Friday February 28th 2020

***all times are PDT***

monday may 28th-
at 11:36pm the sun in gemini quincunxes retrograde saturn in capricorn, bringing a heavy energy and limitations or delays. the sun in gemini wants freedom and space! he wants to be on the move! yet saturn comes in and slows him down, showing him what responsibilities he has to deal with or what things he has to be accountable for. using this energy to get grounded, mature and focused is key. if you feel low energy, depressed and blah- know that this, too, shall pass!

tuesday may 29th-
the full moon at 8’10 sagittarius is exact at 7:19am PDT, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in taurus on the 15th. this full moon opposite the gemini sun focuses on information, communication and perception of Truth. the full moon links with mars and saturn- asking us to get real and masterful with our use of language, how we communicate and how we perceive Truth. the ruler of this full moon is jupiter who is in Grand Water Trine with venus and neptune! some lovely intuitive, creative and spiritual energy is incoming! the key is in how to translate that into language so we can communicate our emotions, intuitions and inner knowing effectively. for more information on this lunation check the lunar insight posted a few days to a week before it’s exact.

mercury moves out of taurus and into gemini at 4:49pm, shifting the conscious mind and intellect from earth to air, body to mind, yin to yang. mercury rules gemini and is very happy in this sign! he loves to talk, share, learn, explore, travel and connect with others! mercury is mercurial and changeable in gemini- which is great for mental flexibility but not so great for reliability ;) watch out for talking too much, being too surface and being stuck in the head!

wednesday may 30th-
at 1:21am mercury in gemini semisextiles uranus in taurus, linking the lower mind with the Higher Mind in expansive ways! mercury/uranus is excellent for insights, aha moments and mind expansion! pay attention to the thoughts you think, the conversations you have and the flashes of inspiration incoming. they can be worth their weight in gold- and very revealing!

at 3:43am the sun in gemini trines the south node in aquarius (and sextile the north node in leo)- linking the conscious self and ego with the nodes of destiny and karma. important realizations around our past and how it has taken us to today and the trajectory it is taking us on into the future is forthcoming. when we can see our past clearly and be fully in the present we have the power to determine our future!

mercury in gemini sextiles chiron in aries at 2:21pm, linking the mind and intellect with the Wounded Healer planetoid. this is a great aspect for healing communications, deep insights and awareness and sharing our thoughts and feelings with others in vulnerable ways. with mercury linking with both uranus and chiron- the insights that arise today can be awakening and healing! pay attention!

thursday may 31st-
retrograde jupiter in scorpio quincunxes juno in aries at 12:18am, creating tension between the planet of expansion and excess and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. in greek mythology jupiter and juno are husband and wife- and links between these two via transits can put the spotlight on relationships, commitments and contractual arrangements (romantic but also business and financial). the tense nature of this aspect and the fact that they are both in signs ruled by mars can bring up some contention in relationships of all kinds. we need to steer clear of power/control dynamics, force and/or hiding things from others. tension in relationships needs a healthy outlet. navigate relationship terrain with consciousness today! (and really always ;)

friday june 1st-
mercury in gemini trines mars in aqua at 7:13am, aligning the conscious mind and intellect with the will, warrior and drive. with both bodies in air signs this is great astrology for clear communication, being direct, forthright and honest. of course mars is in his front end shadow so the communication, conversations, thoughts and insights that arise today could give insight into what the upcoming mars retrograde is going to be about for us personally and collectively. pay attention!

venus in cancer trines retrograde jupiter in scorpio at 7:28am, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the planet of expansion and positivity! venus and jupiter are the two Benefic planets- seen as very beneficial because they translate a lot of Light. venus/jupiter is excellent for being social, enjoying life and connecting to others via the heart. with both bodies in water signs the emotional, intuitive, spiritual and psychic energy is potent right now. between today and tomorrow early morning venus forms a Grand Water Trine with jupiter and neptune- the two planets of spirituality. amazing energy unfolding for spiritual and mystical pursuits, creativity, compassion and Unconditional Love. make use of it!

