Wednesday August 5th 2020

***all times are PDT***

monday may 18th-
neptune in pisces parallels vesta in gemini at 10:55am, echoing the neptune/vesta square that occurred last week on may 12th when venus stationed retrograde and went into the Underworld. vesta is a defining signature of the venus retrograde journey (i talk about this in my 1 hour youtube video here- and she brings focus to what really matters. at her best vesta is about devotion to keeping our Inner Flame alight and she can set aside personal needs in order to focus on her altruistic goals. shadow vesta can express as being myopic in our focus and missing some big pieces of the picture. shadow vesta can also be a workaholic and lacking in self-care. venus aligns with vesta 3 times due to her retrograde journey (twice in gemini in april and may- once in leo in september) and neptune squares her just once in may. last week may 12th-15th and through this week until may 20th we have a very tight alignment of venus descending into the Underworld while aligning with vesta and both of them square neptune- which can bring a lot of confusion, illusion, deception and spiritual bypassing in communication, thinking & perception as well as relationships with women and the feminine in general. not all is clear and there are nebulous things needing to be seen clearly- within and without.


tuesday may 19th-
there are no major aspects today


wednesday may 20th-
mercury in gemini sesquiquadrates retrograde saturn in aquarius at 4:14am, creating tension between the conscious mind and intellect and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. mercury in gemini wants to talk, think and know the truth but saturn puts the breaks on. this can be great for serious, focused communication but it can also exacerbate blockages in communication and tendencies to hold back or repress OR overly talk and express without limits. balance is key.

at 6:49am the sun moves out of taurus and into gemini, shifting the conscious self and ego from earth to air, body to mind, yin to yang. the sun in gemini loves freedom, space, communication, connection and flirtation! the coming month is a time to be like a butterfly, explore life and be light! just watch out for the shadow side of the sun in gemini- being non-committal, evasive, dishonest and ungrounded.

retrograde venus in gemini squares neptune in pisces at 4:02pm, creating tension and friction between the lower heart and Higher Heart. this is venus’ 2nd square to neptune (the first was 5/3) due to her retrograde journey. from 5/3-5/20 we have had venus square neptune, venus retrograde (5/12) and venus square neptune again- making for an intense portal of time the last 2 1/2 weeks where not all is as it seems. gemini is very linear and logical- what you can see, taste, touch, smell and hear is real. neptune in his sign of pisces on the other hand is intuitive, otherworldly, dreamy- and also at times irrational, illusory, escapist and addictive. at best neptune attunes us to a Higher Frequency of Love and Light and at worst he exacerbates our desires to escape, delude ourselves, be in denial, turn to addictions to numb out, be enchanted, be manipulated or do the manipulating and not see clearly/discern the motives of ourselves, others and the world around us. with venus involved we need to make sure we are seeing clearly in relationships- both love, friendship and financial- as well as in regards to our values and what is important to us. DISCERNMENT will be the most powerful tool to cultivate and utilize in this Underworld journey of venus’ (from april to july including back/front end shadow). NOT ALL IS AS IT SEEMS. and honestly i would question anyone telling you they know everything and can see the whole picture. smoke and mirrors are present. who is behind the curtain? it’s not who you think it is! this goes for within- where can you see through smoke and mirrors in your own soul/about your own behavior/in the way you show up in relationship? after you have found discernment within you can then extend it without- politically, globally, environmentally and more. be sure to watch my Venus Retrograde Video posted here-


thursday may 21st-
we have the deepest part of the dark moon today – with the new moon occurring tomorrow. dark moons are a great time to dive deep, reflect, introspect, pay attention to dreams, release, detox, renew and retreat. take some time today to turn within and wrap up a previous lunar cycle <3

vesta in gemini sextiles eris in aries at 1:36am, linking the Priestess asteroid Goddess with the Warrior Goddess. vesta is helping focus our powerful energies, activism, need to take a stand and need to take action or agency in our lives. with vesta in gemini this may come through communication, thinking and perception. keep your mind sharp but your tongue soft. honestly and directness combined with compassion and care will bring out the best result.

the sun just into gemini semisextiles the north node at 1:36am, linking the conscious self and ego with the node of destiny and evolution. pay attention to opportunities to grow, expand, shine and align with your destiny! with the sun in gemini information, communicating, learning or teaching could factor into what is unfolding today.


friday may 22nd-
at 1:41am mercury cojoins venus retrograde at 20’11 gemini, aligning mind and heart in the sign of communication and information. typically this is great for sharing from the heart, speaking and listening, great for connection with others. yet both are square neptune! yesterday for venus later today for mercury. so there’s confusion present in thinking and feeling, in matters of the mind and matters of the heart. not all is as it seems and we MUST question what we think we know and we also need to question what is being fed to us- the political and global narrative but also the interpersonal narratives and the narrative we tell ourselves about our own life. LOOK BEYOND THE SURFACE RIGHT NOW.

