequency at that time. with saturn stationary we commence the inward/downward journey of the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. when saturn is at a stand still in the sky things can feel VERY SLOW MOVING and even perhaps stuck, stagnant, limiting and restricting. on the positive side, we can use this time to slow down and take stock of our lives- but on the shadow side we may feel less vital, lowered energy and even depressed. saturn stations retrograde in one of the two signs he rules and all year in 2020 he goes back and forth between capricorn and aquarius (his signs of rulership) which can amplify the saturn energy in good and not so good ways. positively this is great for discipline, focus and self-mastery. on the shadow side this can amplify limitation and delays and if we are wanting the change and revolution of aquarius this can be a time of restrictions or limitations coming in that we need to work with creatively so we don’t get mired in the stuckness. know that this, too, shall pass and be willing to use saturn as an ally as he helps you to get real, deal with reality and show up in your life in masterful, mature ways!


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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