weekly astrology forecast- week of 5/30-6/5

by | May 28, 2022 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***all times are PDT***

monday may 30th –
the new moon at 9’03 gemini is exact at 4:30am PDT, commencing a new lunar cycle that is focused on communication, information, learning and having an open mind. amazingly the new moon is COMPLETELY UNASPECTED in the new moon chart- which means there is pure new beginning energy present right now but we have to harness is consciously. the capacity to realize new things and open our awareness is strong- but too much mental/mind energy can exacerbate anxiety, nerves and cause stress. eris makes a minor aspect to the sun/moon conjunction so we need to be willing to see and hear the things we don’t want to see or hear – as well as the things that are welcome and expected. the ruler of this lunation is mercury who is retrograde in taurus, aligned with Algol the eye of Medusa. mercury is about to station direct on june 3rd and he does so in square aspect to saturn who stations retrograde june 4th. these next few days can be super powerful in terms of get real moments, karmic situations coming to a head and a need to be willing to take responsibility for our part in things, let go of what is not ours to be responsible for, and move on. you can learn more about this new moon in the lunar insight, lunar gate call and lunar horoscopes. (the lunar gate call will be up by 5/28 and lunar horoscopes will be up a few days after the new moon as i am moving)

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at 8:04pm ceres in cancer semisquares the mean north node in taurus and sesquiquadrates the south node in scorpio, creating tension between the Great Mother asteroid Goddess and the nodes of destiny and karma. on thursday 5/26 we had venus conjunct mean black moon lilith – and right now they both are tensely triggering the nodes (today through 6/8) and they are also both being squared by mars (5/31-6/6) who also tensely triggers the nodes later this week on 6/2. mars is separating from his conjunction to jupiter (exact yesterday) but is still in his super aspect as he aspects jupiter by declination twice, once yesterday and one more tomorrow. we essentially have a battle between mars/jupiter in aries and ceres and black moon lilith in cancer- and honestly i feel like this can be seen in so many collective experiences. we have mothers/children/women/emotions (cancer planets) being triggered by violence/patriarchal storylines/abuse/aggression (aries planets). mars in aries is bolstered by jupiter- but not always in a good way. Jupiter expands what he touches- so he can expand positive use of will and drive OR he can exacerbate aggression, conflict, arguments and violence. he adds more fuel to the fire that is already there. with both ceres and mars tensely aspecting the nodes this week before they square each other next week on 6/6- there is MUCH INTENSE EMOTION to navigate. mars rules the karmic south node- and the shadow of the wounded masculine is up for all to see in so many situations (war, violence, domestic abuse and more). seeing where we are staying stuck in karmic dynamics and toxic emotions/situations is key to making decisions about where/how to move forward.

the sun in gemini semisquares eris in aries at 11:21pm, commencing the sun’s trigger of the pluto/eris square that lasts until friday. communication, thinking and perception can be intense, revealing, shocking and more. watch out for power control dynamics in communication and relationships. use this astrology to dive deeper to get to what lies underneath the conflict- as there is something at the root that needs to be addressed. positively eris can help us take a stand for truth but shadow eris can manifest as explosive rage and even violence. navigate with consciousness for best results. (conscious rage worked with skillfully can positively change the world. some things are so NOT OKAY that rage can motivate us to take a stand in a way that previously we could not find the energy or voice for!)


tuesday may 31st-
mars parallels jupiter at 11:37am – making the 2nd aspect by declination between these two with the first on sunday may 29th when mars also cojoined jupiter making for an exceptionally POWERFUL super aspect lasting from sunday through tuesday !!! why do we have two declination aspects? because mars crossed the equator and moved from a southern declination that aspected jupiter to a northern declination that aspected jupiter. this makes for not just a typical Super Aspect but a SUPER Super Aspect between the god of war and the god of expansion but also excess. jupiter can throw more fuel on the already hot and heavy fire- amplifying, aggravating and inflaming intense situations. this is profoundly energized by these declination aspects making 5/29-5/31 a powerful portal to pay attention to. at best you can use this energy to take a stand for Truth and take action where previously you held back. just be aware that what you set into motion right now can have consequences and acting out impulsively, reactively, aggressively or violently will have consequences!

mars in aries squares mean black moon lilith in cancer at 5:29pm, bringing tension between the will, warrior and planet of action and aggression and the fierce Dark Feminine in the sign of emotions, the Mother and the feminine. this feels like a battle between masculine and feminine – with a need to have healthy outlets for anger and rage (mars in aries) but also deep intense emotions like grief due to loss (lilith in cancer). this can erupt into fights and explosive issues around home, family, children, war, legal battles and more. positively using mars to take action to hold boundaries and protect yourself – legally, physically and otherwise- is key.


wednesday june 1st-
retrograde pluto in capricorn semisquares juno in pisces at 9:30am, creating tension between the Lord of the Underworld and the asteroid Goddess of parternship and marriage. this can bring power struggles in relationships- romantic, marriage, business, financial and more. pluto is unearthing shadow and juno in pisces is being forced to take off her rose colored glasses and see the Truth. positively this astrology can be used to get to the bottom of things and with so much pluto energy present this week we want to make sure we are using it wisely- to dive deep, research, investigate, see the Truth. versus misusing the energy for power plays, domination, control and manipulation. stay aligned with your integrity for best results!