mercury in gemini sesquiquadrates retrograde pluto in capricorn at 11:35am, creating tension between the planet of communication and thinking and the Lord of the Underworld. mercury/pluto is great for research, investigation, therapy and getting to the bottom of things. just watch out for power/control dynamics in communication with others and being dominating and controlling in your point of view. if you are overly focused on the surface (mercury in gemini) OR if you are too intensely focused on the shadow and what is hidden- you can feel the imbalance today!

neptune in pisces semisquares juno in aries at 2:13pm, creating tension between the planet of mysticism, idealism and illusion and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. neptune/juno can exacerbate high ideals in relationships where we tend to wear rose colored glasses and see what we want to see rather than see reality. the jupiter/neptune trine is tensely triggering juno this week- so we need to be super aware of where we are idealizing and romanticizing and not seeing the Truth- in romantic relationships, financial situations, business partnerships and more.

saturday june 2nd-
venus in cancer trines neptune in pisces at 1:26am, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the planet of Idealism, Mysticism and Unconditional Love. venus is the lower heart and neptune is the Higher Heart. put the two together and we have a lot of compassionate, romantic, spiritual and mystical energy present! between yesterday and today venus, jupiter and neptune formed a Grand Water Trine which is great for all manner of spiritual journeys, intuition, creativity, compassion and being of service. focusing on the Higher Heart and letting it lead the way is key right now!

mercury in gemini quincunxes retrograde saturn at 6:16am, creating tension between the conscious mind and intellect and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. mercury/saturn can be heavy but also realistic. this is a time to get real, speak the Truth and let the chips fall where they may. of course because of the tense aspect there can be delays in communication and issues arising in interactions with others. if we are overly gemini and only wanting things to be light and easy- the saturn energy can feel extra heavy. if we are overly saturn and only looking at the negative and what is not working- then we need to lighten up. balance is key!

at 8:41am venus in cancer squares juno in aries, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. venus has to do with what we love and need for romance while juno has to do with what we need for commitment and longevity in relationship. interestingly venus formed a Grand Water Trine with jupiter and neptune while juno tensely links with all 3 of the Grand Water Trine planets. venus in cancer values connection, emotional openness, family, home, safety and security. juno in aries values freedom, agency and independence! finding balance between opposing needs is key.

mercury in gemini sextiles the north node in leo at 7:22pm, aligning the planet of communication with the north node of destiny and evolution. pay attention to information, communication, thoughts and aha moments incoming today. they can be revealing and help you to see your path of evolution ahead!

sunday june 3rd-
saturn in capricorn opposes pallas athena in cancer at 1:47am, creating tension between the Lord of Karma and Father of Time and the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. saturn/pallas is great for being focused and masterful in our thinking and problem solving- yet the opposition can create tension between our our masculine and feminine, father and mother energies (within and without). pallas in cancer is emotional and intuitive while saturn in capricorn is focused on reality but also at times dogma. if we are doubting or poo-pooing our intuition we may miss out on important insights to what the right answer is in to problems in our life. yet if we are too in our emotional body and not stepping back to see where our attachments and desires are running us we could also be led down the wrong path. finding balance is key.

retrograde pluto in capricorn quincunxes ceres in leo at 6:41pm, creating tension between the Lord of the Underworld and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. since end of november/early december pluto, ceres and the nodes have been in an important configuration. we had a triple conjunction of ceres to the north node (first was 12/10, last was 4/30) and we had pluto quincunx both- pluto to the north node in late november and pluto to ceres today. lots of death and rebirth experiences playing out in women’s health, fertility, in mother/child relationships, in safety/security issues, home/family dynamics and in regards to Mother Earth. pluto/ceres is intense and can bring up a lot of our wounding and pain around Mother, our childhood, the feminine and more. pluto helps take us through the dark night of the Soul and back out into the Light. but first he shows us what is no longer of value or what is toxic/stagnant/stuck. he comes in to show us where shadows not faced are creating illness, dis-ease and dis-harmony in our bodies, our relationships and on the planet in regards to Mother Earth and her precious natural resources. think back on the last 6-7 months journey you have been on and see where you have gone into the depths and what you are seeking to bring back into the Light. transformation and deep and profound healing are possible. but sometimes death is required first! (metaphoric)

have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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