weekly astrology forecast- week of 5/24-5/30

by | May 23, 2021 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***all times are PDT***


monday may 24th-
venus in gemini semisextiles mars in cancer at 4:15am, harmoniously linking the Divine Lovers. venus aspecting mars is great for romance, fertility and creativity. the attractive principles meets with the active principle and sparks can fly! this is a minor aspect and occurs in the early morning hours so pay attention to your dreams upon waking. with venus in airy, communicative gemini and mars in watery, emotional cancer- finding deeper connection between mind and heart, thoughts and feelings are supported today.

venus opposes and mars quincunxes retrograde juno in sagittarius (11:59am and 5:45pm respectively), bringing tension between the Divine Lovers and the asteroid Goddess of partnership, marriage and commitment. interestingly both venus and juno are in very independent signs – needing lots of space and freedo- while mars in cancer prefers familiarity, safety, home and security. this can bring up issues in relationships where one person wants more freedom and the other wants more intimacy or closeness. commitments are being reviewed and revised right now with juno on the karmic south node 3 times from february to august and juno square neptutne 3 times from may to october. getting clear on what commitments support freedom and growth and which do not is key.


tuesday may 25th-
at 6:07am the sun in gemini semisquares mars in cancer, creating tension between the two masculine bodies in the sky. this can exacerbate anger, aggression, ego willfulness and more. but mars is in cancer- a sign he is in detriment in- which can amplify emotional subjectivity, passive aggression, depression and anger in (anger stuffed) or anger exploding out in unskillful ways. be aware in communication and thinking how your own emotions and unconscious material may be informing how you speak for view things.


wednesday may 26th-
the blood moon/TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE at 5’25 sagittarius is exact at 4:14am PDT, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the powerful new moon in taurus conjunct lilith and sextile neptune. that new moon focused us on embodiment, intuition, psychic opening and grounding down into the earth. on a mundane level the new moon was exception for work, career, abundance and material growth. this total lunar eclipse is the only total eclipse in 2021 and the first one since 2019 (the next will be in 2022). total eclipses occur when the earth comes between the sun and moon and the light of the sun is blocked from reaching the moon so the moon goes dark and turns a dusky red. this is the 2nd to the last eclipse in sagittarius (the last is the TOTAL solar eclipse in December 2021). we have been in the gemini/sagittarius eclipse series since june 2020- and it has been a powerful eclipse cycle in terms of magnifying the shadow of belief, self righteousness, hubris and i am right/you are wrong culture. this lunar eclipse is conjunct the karmic south node- bringing Light to the dark shadows around belief and Truth. are we more committed to being right than we are to the Truth? are we seeing things clearly? are we are aware of our own conditioning, bias and unconscious motivations that underly our so-called beliefs and inform our perception of reality? deep shadow work is called for here! the lunar eclipse is also square jupiter- ruler of the full moon and south node- which can bring even more magnification to this conversation. with the north node in gemini we would all do well to come back to beginners mind, be curious and open, be teachable and willing to learn other viewpoints. for more on this potent blood moon eclipse read the lunar insight posted here- https://divineharmony.com/lunar-insight/super-blood-moon-lunar-eclipse-war-consciousness-keeps-us-divided-5-26-21/


thursday may 27th-
retrograde pluto in capricorn sesquiquadrates vesta in virgo at 12:30am, creating tension between the Lord of the Underworld and the Priestess asteroid Goddess of devotion, sacrifice and focus. pluto/vesta can be great for taking focus deeper and seeing into the shadow layers of the Unconscious (great for therapy!) but the tense nature of the aspect can exacerbate black and white thinking, over amplify obsession and neurotic thinking, and bring up deep things around health and well being that need to be addressed. pay attention to your dreams upon waking for messages from the Unconscious.

at 12:25pm venus in gemini squares neptune in pisces, creating tension between the lower heart and the Higher Heart. venus/neptune can be great for romance, creativity, compassion, Unconditional Love, service and inspiration! yet these two when in intense aspect can also exacerbate tendencies towards illusion, delusion, deception, avoidance of reality and using romance/Love as a means to escape seeing reality. this is a time to be willing to take the rose colored glasses off and see relationships, financial situations and our own self-worth self-Love with clear eyes!

mercury in gemini sextiles eris in aries at 1:22pm, linking the mind and intellect with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. revealing, insightful and sudden information, communications and insights can be incoming today! keeping the mind open so we are not just seeing what we want to see- but we are seeing everything (in ourselves, in others, in the world around us) is key.


friday may 28th-
at 12:01pm chiron in aries quincunxes vesta in virgo, bringing tension between the Wounded Healer planetoid with the Priestess asteroid Goddess. chiron/vesta can bring up wounds and pain around stuffed/denied anger, health matters that are the body expressing what the mind is not acknowledging, and/or patterns around over giving/over serving/over focusing on healing others when the focus needs to be on healing the self.

neptune in pisces semisquares ceres in taurus at 4:45pm, creating tension between the planet of compassion and idealism with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. neptune/ceres is the self sacrificing Mother archetype- giving and giving even to the point of depletion. boundaries are key- and taking care of one’s own health and body and material reality is necessary.