mars contraparallels eris at 9:46pm, creating an energetic opposition between the God of War and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. this is an aspect by declination, not degree (that will be on june 27th), but it is important as we just had them parallel last week friday 5/27 and now they do so again because mars just crossed the equator and moved from south to north declination. as mars did this he aspected both jupiter and eris by declination, jupiter by degree and as we make our way towards the mars/eris conjunction we have the god of war and action, the god of expansion and excess and the goddess of activism and chaos all making super powerful alignments near the equator which MASSIVELY MAGNIFIES their energies together. this week and this coming month i highly recommend working to channel your anger and rage wisely. it can be used to clarify and can be constructive if worked with consciously, but if its acted out in reactively, impulsively and/or aggressively OR if it is stuffed and repressed it can be destructive in terms of explosions or implosions. choose wisely!


thursday june 2nd-
mars in aries semisquares the mean north node in taurus and sesquiquadrates the south node in scorpio at 8:37am, creating tension between the God of Action and War and the nodes of destiny and karma. actions taken and things set into motion can have consequences right now so we want to be super clear on what we are saying, doing and intending. turning points can arise but we need to have a good handle on the karma and shadows playing out as well as what the correct path forward is. tune in to find the Truth!


friday june 3rd-
at 1:00am mercury stations direct at 26’05 taurus, bringing the Winged Messenger to a standstill in the sky,. the last 3 weeks of mercury’s descent has been a time to rethink, review, revise and go over the past. not all the information has been in and so we have needed time to research, investigate and get to the bottom of the Truth. with mercury trine pluto 3 times (one more later this month) it’s been exceptional for therapy and going beyond the surface to see what is really going on back door. when planets are at a standstill they are at their most potent- both positively in terms of revelation of truth but also in terms of the chaos they can create. all manner of mercury related things can be extra wonky right now- travel, communication, technology and more. mercury is not the only standstill planet as saturn stations retrograde tomorrow and they both station in powerful square aspect to each other. these two squared each other just before mercury entered from end shadow on april 24th- so there can be connections between then and now and things coming full circle. there can be heavy and serious revelations, conversations and information arising. there can be a need to make a decision, cut our loses (or cut out people/places/things that are not life affirming). mercury/saturn can be depressing and heavy but they can also be clarifying and help us to SEE THE TRUTH CLEARLY- both without and within. pay attention to what is happening at the start of the month- personally and collectively. turn points are present! if you have not read my mercury retrograde blog you can find that here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/mercury-retrograde-conjunct-algol-revisiting-the-myth-behind-powerful-women-being-turned-into-monsters/

the sun in gemini sesquiquadrates retrograde pluto in capricorn at 3:21pm (and contra parallels pluto on 6/4)- forming a super aspect between the sun and pluto from today through tomorrow afternoon. sun/pluto can exacerbate conflicts and power dynamics particularly in communication and thinking with the sun in gemini. the sun triggered the pluto/eris square this week (sun/eris was monday) energizing the pluto/eris square that is technically separating but it still very powerful as the two are the slowest furthest bodies in our solar system and as such they stay engaged in the square as they separate for a good coupe of years. being willing to see the Truth, take a stand and go up against the powers that be are positive ways of using this energy. shadow pluto/eris can be power hunger, explosive, driven by rage and dark. be aware and navigate with care.


saturday june 4th-
at 1:48pm the sun contraparallels pluto, energizing the sun/pluto aspect from yesterday afternoon. read yesterday’s entry to see what is carrying over into today. there has been strong mars/pluto energy all week- if this energy is channeled for transformation and evolution it an be incredibly positive. choose wisely!

at 2:47pm saturn stations retrograde at 25’15 aquarius, making the planet of mastery, karma and limitation the most powerful planet in the sky. whenever a planet is stationary it appears to be at a standstill in the sky. since ‘the slowest planet wins’ (as michael lutin says)- the stationary planet IS the slowest and its energies take over the cosmic frequency at that time. with saturn stationary we commence the inward/downward journey of the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. when saturn is at a stand still things can feel VERY SLOW MOVING and even perhaps stuck, stagnant, limiting and restricting. on the positive side, we can use this time to slow down and take stock of our lives- but on the shadow side we may feel less vital, low energy and even depressed. saturn stations retrograde in one of the two signs he rules- amplifying his energy of mastery and responsibility but also amplifying his energy of being a loner and feeling distant (he is the most distant visible planet in our solar system). positively this is great for discipline, focus and self-mastery. on the shadow side this can amplify limitation and delays and if we are wanting the change and revolution of aquarius this can be a time of restrictions or limitations coming in that we need to work with creatively so we don’t get mired in the stuckness. know that this, too, shall pass and be willing to use saturn as an ally as he helps you to get real, deal with reality and show up in your life in masterful, mature ways!


sunday june 5th-
there are no major aspects today but we just had week full of intensity so hopefully you can use today to get a reset and reprieve <3 <3 <3


~divine harmony

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