the sun in gemini trines retrograde saturn in aquarius at 5:02am, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Lord of Mastery and Discipline. sun/saturn is great for bringing more discipline and grounding into our lives. this is great for being masterful, organized, mature and practical. with both bodies in air signs that usually are not that interested in containment we are supported in finding grounding in our thoughts, communications and information sharing/information receiving. saturn helps us GET REAL and then gemini digests the information so it makes sense.;

at 8:43am mercury in gemini squares neptune in pisces, creating tension between the logical mind and intellect and the planet of intuition, fantasy and illusion. at best this can be a dreamy, imaginative day full of intuition and mysticism. yet this is a tense aspect and both planets are in their rulership- so they are at odds with each other. intellect versus intuition, science versus spirituality, 3d reality versus other worlds/dimensions/realities- they all can be polarized right now. it’s impotent that we are discerning and honest under the influence of tense neptune. it’s easy to be deceived, deluded or deceptive right now. be honest and keep your eyes wide open when navigating situations today.

retrograde pluto in capricorn quincunxes vesta in gemini at 9:15am- creating tension between the Lord of the Underworld and the Priestess asteroid Goddess. pluto/vesta can unearth some intensity, shadow and even intentional manipulations going on behind the scenes. communication and information sharing can be loaded- and there is a need to look beyond the surface to get to the Truth. coming back to beginners mind- a space of openness and not knowing- is so important right now. vesta is undergoing potent transits- with neptune square her last week and venus conjunct her as she descend into the Underworld. what is sacred to us? what are we devoted to? where might we be devoted to our own perspective and way of seeing things at the expense of the Truth. where do we need to take the blinders off to see clearly? watch out for power/control dynamics and if you find that happening externally give some focus to the inner pattern that draws this into your experience. ‘if the outer reflects the inner, we may as well start at the Source’. (pluto parallels vesta sunday 5/24 at 1:47pm so from now until then there is a Super Aspect between these two making things extra powerful!)

the new moon at 2’05 gemini is exact at 10:39am PDT, commencing a new lunar cycle that is focused on information, communication, thinking and perception. this new moon is trine jupiter in capricorn and saturn in aquarius (both retrograde) which means it’s a great lunation to LEARN and STUDY. the two Great Teachers jupiter and saturn are supporting us in opening our minds and coming back to beginners mind so we can learn new things. interestingly the new moon is square mars in pisces which can exacerbate tendencies to want to check out, escape, believe in illusions, be dishonest or easily deceived. how do we balance our intellect with our intuition? how do we discern our dreams from reality, fantasy and fear from true intuition? the new moon is joined by mercury in gemini (in rulership) and venus retrograde in gemini- so the gemini part of our charts is in STRONG FOCUS right now. the LUNAR GATE CALL for this new moon will be up a few days before the lunation as will the LUNAR INSIGHT. the LUNAR HOROSCOPES will be up by the day of the new moon. if you want to sign up to be a member click here-
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saturday may 23rd-
mercury in gemini semisquares uranus in taurus at 8:32pm, linking the lower mind and Higher Mind in tense ways! mercury/uranus wants the Truth at any cost. yet uranus can bring chaos, ungroundendess and sudden shocking information or communications that really blow our minds. not being attached to being right and not being attached to having it all figured out is key right now! keep your mind (and heart) open!


sunday may 24th-
at 1:48pm mercury in gemini sextiles eris in aries, linking the mind and intellect with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. luckily this is a harmonious aspect- helping us to be forthright and honest in communication. willingness to see the shadow, face it, own it and deal with it is our super power right now!

mars conjoins ceres at 7’57 pisces at 2:51pm, aligning the will and drive with the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. at best we can take action to take care of ourselves, others and the world/Mother Earth around us! but this can also exacerbate anger, aggression, passive aggression and even emotional violence. mars in pisces does not want to be direct and will turn to addictions to numb out or spiritual bypassing to project shadow onto others.

mercury in gemini quincunxes retrograde pluto in capricorn at 9:26pm, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Lord of the Underworld. mercury/pluto is excellent for therapy, research and investigation. mercury in gemini likes information but often can stay on the surface. pluto, on the other hand, drags us down into the depths to face and own the shadow. watch out for power/control dynamics and intense communication. speaking/seeing the Truth- within and without- is key.

at 11:48pm mars in pisces sextiles uranus in taurus, aligning the will and drive with the Rebel and Revolutionary! this is lovely for embracing change, taking actions to do things differently and being adventurous. mars in pisces is focused on the spiritual realm, dream world and creative expression and uranus in taurus is revolutionizing our values and our embodied experience. stay open to inspiration, innovation, doing things differently and spiritual intelligence leading you!

have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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