at 7:30pm venus in gemini sextiles eris in aries, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! venus/eris focuses on change, freedom and Truth. eris likes to reveal what others are not looking at- the shadow and toxicity that is hidden underneath. venus in gemini has a shadow about only focusing on the surface but when teamed up with eris she is willing to go deep and be fierce in living and speaking her Truth! there’s a fiery energy in the air today! use it to see yourself free and embrace change!

at 10:13pm mercury cojoins venus at 24’41 gemini, linking the mind and the heart in powerful ways! this is actually the 3rd mercury/venus conjunction this year- the first was 2/12 at 14’42 aquarius (mercury was retrograde), the second was 4/25 at 13’47 taurus (both direct) and now we have a 3rd one as mercury slows down to a standstill ready to go retrograde tomorrow!!! it is interesting to note that the next mercury/venus conjunction will be 12/29 when venus is retrograde (at 24’26 capricorn)!!! there is a conversation happening between the mind and heart right now. with both having just aligned with the north node of destiny (5/11-5/18) we have new information, insights, revelations and paths opening up towards evolution, growth and destiny! with mercury at standstill we want to be very aware of what we hear, say, think, dream, intuit or otherwise receive as formation right now. it can be part of a longer conversation incoming as mercury heads into the Underworld. in a world where the mind has been out of balance with the heart (as seen as in the masculine over dominance)- the heart needs to lead right now. venus is just out of the Underworld, rising as an evening star, reclaiming her Light after having just aligned with the node of destiny. listen to your heart and let your mind inform the heart, but let your heart lead.


saturday may 29th-
at 3:34pm mercury stations retrograde at 24’43 gemini, bringing the planet of thinking and communication to a standstill in the sky. this is mercury’s second retrograde in 2021- and this one he stations conjunct venus and sexile eris- activating the awakening of the Warrior Goddess archetype!!! mercury at a standstill magnifies the mind, thoughts and perception – but as he heads into the Underworld we should be aware that what is arising right now is just the beginning of a longer conversation and/or process of revision/review that will be unfolding in the coming weeks. mercury with venus reminds us to pay attention not just to our thoughts and perceptions but to our feelings, emotions and guidance from the heart.

uranus in taurus trines vesta in virgo at 8:37pm, linking the Rebel and Revolutionary with the Priestess asteroid Goddess. uranus/vesta is amazing for waking up to deeper awareness around material matters in life- money, work, service, health and what is out of balance when it comes to ‘being in a body’. uranus gives wide angle vision and capacity to see things from a Great Perspective. say open to intuitive downloads and insights coming from seemly nowhere that help you see more clearly in situations in your life!


sunday may 30th-
at 1:24am neptune cojoins pallas athena at 23’00 pisces for the first of 3 times (5/30, 8/27, 1/17/22)- linking the planet of idealism and illusion with the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess in the sign of idealism and illusion. pallas is often seen as a political asteroid and with neptune conjunct her 3 times while she is in the sign of Neptune- we would all do well to be aware that there can be a lot of nebulousness, illusion, confusion and even deception flying around in the political world. in truth 2021 has a neptune signature all year long due to neptune squaring the nodes in january, juno on the south node squaring neptune 3 times from february to October, mercury retrograde square neptune 3 times and now pallas getting in on the action. this can be great for intuition, imagination, artistic expression and mystical experiences- but we also want to reality check ourselves and make sure we are not wearing rose colored glasses and seeing what we want to see as well as not being purposely deceptive and pulling the wool over other’s eyes. discernment is the antidote to too much neptune- according to the ancient vedic texts it is the most powerful siddhi (spiritual power) one can cultivate- more powerful than manifesting gold or bilocating!!! truly to see clearly and be able to discern intuition from fear, fantasy and projection is worth it’s weight in gold. when contemplating these themes make sure you are starting with yourself. if you focus on seeing the world clearly but do not do the inner work of seeing your own shadow and wounds clearly you will be missing the boat and will end up projecting all your unowned shadow out into the world.

venus in gemini quincunxes retrograde pluto in capricorn at 10:47am, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Lord of Underworld. venus/pluto is deep but also intense. in relationships, finances and in regards to our values and self-worth we can have deep and perhaps shadowy things coming up for us to face. if we are overly venus in gemini- wanting lightness and not wanting to go beneath the surface this can be intense. watch out for power struggles in relationships or regarding money. if we are using lightness to escape our grief or pain- pluto can bring up that which we need to face right now. now that venus is out of her backend shadow we are in new venus territory and to have venus link with pluto as her first aspect out of the Underworld phase is big. what is dead is dead- let it go and use your power wisely- to transform yourself rather than try to change or force others.

at 11:53am the sun in gemini semisquares eris in aries, commencing it’s trigger of the pluto/eris square (that will go into next week). communication, thinking and perception can be intense, revealing, shocking and more. watch out for power control dynamics in communication and relationships. use this astrology to dive deeper to get to what lies underneath the conflict- as there is something at the root that needs to be addressed.

at 10:15pm mars in cancer trines neptune in pisces, aligning the will and drive with the Higher Heart. this is a lovely aspect for creativity, romance, intuition and activating the spiritual warrior archetype in us all! yet mars is in the midst of triggering the jupiter/neptune square- so we may not be seeing clearly (individually, as a country and more) and taking actions from a subjective, idealistic place where all we see is our Light while avoiding our own shadow can have dire consequences. using this astrology to be of service and to come from the Higher Heart is recommended.


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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